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Latest News From The Reelstreets Blog

These are the latest additions to our featured films.
Return of a Stranger (1937)   (14/11/2015)
Weapon, The   (15/11/2015)
Thunderbird 6   (15/11/2015)
Theory of Everything, The   (16/11/2015)
Last Journey, The   (17/11/2015)
Sky Bike, The (Children's Film Foundation)   (19/11/2015)
Guinea Pig, The   (20/11/2015)
Conflict of Wings   (22/11/2015)
Month in the Country, A   (23/11/2015)
Shadow of Fear aka Before I Wake   (23/11/2015)
Moon is Down, The   (24/11/2015)
Woman Hater   (25/11/2015)
Fog for a Killer aka Out of the Fog   (26/11/2015)
One of Our Aircraft is Missing   (26/11/2015)
Silver Fleet, The   (27/11/2015)
Half Moon Street   (28/11/2015)
No Room at the Inn   (29/11/2015)
Bitch, The   (29/11/2015)
Truly, Madly, Deeply   (1/12/2015)
Model for Murder   (2/12/2015)
Albert Carter Q.O.S.O.   (2/12/2015)
There Was a Crooked Man   (2/12/2015)
Gaslight (1944)   (3/12/2015)
Murder, She Said   (4/12/2015)
Long Rope, The aka Large Rope, The   (5/12/2015)
Intimate Stranger, The   (6/12/2015)
Cat Girl   (7/12/2015)
Ballad in Blue   (8/12/2015)
Q Planes   (9/12/2015)
Background aka Edge of Divorce   (10/12/2015)
Murder Most Foul   (11/12/2015)
Connecting Rooms   (12/12/2015)
That Sinking Feeling   (14/12/2015)
Leo the Last   (15/12/2015)
Give Us Tomorrow   (17/12/2015)
Hi-Jackers, The   (18/12/2015)
Nothing Barred   (19/12/2015)
Three Men in a Boat   (21/12/2015)
Holly and the Ivy, The   (22/12/2015)
Christmas Carol, A   (23/12/2015)
Dangerous Afternoon   (26/12/2015)
Oblong Box, The   (27/12/2015)
English Without Tears   (27/12/2015)
No Limit   (28/12/2015)
Curse of the Crimson Altar   (29/12/2015)
Girl on the Boat, The   (30/12/2015)
Night Caller, The   (31/12/2015)
Blackball   (7/1/2016)
Dominique   (8/1/2016)
Ipcress File, The   (9/1/2016)
Mummy, The (1959)   (10/1/2016)
Dangerous Cargo   (11/1/2016)
Blue Peter, The   (12/1/2016)
Glad Tidings   (14/1/2016)
Black Rider, The   (15/1/2016)
Sex Lives of the Potato Men   (16/1/2016)
Cassandra's Dream   (16/1/2016)
Torture Garden   (16/1/2016)
Derby Day   (17/1/2016)
Operation Third Form (Children's Film Foundation)   (18/1/2016)
Col Cuore in Gola (aka With Heart in Mouth)   (20/1/2016)
Salvage Gang, The (Children's Film Foundation)   (21/1/2016)
Hard Day's Night, A   (23/1/2016)
Demi-Paradise, The   (24/1/2016)
What's Up Superdoc!   (25/1/2016)
Spy in Black, The   (26/1/2016)
Night Ferry (Children's Film Foundation)   (27/1/2016)
Pickwick Papers, The   (28/1/2016)
Daemon   (29/1/2016)
Archipelago   (29/1/2016)
Woman of Straw   (31/1/2016)
Grasshopper Island   (1/2/2016)
Greyfriars Bobby aka The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby   (1/2/2016)
Madness of King George, The   (2/2/2016)
Ghost Ship   (4/2/2016)
Quiet Woman, The   (4/2/2016)
She'll Have to Go   (5/2/2016)
Doctor Blood's Coffin   (6/2/2016)
Night Has Eyes, The   (7/2/2016)
Don't Take It to Heart   (7/2/2016)
Carnival   (7/2/2016)
Woman in Question, The   (8/2/2016)

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These are the latest comparison shots added to our featured films:
Cassandra's Dream (3 added, 12/1/2016)
Sammy's Super T-Shirt (Children's Film Foundation) (2 added, 12/1/2016)
Magnet, The (1 added, 13/1/2016)
Glad Tidings (1 added, 14/1/2016)
Ipcress File, The (2 added, 17/1/2016)
Night Caller, The (1 added, 17/1/2016)
Soapbox Derby (Children's Film Foundation) (2 added, 17/1/2016)
Midnight Lace (2 added, 17/1/2016)
Private Road (1 added, 17/1/2016)
Dandy in Aspic, A (2 added, 17/1/2016)
Defence of the Realm (1 added, 17/1/2016)
Give Us Tomorrow (21 added, 17/1/2016)
Derby Day (1 added, 19/1/2016)
Salvage Gang, The (Children's Film Foundation) (15 added, 21/1/2016)
Loot (4 added, 22/1/2016)
Cassandra's Dream (1 added, 22/1/2016)
Carry On Loving (1 added, 23/1/2016)
Operation Third Form (Children's Film Foundation) (2 added, 23/1/2016)
Hard Day's Night, A (2 added, 23/1/2016)
Herostratus (2 added, 24/1/2016)
Night Caller, The (1 added, 24/1/2016)
Ipcress File, The (5 added, 24/1/2016)
European Vacation (12 added, 25/1/2016)
Colossus: The Forbin Project (5 added, 25/1/2016)
Krays, The (2 added, 25/1/2016)
Angry Silence, The (2 added, 26/1/2016)
After the Fox (4 added, 26/1/2016)
Happy Family, The (1 added, 27/1/2016)
Herostratus (1 added, 27/1/2016)
Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss, The (aka The Amazing Adventure) (1 added, 27/1/2016)
Home at Seven (1 added, 27/1/2016)
Nothing Barred (4 added, 27/1/2016)
So Well Remembered (1 added, 27/1/2016)
Escape Route (4 added, 28/1/2016)
Spiral Staircase, The (4 added, 28/1/2016)
Satanic Rites of Dracula, The (1 added, 29/1/2016)
Daemon (6 added, 29/1/2016)
Odd Man Out (1 added, 29/1/2016)
Derby Day (1 added, 29/1/2016)
Nothing Barred (7 added, 29/1/2016)
Loot (2 added, 29/1/2016)
Corruption (1 added, 29/1/2016)
Night Caller, The (1 added, 29/1/2016)
Truly, Madly, Deeply (4 added, 29/1/2016)
Herostratus (2 added, 29/1/2016)
Shakedown, The (2 added, 30/1/2016)
Salvage Gang, The (Children's Film Foundation) (10 added, 2/2/2016)
Odd Man Out (1 added, 2/2/2016)
Cool it Carol (5 added, 4/2/2016)
Ghost Ship (10 added, 4/2/2016)
Cassandra's Dream (9 added, 6/2/2016)
Sorcerers, The (1 added, 6/2/2016)
Col Cuore in Gola (aka With Heart in Mouth) (5 added, 7/2/2016)
Nothing Barred (5 added, 7/2/2016)
Spaceways (2 added, 7/2/2016)
Col Cuore in Gola (aka With Heart in Mouth) (2 added, 8/2/2016)
Salvage Gang, The (Children's Film Foundation) (11 added, 8/2/2016)
Puppet on a Chain (2 added, 9/2/2016)
Madness of King George, The (2 added, 9/2/2016)
Derby Day (3 added, 9/2/2016)
Demi-Paradise, The (1 added, 9/2/2016)

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The actors of the silver screen's golden age have long since gone, together with many of the film and filming locations and film and movie sites used in their productions. Many of us who grew up admiring these works seen at the local "flicks", or "pictures"; have remained enthusiastic and now a growing band of film and movie location buffs realise the entertainment, and also the social, values, inherent in these old films. This site is concerned with world cinema and with scenes which were shot outdoors in recognisable built-up locations, which are now movie sites or film or filming places and how those places have changed in the intervening years. The older film actors may have passed, but their memories and images on celluloid will never fail, and they are even now being transferred to DVD, hard-drives and fibre optics, for the benefit of future generations of movie site enthusiasts, and which are being collected on our movie places site, which, in estate agent speak is concerned with location, location and location.

ReelStreets is the study of these film and the movie sites or places, these streets, and the changes that time, war and development have occasioned during the period of what was perhaps the finest era of the cinema, when the films often reflected real, or imagined, life, as opposed to today when life often, unhappily, reflects the films. And if you know of any movie, film or filming locations, places or sites send ‘em it.

John Tunstill