Adventures of a Plumber’s Mate

Date: 1978
Director: Stanley A. Long
Production Company: Salon Productions

Stars: Christopher Neil, Arthur Mullard, Anna Quayle, Stephen Lewis, Nina West.
Location(s): London



Adult comedy tale of a plumber’s mate whose encounters with the fair sex always seems to leave them naked!

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  • 'Now' required

A house??London??.?

Is the pub in the background in Maida Vale / Paddington.

image no 2

The Warrington Hotel pub, Warrington Crescent. Well spotted by Adrian Grepnold, another of our sharp eyed sleuths.


image no 3

Harrow Road, London W9, claims Alan Draghi. Mmmmmmmmmm

A street.

image no 4

Lauderdale Crescent sort of opposite nad002s. Adrian also did this one, thankyou.

Another street.

image no 5

Warkwick Avenue, London W9. Good sleuthing by Alan Draghi

A street.

image no 6

Clifton Road looking towards Maida Vale. I don't know how the plain wall got replaced by a genuine Victorian one but the Maida Vale block proves it's the same place, though mainly hidden in this photo. Shows how architecture doesn't always become more modern. A similar thing happened with the barrack gateway in Albany Street. Gentrified and Victorianised after the war.

Another street.

image no 7

Not just "another street" to Alan Draghi but 38 Woodfield Avenue, London SW16 and he provides this shot to support and admits that he did ring the doorbell first, but no reply. So thanks to the owners in their absence. There have been some changes over the road! (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Wormwood Scrubs on Du Cane Road W12. Also seen in 'Hot Millions', 'Appointment with Crime', 'Bullseye' and 'The Horse's Mouth'.

Wormwood Scrubbs

image no 9

Now, London W12. SJ.

image no 10

Now. The post box, also seen in The Italian Job, has gone. SJ.

The General Smuts public house, Bloemfontein Road, London W12. Ray Simmons.

image no 11

It is Bloemfontein Road. Bang on, Ray, as usual. SJ.

Found by Ray Simmons on a web site but the page appears to be no longer available. (02.07.14)

image no 12

And the Smuts bar. SJ.

General Smuts has a statue in Victoria, SW London, just by the green near the station. Victoria gardens, Buckingham Palace Road.

image no 13

The entrance though now seems to be called Zizinia. SJ.

Thanks Ray, well spotted. Bloemfontein Road, named after a town in South Africa.

image no 14

It's on the corner of Commonwealth Avenue. SJ.

image no 15

Auckland House, Bloemfontein Road. SJ.

This shop is at the top of Brixton Hill, London SW2, the flats opposite are Tanhurst House (ad012) and the nearest road is Morrish Road to the right of shop looking out. The confirmation is the 674 phone number. Identification by Kevin Kelly, many thanks, can you get a "now" pic?

image no 16

Brixton Hill, entrance to 7-12 Park Court flats, now a Sainsbury's Local. Pic by Terry Guntrip.

Flats. Tanhurst House, opposite ad011. Kevin again, well done. A photo?

image no 17

Brixton Hill, almost opposite ad011. Another one from Terry Guntrip.

"St Martin's Hospital" in this film is the same hospital as "St Peters West" Hospital on picture vi022 for the film "Villain". In reality this is the former "St Mary Abbots Hospital" at Marloes Road, W8 5LH in Kensington. Greg did this excellent bit of research.

image no 18

Here is a picture of St Mary Abbots Hospital from c.1905 which Greg found on this website:

Same grab again

image no 19

And the now on Marloes Road, W8. SJ

image no 20

Now with fountain intact. SJ

image no 21

The front of the hospital has since been altered. The hospital closed in 1992 on the opening of the new Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. The property is now luxury housing. Info by Greg. Now by SJ

image no 22

The entrance has moved slightly and this is now what one sees. SJ

Suburbia... Looks like the same Muswelly Hill one as seen in Private Eye. SJ 62 Canterbury Grove SE27, claims ALAN DRAGHI.

image no 23

Alan now provides a shot to support his earlier identification. (RL)

Shops. Alan Draghi suggests; 388 to 390 Brixton Road, SW9, towards the junction with Stockwell Park Walk.

image no 24

Once again Alan supports his identification. (RL)

More shops.

image no 25

Kings Road, London SW10. Fine ident and pic from Alan Draghi

This looks Kilburny, Scrubbsy, waddayouthink?

image no 26

Kings Road Chelsea, junction with Sladeburn Street. Pic and ident from Alan Draghi. Excellent work.


image no 27

Kings Road, London, SW10, next door to the ex-pub in 017. Alan Draghi again keeping his eyes open.