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Latest News from the Reelstreets Blog

  • London in Colour - 1927
    Many of us know of William Friese-Greene, a pioneer of early cinematography, perhaps primarily as a result of the film "The Magic Box" (1951) which features on the ReelStreets Website. However, following his fathers death in 1921 his son Claude carried on the development of the additive colour film process called Biocolour and toured the UK capturing the dramatically changing scene that followed the First World War. His journey from Land's End to John O'Groats between 1924 and 1926 and entitled The Open Road was featured in a series of programmes by the BBC back in 2006 and is now available on...
  • Changes to stills/nows display
    We have made some changes to the way the filming location stills and the present-day now location shots are displayed for each film. In the past the filming location still was displayed on the left, and the now location shot was shown next to it. Now, when you navigate to a film page you will only see the filming location stills. To view a now location shot, just move your mouse over the still and it will be replaced be the up-to-date now shot. The location information for both the film still and the now shot are shown below the image (the now shot information is shown in green. Any still tha...
  • Architectural Visits
    Open House London celebrates all that is best about the capital’s buildings, places and neighbourhoods. Every September, it gives a unique opportunity to get out and under the skin of London’s amazing architecture, with over 700 buildings of all kinds opening their doors to everyone – all for free. The dates for 2013 are 21 & 22 September. The full programme has details and opening times of all buildings and events.  .........and tell them we sent you.Maybe a chance to find some of those elusive interiors and capture them for ReelStr...
  • Dulcima, loaded by Russel Groves
    Story of a pretty girl meetinga  rich grumpy old man. In my dreams! Anyway, enough of my fantasies, Russell has done splendid work, thirty then shots and a full matching set of thirty now shots. Bingo, full house, snap and other expressions of achievement. Dig out your favourite films, pull the thens, try and find comparative nows and send them in. Dulcima, John Mills, Bernard Lee, 1971, just over forty years ago, and it seems like yesterday. Ah, nostalgia, films and movie locations, what would we do without them. Well done Russell.
  • English Stately Locations In Period Dramas
    Love them or hate them, period dramas have surged in popularity over the last five years, with films such as the King’s Speech and the 2011 adaptation of Jane Eyre being among the two most notable (and highly acclaimed) examples of late. And while any era in history is fair game and open to dramatic interpretation, two things remain constant across the genre: astounding architecture and incredible costume design.Since England is the literary and historical birthplace that has given rise to this slice of cinematography, it’s not surprise that the majority of such films and TV shows are film...
This is a list of the latest films to be added to our featured films list (ie. films with "then" and "now" shots).
Three Hats for Lisa   (26/1/2014)
Ghost Train, The   (27/1/2014)
Plank, The   (28/1/2014)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves   (2/2/2014)
I Give it A Year   (2/2/2014)
Window in London, A (aka Lady in Distress)   (5/2/2014)
Johnny English   (7/2/2014)
Bean   (9/2/2014)
Brazil   (13/2/2014)
Never Let Me Go   (14/2/2014)
Crying Game, The   (19/2/2014)
My Beautiful Laundrette   (21/2/2014)
Guest House Paradiso   (21/2/2014)
London Belongs to Me   (23/2/2014)
And the Same to You   (23/2/2014)
Vote for Huggett   (24/2/2014)
Here Come the Huggetts   (24/2/2014)
Scream and Scream Again   (25/2/2014)
Fanny by Gaslight   (25/2/2014)
Alligator Named Daisy, An   (27/2/2014)
Scream... and Die!   (27/2/2014)
Barry Lyndon   (1/3/2014)
Bunch of Amateurs, A   (1/3/2014)
Diary of Anne Frank, The   (2/3/2014)
Blue Parrot, The   (4/3/2014)
Penda's Fen - Play for Today (TV Episode)   (7/3/2014)
Embezzler, The   (7/3/2014)
What a Carve Up!   (8/3/2014)
Hereafter   (9/3/2014)
Dr Syn, Alias The Scarecrow   (10/3/2014)
Scamp, The   (11/3/2014)
Twisted Nerve   (14/3/2014)
Hannibal Brooks   (16/3/2014)
Where's That Fire!   (17/3/2014)
80,000 Suspects - TRAILER   (18/3/2014)
By The Sea   (18/3/2014)
Johnny You're Wanted   (19/3/2014)
Night Won't Talk, The   (20/3/2014)
Harassed Hero, The   (21/3/2014)
Endless Night   (23/3/2014)
Seven-Per-Cent Solution, The   (26/3/2014)
Will Penny   (28/3/2014)
Bronco Bullfrog - TRAILER   (29/3/2014)
So Long at the Fair   (30/3/2014)
Committee, The   (1/4/2014)
Captive Heart, The   (2/4/2014)
Trainspotting   (3/4/2014)
Man Who Could Work Miracles, The   (4/4/2014)
House of Blackmail, The   (4/4/2014)
Crowded Day, The   (7/4/2014)
Song of Paris   (8/4/2014)
Rescued by Rover   (9/4/2014)
Theatre of Death   (9/4/2014)
Dog Outwits the Kidnappers, The   (10/4/2014)
Amazing Grace   (10/4/2014)
Thunderbirds Are Go   (11/4/2014)
Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD   (11/4/2014)
Murder on the Orient Express   (12/4/2014)
Water Babies, The   (13/4/2014)
Sideways   (15/4/2014)
Great Escape, The   (18/4/2014)
Go-Between, The   (20/4/2014)
Touch of Class, A   (21/4/2014)
London Nobody Knows, The   (22/4/2014)
Aunt Clara   (23/4/2014)
Miranda   (23/4/2014)
A Nous les Petites Anglaises - TRAILER   (24/4/2014)
Allez France! - TRAILER   (24/4/2014)
Here is a list of recently added "Now" shots:
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1 added, 26/3/2014)
Will Penny (3 added, 27/3/2014)
Will Penny (1 added, 28/3/2014)
If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium (2 added, 28/3/2014)
Hereafter (4 added, 29/3/2014)
Will Penny (1 added, 31/3/2014)
Hereafter (2 added, 31/3/2014)
Hereafter (3 added, 1/4/2014)
101 Dalmatians (1 added, 1/4/2014)
Admirable Crichton, The (2 added, 1/4/2014)
Half Light (2 added, 1/4/2014)
Captive Heart, The (3 added, 2/4/2014)
Blue Parrot, The (2 added, 3/4/2014)
Return of the Musketeers, The (3 added, 3/4/2014)
Hennessy (3 added, 3/4/2014)
Night of the Eagle (1 added, 4/4/2014)
Dangerous Exile (4 added, 4/4/2014)
Omen III: The Final Conflict (1 added, 5/4/2014)
Trainspotting (6 added, 5/4/2014)
Hunted (2 added, 5/4/2014)
Delayed Action (1 added, 6/4/2014)
Smashing Time (2 added, 6/4/2014)
101 Dalmatians (3 added, 6/4/2014)
Scream... and Die! (6 added, 6/4/2014)
Hunted (4 added, 6/4/2014)
Dance Hall (1 added, 6/4/2014)
Duffer (2 added, 6/4/2014)
Cathy Come Home (2 added, 6/4/2014)
Cry from the Streets, A (3 added, 6/4/2014)
Crowded Day, The (2 added, 7/4/2014)
Hennessy (33 added, 7/4/2014)
Nice Girl Like Me, A (8 added, 7/4/2014)
Trainspotting (3 added, 7/4/2014)
Cinema of Darkness (1 added, 7/4/2014)
Quiet Man, The (1 added, 7/4/2014)
Hereafter (2 added, 7/4/2014)
Where's That Fire! (1 added, 7/4/2014)
Carry On Up the Jungle (3 added, 8/4/2014)
One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (5 added, 8/4/2014)
Carry On Cabby (6 added, 8/4/2014)
Follow a Star (6 added, 8/4/2014)
Constant Husband, The (1 added, 8/4/2014)
Cinema of Darkness (2 added, 8/4/2014)
Night Won't Talk, The (2 added, 9/4/2014)
Scream... and Die! (1 added, 9/4/2014)
Sunday Bloody Sunday (2 added, 9/4/2014)
Fanny by Gaslight (2 added, 9/4/2014)
Harassed Hero, The (2 added, 9/4/2014)
Quiet Man, The (3 added, 10/4/2014)
Legend of Hell House, The (2 added, 10/4/2014)
Ruby Blue (4 added, 10/4/2014)
Amazing Grace (2 added, 10/4/2014)
Thunderbirds Are Go (1 added, 11/4/2014)
Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD (1 added, 11/4/2014)
Ruby Blue (2 added, 13/4/2014)
Vulture, The (6 added, 13/4/2014)
Carry On Regardless (1 added, 13/4/2014)
Two Way Stretch (1 added, 13/4/2014)
Carry On Screaming (1 added, 13/4/2014)
Stitch in Time, A (7 added, 13/4/2014)
Committee, The (3 added, 14/4/2014)
Crowded Day, The (2 added, 14/4/2014)
Sideways (15 added, 15/4/2014)
Window in London, A (aka Lady in Distress) (1 added, 16/4/2014)
Scream and Scream Again (3 added, 16/4/2014)
Committee, The (2 added, 16/4/2014)
Crowded Day, The (1 added, 16/4/2014)
Carry On Girls (2 added, 19/4/2014)
Hard Day's Night, A (1 added, 19/4/2014)
Beauty Jungle, The (2 added, 19/4/2014)
Smashing Time (1 added, 20/4/2014)
Alligator Named Daisy, An (2 added, 20/4/2014)
Mona Lisa (1 added, 20/4/2014)
Mackintosh Man, The (2 added, 21/4/2014)
Fourth Protocol, The (5 added, 22/4/2014)
Quiet Man, The (1 added, 22/4/2014)
Odessa File, The (3 added, 22/4/2014)
London Nobody Knows, The (1 added, 22/4/2014)

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The actors of the silver screen's golden age have long since gone, together with many of the film and filming locations and film and movie sites used in their productions. Many of us who grew up admiring these works seen at the local "flicks", or "pictures"; have remained enthusiastic and now a growing band of film and movie location buffs realise the entertainment, and also the social, values, inherent in these old films. This site is concerned with world cinema and with scenes which were shot outdoors in recognisable built-up locations, which are now movie sites or film or filming places and how those places have changed in the intervening years. The older film actors may have passed, but their memories and images on celluloid will never fail, and they are even now being transferred to DVD, hard-drives and fibre optics, for the benefit of future generations of movie site enthusiasts, and which are being collected on our movie places site, which, in estate agent speak is concerned with location, location and location.

ReelStreets is the study of these film and the movie sites or places, these streets, and the changes that time, war and development have occasioned during the period of what was perhaps the finest era of the cinema, when the films often reflected real, or imagined, life, as opposed to today when life often, unhappily, reflects the films. And if you know of any movie, film or filming locations, places or sites send ‘em it.

John Tunstill


Architectural Film Locations

The correlation between architecture and films has been around for decades and some locations are so instantly recognisable by fans that they are forever associated with the movie that they were featured in. These filming sites and movie places are the reason for ReelStreets the world’s leading film , movie and filming location site.

For example, the most famous scene of the 1978 film adaptation of The Thirty Nine Steps will be remembered by many film buffs for the epic scene where Richard Hannay is left hanging from the clock face of Big Ben in London, the thirty nine steps in this instance being a reference to the number of steps in the clock tower. That this scene was a studio set detracts little from its nostalgic effect, and tens of thousands of tourists will instantly identify this movie location as an iconic filming site.

More recently, The Louvre, Paris was used extensively as a filming location in The Da Vinci Code featuring Tom Hanks, the museum was integral to the storyline. Permission was granted to film inside and outside the building, on filming sites and places, using the glass pyramid and the surrounding Louvre Palace as locations.


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