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  • Film Location - UPDATE
    More sharp eyes and a desire to help has resulted in the following locations being identified:Blackout blk011 -Clive Turner :On the Fiddle oft004 - Tony Hagon :Tales from the Crypt 011 to 016 - Alan Hoare :Room at the Top 044 to 046 - Andrew Lee :Lucky Jim 021 and 023 - Mike Hitchen :Thank you all.
    All of us here at ReelStreets sincerely apologise if you have been trying unsuccessfully to log on to the Site during the last two to three days. We regret that a Hacker, together with an over active or over enthusiastic Search Engine crawler (not Google) ground us to a halt. The matters have been addressed and as you see we are up and running again, without, it would seem, any damage, so for that we are eternally grateful.You were no doubt as frustrated as we were but thank you for continuing to try.
  • Film Locations – UPDATE
    Partly as a result of me having the temerity to leave my desk and take a break and partly as a result of the amount of information that we have been sent, this list is longer than usual but that is the way we like it. Thank you all for your interest and contribution(s).Fast Lady, The 000a and 000b – Rob Beckwith : Secret Place, The 014a and 014b – Clive Turner : Villain 013 – Mary Nelson : On the Beat 005 – Rob Beckwith :Ragman’s Daughter, The 030, 031 and 056 – Mike Bunker : I was Monty’s Double 037 – Mary :Birth of the Beatles 007, 008 and 009 – Neil Rigby :Tales That Witne...
  • FILM: So Well Remembered - 1948
    Maurice Mottershead, a Maxonian (a man of Macclesfield) has spent much time with this film and has helped us both with locations and information relating to them. He has also provided some more up to date NOW shots as well as some personal ingredient regarding the locations. All this can be found in an article that can be accessed from the film page heading. During his time with the film Maurice has highlighted that there is one unknown location in the film that appears a number of times and he has called it, ‘Location A’, assuming that this is a location and not a film set. Maurice seeks ...
  • Film Locations Recently Identified
    In recent weeks we have been overwhelmed with “Now” shots, information, personal  stories as well as location identifications, for all of which, we reiterate our thanks. We are greatly rewarded by the interest that the Site continues to stimulate.As always, we like to highlight those locations that have been identified but are not necessarily apparent to all unless one is following a particular film, so here are some of those more recently advised to us.Man Who Haunted Himself  023 – Andrew Lees :East of Ipswich 005/6 –John Hanley :Fourth Protocol 072 – Rob Beckwith :Taste ...
This is a list of the latest films to be added to our featured films list (ie. films with "then" and "now" shots).
Zabriskie Point   (28/7/2014)
One Jump Ahead   (28/7/2014)
Yield to the Night   (30/7/2014)
Hoffman   (3/8/2014)
Tommy   (5/8/2014)
Love Honour and Obey   (6/8/2014)
He Snoops to Conquer   (7/8/2014)
Misérables, Les   (7/8/2014)
Frightened Man, The   (7/8/2014)
Wanted for Murder   (9/8/2014)
Odd Job, The   (9/8/2014)
Inn for Trouble - TRAILER   (10/8/2014)
Miracle in Soho   (10/8/2014)
Tommy Steele Story, The   (11/8/2014)
Upturned Glass, The   (13/8/2014)
No Trace   (14/8/2014)
Not with My Wife, You Don't!   (16/8/2014)
Prudence and the Pill   (16/8/2014)
Just My Luck   (16/8/2014)
Look Up and Laugh   (17/8/2014)
Fortune is a Woman   (17/8/2014)
Comeback, The   (18/8/2014)
I Was Monty's Double   (18/8/2014)
What a Whopper   (19/8/2014)
Wheel of Fate   (19/8/2014)
Sweeney 2   (22/8/2014)
Time is My Enemy   (24/8/2014)
Sweeney!   (24/8/2014)
Terror by Night   (24/8/2014)
Key, The   (25/8/2014)
Love on Wheels   (26/8/2014)
World is Full of Married Men, The   (26/8/2014)
Thirty Nine Steps, The (1978)   (27/8/2014)
23 Paces to Baker Street   (28/8/2014)
Life in Danger   (29/8/2014)
Tales that Witness Madness   (29/8/2014)
Libel   (31/8/2014)
Long Haul, The   (7/9/2014)
Meet Mr Callaghan   (8/9/2014)
Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter   (9/9/2014)
Everybody's an Actor, Shakespeare Said   (10/9/2014)
Indiscreet   (10/9/2014)
Jet Storm   (10/9/2014)
Cover-Girl Killer   (11/9/2014)
Looking on the Bright Side   (16/9/2014)
That's Your Funeral   (17/9/2014)
It's a Grand Life   (20/9/2014)
Holidays with Pay   (21/9/2014)
Naked Edge, The   (24/9/2014)
Man in the White Suit, The   (25/9/2014)
Left, Right and Centre   (27/9/2014)
Windbag the Sailor   (28/9/2014)
World is Not Enough, The   (1/10/2014)
Kipps   (2/10/2014)
Layer Cake   (4/10/2014)
When You Come Home   (5/10/2014)
Hannibal   (6/10/2014)
Time to Remember   (8/10/2014)
Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines   (17/10/2014)
Taste of Honey, A   (18/10/2014)
Urge to Kill   (19/10/2014)
Saint, The   (19/10/2014)
On the Run   (20/10/2014)
To The Devil a Daughter   (22/10/2014)
Voyage of the Damned   (23/10/2014)
Here is a list of recently added "Now" shots:
Man in the White Suit, The (3 added, 25/9/2014)
Yield to the Night (1 added, 26/9/2014)
London Nobody Knows, The (1 added, 26/9/2014)
Vicious Circle, The (1 added, 26/9/2014)
Wanted for Murder (1 added, 26/9/2014)
That Kind of Girl (1 added, 28/9/2014)
What a Whopper (3 added, 28/9/2014)
Night Train to Murder (3 added, 28/9/2014)
Yield to the Night (3 added, 28/9/2014)
Defence of the Realm (4 added, 29/9/2014)
Look Back in Anger (2 added, 30/9/2014)
Flesh is Weak, The (3 added, 30/9/2014)
World is Not Enough, The (3 added, 1/10/2014)
World is Not Enough, The (1 added, 2/10/2014)
Summer Holiday (5 added, 3/10/2014)
23 Paces to Baker Street (1 added, 3/10/2014)
Layer Cake (1 added, 4/10/2014)
Place to Go, A (2 added, 4/10/2014)
Never Let Go (4 added, 4/10/2014)
Nineteen Eighty-Four (aka 1984) (2 added, 5/10/2014)
Hireling, The (2 added, 5/10/2014)
Small Back Room, The (2 added, 5/10/2014)
Far from the Madding Crowd (3 added, 5/10/2014)
Hannibal (23 added, 5/10/2014)
Blackout (1 added, 6/10/2014)
Secret Place, The (2 added, 6/10/2014)
Moonraker (1 added, 6/10/2014)
Smallest Show on Earth, The (1 added, 6/10/2014)
23 Paces to Baker Street (2 added, 7/10/2014)
Blackout (1 added, 7/10/2014)
Tommy Steele Story, The (1 added, 7/10/2014)
Love on Wheels (2 added, 7/10/2014)
Love Honour and Obey (1 added, 7/10/2014)
X The Unknown (1 added, 7/10/2014)
Libel (1 added, 7/10/2014)
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (14 added, 7/10/2014)
Wanted for Murder (1 added, 7/10/2014)
Who Done It? (5 added, 7/10/2014)
Rebel, The (2 added, 8/10/2014)
Cinema of Darkness (2 added, 8/10/2014)
Sweeney 2 (1 added, 8/10/2014)
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (2 added, 8/10/2014)
Tommy (13 added, 11/10/2014)
Big Job, The (3 added, 11/10/2014)
Not Now Darling (1 added, 14/10/2014)
Green Grow the Rushes (2 added, 14/10/2014)
Dr Syn, Alias The Scarecrow (2 added, 14/10/2014)
Dracula AD 1972 (2 added, 14/10/2014)
Touch of Class, A (3 added, 14/10/2014)
Long Arm, The (4 added, 15/10/2014)
Constant Husband, The (2 added, 15/10/2014)
American Werewolf in London, An (1 added, 16/10/2014)
Turn the Key Softly (1 added, 17/10/2014)
Quadrophenia (1 added, 17/10/2014)
Taste of Honey, A (23 added, 18/10/2014)
Urge to Kill (2 added, 19/10/2014)
Saint, The (6 added, 19/10/2014)
Ragman's Daughter, The (1 added, 19/10/2014)
Urge to Kill (1 added, 20/10/2014)
Crowded Day, The (1 added, 21/10/2014)
September Affair, The (1 added, 22/10/2014)
Avanti (6 added, 22/10/2014)
Talking Picture, A (3 added, 22/10/2014)
Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter (2 added, 22/10/2014)
Only You (2 added, 22/10/2014)
Endless Night (1 added, 22/10/2014)
Love is All You Need (1 added, 22/10/2014)
Indiscreet (2 added, 22/10/2014)
Devil Rides Out, The (1 added, 22/10/2014)
Turn the Key Softly (5 added, 23/10/2014)
Backbeat (2 added, 23/10/2014)
September Affair, The (1 added, 23/10/2014)
Mechanic, The (1 added, 23/10/2014)
Psychomania (1 added, 24/10/2014)

London’s Borough Market Set To Star Again?

Due for release in July 2015, Bridget Jones’s third big screen adaptation seems to be finally underway. Following the hugely successful novel “Mad About The Boy” by Helen Fielding, this movie will continue the story where “The Edge of Reason” left off. The first two movies were commercial successes so expect a nationwide release through large cinema chains, like Cineworld, and an accompanying heavy-duty marketing campaign. Fans of the comedy drama will be delighted to hear that location shooting could begin as soon as this summer and – it is expected – that Borough Market in Southwark will again feature in a Hollywood film.

Located a stone’s throw from LondonBridge, Borough Market has been a favoured shooting location in the capital for a number of directors. Bedale Street ,which runs between the market and Borough High Street was the chosen location for Bridget Jones’ flat, just above the Globe pub which is still there, squashed between two overhead rail lines. The memorable scene in which Colin Firth and Hugh Grant fight was shot in this street, although the steps leading to an Underground station in the background are entirely fictitious.

A traditional wholesale fruit and veg market for decades, Borough Market’s fortunes were dwindling in the mid 1990s with many stall holders moving away or going out of business. Nowadays, the largely Victorian architecture is a huge hit with trendy market traders selling gourmet foods and farm produce directly to customers. The mostly covered roof and intense atmosphere really evokes a bygone era despite all of the newcomers. As such, it really feels very different from somewhere like Covent Garden, itself once a flourishing fruit and flower market.

In 1998, Guy Ritchie chose the alley that is just on the other side of Borough Market from Bedale Street for a number of scenes in “Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels”. By this time in the market’s history, bistros and artisan cheese makers had already begun trading close to the market on Park Street. Yet, the location was simply made over and retained enough of its back street London look to match Ritchie’s gritty visual style. Whether he knew it or not, Ritchie was following in the steps of Merchant Ivory, who also chose to use Park Street for a location in “Howard’s End”.

A year later, some scenes of “Entrapment”, a Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones thriller, were shot in the market itself. The location directors also used part of London’s financial district – just over the river Thames - for some shots. The contrast between the two sides of London that were depicted really added to the sense of location, before the action moved to Kuala Lumpur for the film’s finale.

More recently, Borough Market’s distinctive and historic visual appeal has been selected by location directors working on the Harry Potter franchise. Along with Leadenhall Market, a now defunct market in the City of London, it features as the secret entrance to Diagon Alley. It was perhaps this other-worldliness that attracted Terry Gilliam to the area, too when he chose Borough Market as a location for “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. Gilliam’s movie used Green Dragon Court for his shots, just paces away from Bridget Jones’ fictitious home on Bedale Street.

With so many movie locations to spot and such gastronomic fare on offer, Borough Market is really well worth a visit. If you can, head there mid-week, when there are less crowds and it is subsequently easier to spot the various locations used.


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The actors of the silver screen's golden age have long since gone, together with many of the film and filming locations and film and movie sites used in their productions. Many of us who grew up admiring these works seen at the local "flicks", or "pictures"; have remained enthusiastic and now a growing band of film and movie location buffs realise the entertainment, and also the social, values, inherent in these old films. This site is concerned with world cinema and with scenes which were shot outdoors in recognisable built-up locations, which are now movie sites or film or filming places and how those places have changed in the intervening years. The older film actors may have passed, but their memories and images on celluloid will never fail, and they are even now being transferred to DVD, hard-drives and fibre optics, for the benefit of future generations of movie site enthusiasts, and which are being collected on our movie places site, which, in estate agent speak is concerned with location, location and location.

ReelStreets is the study of these film and the movie sites or places, these streets, and the changes that time, war and development have occasioned during the period of what was perhaps the finest era of the cinema, when the films often reflected real, or imagined, life, as opposed to today when life often, unhappily, reflects the films. And if you know of any movie, film or filming locations, places or sites send ‘em it.

John Tunstill


Architectural Film Locations

The correlation between architecture and films has been around for decades and some locations are so instantly recognisable by fans that they are forever associated with the movie that they were featured in. These filming sites and movie places are the reason for ReelStreets the world’s leading film , movie and filming location site.

For example, the most famous scene of the 1978 film adaptation of The Thirty Nine Steps will be remembered by many film buffs for the epic scene where Richard Hannay is left hanging from the clock face of Big Ben in London, the thirty nine steps in this instance being a reference to the number of steps in the clock tower. That this scene was a studio set detracts little from its nostalgic effect, and tens of thousands of tourists will instantly identify this movie location as an iconic filming site.

More recently, The Louvre, Paris was used extensively as a filming location in The Da Vinci Code featuring Tom Hanks, the museum was integral to the storyline. Permission was granted to film inside and outside the building, on filming sites and places, using the glass pyramid and the surrounding Louvre Palace as locations.


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