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FILM : Wrong Arm of the Law, The
Wrong Arm of the Law, The1962Peter Sellers, Lionel Jeffries, Bernard CribbinsWest London, Uxbridge
Director : Cliff Owen  Production Company : Robert Velaise productions limited, Romulus Films Limited
The crooks in London know how it w orks. No one carries guns and no one resists the police. Then a new gang appears that go one better.
Such a great amount of work from Brian Duffy, its too good to blog, and much of it is not too relevant to Reel Streets as many scenes are without actors or identifiable pieces of architecture. So weve created this special section, wherein we have lodged all Brianís good work.

Hi John

Finally found the elusive location for the railway crossing/gasworks/ Chase Scenes, it is Bushy Park Road, Edenton. Originaly did a bit of Sherlock deduction, tried following all the Southern Region Railway routes out of London using aerial shots from Google maps, but to no avail as most of the gasworks I was looking for had been demolished with the advent of natural gas, and then I remembered an old AZ of London, given to me by an old employer, when I started driving for a living in the early 60's, although well out of date then it did help me get around, but I specialy remembered the ancillary info on the maps, and that was factories, gas works, piers, wharves, and places of interest all drawn and named, so it was off to Ebay and searched for "Bartholomewís atlas of London circa 1920's, lo and behold a few were there, got a copy for a fiver, and when received, searched thoroughly, and bingo!, found it, in Teddington, Middx.

The gasworks have completely gone now, as has the level crossing, but there are three positive shots that redeem it as a find, these are, a scene where Nanette Newman in the white sports car, and Peter Sellers sports car, drive along Bushy Park Road, panning shot of terraced houses, that are still there, the shot off John Le Mesurier standing by the ice-cream van as the sports car does a 380 turn, in the distance is a wall that surrounds Bushy Park (Hampton Court Park not Watford, which is spelt Bushey with an e), which is on the road from Teddington to Kingston, this wall is also seen in the distance in the shot of Bernard Cribbins on the out building roof next to the crossing opposite the Signal Box, again of which hardly anything is left, back to the John Le Mesurier shot, also in the shot of the far wall is a pedestrian gate into the park, just discernable on the shot, which leads to the third confirm, which is the shot of the police car waiting to chase the Peter Sellers car, a quick change scene integrated with the Uxbridge scenes, which is the far left hand corner of the Le Mesurier scene street, as panning round from this scene is a shot of the pedestrian gate mentioned. Also worth a mention is the scene where a villain is running up the railway lines, with a gasometer in the distance, it was in fact taken form the level crossing, as the gasworks straddled Bushy Park Road, and all the ground seen from the scene with Bernard Cribbins on the out building, was in actual fact the old gasworks ground, demolished and cleared in favour of natural gas that was coming in the future.

My own shots, although a lot has changed and missing, still captures some of the old scenes, albeit some, because of access difficulties have had to be taken from other angles, Plus what's left of the Bernard Cribbins scene building, I will send as usual in small doses with captions as well as map views, again then and now, with and without level crossing.

Hope you enjoy these shots, some of them just go to prove when itís gone,it's gone, a good reason for folks to get out with their cameras now before it is gone forever!

There is one other scene I am chasing is where the crooked police put up the road diversion sign for Notting hill, in what looks like Buckinghamshire!!, if you get a chance to review look out for the coach?, seems to be in every scene, and each scene is in about a 100 yard area, with some scenes taken to the left when all the chase is to the right, meaning they have gone back on themselves to shoot, you could write a book on this film.

Best Regards


Shots of sports cars running south along Bushy Park Road.
Now shot taken at a higher level from footbridge installed when crossing removed.
Now shot taken further down road as fencing put up when crossing taken away, in way, closeup shows gate just visible centre left in old still.
Longshot gabled building on right is give away.
No clues left here, only assurance is I was standing in the actual position according to the road layout.
All that is left of the building Bernard Cribbins and his cronies are on, in the distance the wall and road (hidden) round Hamopton Court (Bushy Park).
Police wait at junction of Bushy Park Road and Sandy Lane, if camera had panned round a little further in film you would have seen the gate mentioned in John Le Mesurier eating ice cream shot.
Actually taken from original camera position, other shot just to clarify and show pedestrian bridge put in place when crossing was closed.
Some maps for reference.
Looking south down Cowley Mill Road, to where previous postings scenes were shot, buildings the same but road has been widened and a new bridge erected, chimneys removed.
Same location as previous but looking north to juction of Cowley Mill Road & High Street Cowley, 3 shots of same scene, Distinctive bungalow here, as wells as garage and end house.
Halfway Down Cowley Mill road, Warehouse on left has been replace by flats, should have gone a bit higher to get in distinctive Chimneys.
Shot from canal bridge in Cowley Mill Road, give away here is building on left, lamp posts and power pylon, in the middle distance in the film still is a black sign which say's "Trimite" the paint company, quite a small factory then, now all the buildings in the middle distance are Trimite, the apex of the building the old sign was on can just be seen above the new white cladded building.
Waterloo road, Uxbridge, 7..., looking toward Cowley Mill road and pub in other shots already sent, only the look of the terrace any clue here. 8..... looking other way up road, only clue here are flats at end of scaffolding, that are just being built in old stills, a local man told me that the area where buildings are going up, had been derelict since the film was made, and it was only a few months ago that the iron railing fencing in film stills was taken down, initially an all industry road now all housing, would not hold to a claim as to little left.
Junction of Waterloo road & Rockingham Road, Fast Chase sequence round corner, 9 series shows canal bridge, in film still on the left is a wall with chain link fencing on top, it is still there but in shot hidden by lampost, so long shot put in to show, 10 series is front of pub, again with a long shot to clarify, 11 series car tears into Waterloo road.
Old A40 Oxford road just out of Uxbridge, series 12 Old building now well hidden by trees, 13 series, same chase on Oxford road, but now running back into Uxbridge, wrong way of chase, Still 14 is interesting same chase but through window you can see the old Uxbridge Bus Garage, Oxford road, I worked here for a while driving 98's and 207's to Shepherds bush and Hounslow, no now shot available as all completely gone only new offices now.
Junction of North Orbital Road & Tilehouse lane Denham, difficult shot to get right as could not gain height, I think the shot must have been taken from the top of a truck.
Tilehouse Lane Denham leading up to Denham Airfield, where lane is bisected by Chiltern Rail Line (old Great Central Railway).
Interest only, various Shots of Denham Airfield, lots of shots but could not get near enough to confirm old corregated roof building gone, only thing recognisable is the old house, which is now a pub restaurant, the only quirk here is the Dehavilland Dove G-ARBH, which belonged to Horizon Pictures, was the largest plane ever to land at the airfield as it was all grass.
A couple of stills for Battersea park Scene approx 55min into film, the initial shot at the entrance to the park is intresting in that the lighting generator truck a old "S" type Bedford is parked right in shot,would not be tollerated today, possibly Lee Electrics, a London Based company,and an arial shot from film, with Battersea power station Chimney's on right.
Lastly two local maps with still numbers showing each location.

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