Alfie (1966)

Date: 1966
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Production Company: Lewis Gilbert, Sheldrake Films

Stars: Michael Caine, Julia Foster, Shelley Winters, Millicent Martin, Denholm Elliott, Jane Asher, Murray Melvin, Shirley Anne Field, Vivien Merchant, Alfie Bass, Graham Stark
Location(s): Berkshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex

Region(s): ,


A self-centred, womanising man who treats his girlfriends with disrespect gradually begins to understand the consequences of his lifestyle.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson with uncredited location identifications and comparison shots by Brian and John Tunstill. Additional screen captures and identifications by John Saville.

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An evening panorama of London settles on Waterloo Bridge where a lone dog is seen. Across the background stand the Royal Festival Hall, Hungerford Bridge and the Houses of Parliament.

image no 1

Peter took this daylight shot from the safety of the pavement. (RL)

The dog runs through London to where Alfie is making love to Siddie in his steamed up car. Facing south on Camley Street with the gas holders of St Pancras Gas Works towering on both sides of the background. The location was also seen in 'Herostratus','Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter' and 'Robbery'.

image no 2

And now. No trace of coal shutes or gas holders. SJ

Alfred 'Alfie' Elkins (Michael Caine) drives Siddie (Millicent Martin) to Temple Underground Station. In the background is a narrower Arundel Street than today's version and this is Temple Place WC2. A similar view was seen in 'The Squeeze' and the area around the station was used in 'The Cracksman' and 'Lunch Hour'.

image no 3

Peter provides this daytime view of the location showing that only the right hand buildings remain.

The two part company and Siddie catches her train to the suburbs. Temple Underground Station between Temple Place and Victoria Embankment, which was also seen in 'Tube Tales'.

image no 4

Christopher Matheson provides this comparison.

Outside a suburban station, Siddie's Husband (John Carter) waits for his wife. St. Margaret's station in Twickenham, Middlesex, opposite Twickenham Studios, identified by Ollie Walsh.

image no 5

St. Margarets Station on St. Margarets Road taken by Paul Bantock who adds "This is my best effort. The traffic did not allow precise composition".

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Siddie's Husband suggests that she goes out more often as she comes back so happy! The corner of Amyand Park Road and St. Margarets Road in Twickenham. The same corner was seen in the background during 'Strongroom'.

Alfie breaks the fourth wall to address the audience before getting into his Vauxhall Velox and moving on to the next girl. Victoria Embankment at the end of Savoy Street in WC2 with Waterloo Bridge in the left background.

image no 7

Peter provides this similar shot from the Waterloo Bridge access steps to avoid the sun. (RL)

As Alfie turns into the road, Humphrey (Graham Stark) leaves the building where Gilda has a small flat. Looking towards Dewey Road from Denmark Grove in Islington N1, located by Dave Austin.

image no 8

The area has been completely redeveloped but Peter notes that the architects have kept the stairs and low walls on the modern buildings.

The day after a night spent with Alfie, Gilda waits for a bus. Chelsea Embankment in SW3 with Battersea Bridge in the distance. The location was seen in 'A Clockwork Orange', 'Goodbye Gemini', 'The Party's Over' and 'Wanted for Murder'.

image no 9

Peter provides a similar view in his modern comparison.

Humphrey is the Conductor and lets Gilda (Julia Foster) onto his full bus. Chelsea Embankment with Albion and Granary Wharves on the other side of Chelsea Reach.

image no 10

A real bus stop with a very different skyline across the river. Picture by Peter.

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Before Gilda alights, Humphrey tells her that he'll always be there for her.

image no 11

Christopher Matheson provides the location, together with detailed support material, as the Kings Road, London SW10 at the corner with Lots Road and supported by Google Earth. (RL)

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The love-struck bus conductor watches longingly as Gilda runs home.

Gilda rushes through a street market. Exmouth Market in EC1 with the tower of The Church of Our Most Holy Redeemer in the right distance.

image no 13

Looking south-west along Exmouth Market now.

The camera pans with Gilda as she turns to run down Northampton Row off Exmouth Market.

image no 14

Looking towards Rosoman Place from Exmouth Market with brother Brian doing the high kicks.

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Gilda keeps up her pace.

Running between tenement blocks on the way, Gilda eventually nears home. Dave Austin advises that this is Denmark Grove in London N1. The view is from Copenhagen Street and, although the area has been redeveloped, the building to the left still stands.

image no 16

Peter captures the same building at the corner.

After falling pregnant, Gilda is admitted to the Emilio Scala Hospital to give birth. In reality this is the entrance of the Victoria Hospital for Children on Tite Street in Chelsea.

image no 17

Looking south-east towards Chelsea Embankment, SW3. SJ

Alfie arrives to visit Gilda and his new born son. Outside the Victoria Hospital on Tite Street SW3. The hospital was demolished in 1968 and the site is now occupied by St. Wilfrid's Residential Home.

image no 18

The same location taken by our old friend David Neicho.

Leaving Gilda in to look after the baby, Alfie heads to meet with another girl. Earls Court Road in W8, near the junction with Pembroke Place located by Simon James.

image no 19

Simon James, also took this picture.

The Manageress (Pauline Boty) turns when Alfie taps on the window. Earl's Court Road with a Regent Garage that once stood between Pater Street and Cope Place reflected in the window.

image no 20

Now a gallery with a different reflection. SJ

"And I was getting a suit cleaned in the bargain". Looking out onto Pembroke Place in W8.

image no 21

Perhaps a little too much reflection here, but the brick wall has gone and there is an empty space prime for development. SJ

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Taking Malcolm for a walk, Alfie stops to chat with a Girl (Virginia Wetherell).

When they return home, Gilda sees that Alfie has been feeding chocolate to their baby son. Dave Austin recognised Denmark Grove in Islington.

image no 23

The redeveloped street now, by Peter.

Alfie discovers that, contrary to their earlier plans, Gilda wants to keep Malcolm. Denmark Grove N1 identified by Dave Austin, who appears earlier in the film with his brother as two children playing in the street.

image no 24

Another view from Peter, this time the modern line of Denmark Grove facing Copenhagen Street.

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Father and son enjoy time together.

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Alfie takes Malcolm to the seaside.

The pair feed pigeons in the park and Alfie admits that he's getting quite attached to his boy. The Serpentine in Kensington Gardens with the Serpentine Bridge in the distance. The location was seen in 'Alfie Darling'.

image no 27

This is from Kensington Gardens but I'm wondering whether we should be on the other side of the bridge in Hyde Park: the grass bothers me. SJ

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Outside a mobile Mass Radiography Unit, Alfie queues to have an X-ray of his chest taken.

Following Gilda's return to work, she spends her lunch break at a church. The spire of St. Mary's Church on Battersea Church Road in SW11.

image no 29

A cloudier day. SJ

The camera tilts down to find Humphrey entering the church yard. The church was seen in 'Melody' and 'The Sleeping Tiger'.

image no 30

Now. SJ

Gilda waves at Humphrey. Across the Thames from St. Mary's Church stands Lots Road Power Station.

image no 31

Brian Tunstill and John Crawford sit in a similar position but the Power station has lost a couple of chimneys.

Humphrey has brought cherries and the two begin to chat. The grounds of St. Mary's Church in Battersea.

image no 32

Now. SJ

Gilda asks Humphrey how he would feel about bringing up another man's child. In the distance can be made out the four chimneys of Fulham Power Station.

image no 33

Brian and John again, but what a difference 40 years has made to the background.

A Humber Super Snipe turns to park outside the Westminster Hospital Chest Clinic. The corner of Buckingham Palace Road and Ebury Bridge in London SW1.

image no 34

The Toyota Prius rather dominates. SJ

Alfie gets out of the car and throws his chauffeur's hat inside. Facing north-east on Buckingham Palace Road with Pimlico Road to the left and Victoria Coach station in the distance.

image no 35

The same corner on Buckingham Palace Road in Victoria.

A comb is produced from an inside pocket. Looking from Ebury Bridge Road towards Buckingham Palace Road and the junction with Pimlico and Ebury Bridge.

image no 36

The same junction with a replacement building for the engineering works now filling the background.

Alfie explains to the audience that he's now working for a car-hire firm and that he's been called into the clinic as his X-ray didn't come out right.

image no 37

The new building is Consort Rise, 203 Buckingham Palace Road. SJ

Before entering the building, Alfie glances across the road. The building still stands on Ebury Bridge Road SW1.

image no 38

Put your hand where Caine did! Also filmed in this area were For Better For Worse and Hunted. SJ

A funeral cortege passes along the street. To the right stands Ebury Bridge House on Ebury Bridge Road. The building has been replaced by E N I House.

image no 39

But the cottages to the left survive. SJ

When shadows are discovered on his chest x-rays, Alfie spends time at a sanatorium in the country. York House and gardens on York Street in Twickenham, Middlesex.

image no 40

Taken from the same bridge by Ian Hedgcock.

Alfie stands by as fellow patient Harry Clamacraft (Alfie Bass) says goodbye to his wife Lily (Vivien Merchant). York House in Twickenham.

image no 41

A great match from Ian.

After Lily leaves, Harry gets upset as he listens to Alfie suggest what may happen to her and his children after his death. Scenes from 'Savage Messiah' were also filmed here.

image no 42

The same location captured by Ian Hedgcock.

Alfie returns to London and is met by his friend Nat. "London Waterloo" points out Andrew Frost, as "A type of locomotive used on the Exeter services in the 1960s can be seen on the extreme right hand platform ".

image no 43

Fairly inconclusive proof apart from the pillar which fits the bill, but yes it was and is Waterloo. SJ

Alfie and Nat (Murray Melvin) walk along Albert Embankment. The location was seen in 'The Vault of Horror', 'Genevieve', 'A Dandy in Aspic' and 'Horrors of the Black Museum'.

image no 44

Similar blue sky day. SJ

Nat tells Alfie about his new job, street photography up at Tower Hill. Looking across the River Thames towards Thames House and Imperial Chemical House from near Lambeth Pier on Lambeth Palace Road.

image no 45

Unchanged but taken at the wrong time of day. Better as a morning shot. SJ

The two seek out some likely tourists. Tower Wharf, near Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

image no 46

Yes, and that's Stewart Granger's office in the background as seen in 'The Secret Partner'. SJ.

Alfie spots an American woman and starts snapping. Tower Wharf with the Tower of London dominating the background.

image no 47

Peter found a few changes.

Ruby (Shelley Winters) listens as Alfie starts his patter. Tower Bridge and the River Thames provide the backdrop.

image no 48

Everyone seems to be taking pictures in this image from Peter.

"I'll have you against the ships". In the left background can be seen the Tower's Middle Tower Gate with All Hallows-by-the-Tower church on Byward Street in the distance.

image no 49

With his back to the ships, Peter captures a similar view.

Ruby's companion (Peter Graves) becomes impatient. Tower Wharf in EC3 with Tower Pier to the right and Tower Bridge in the background. The same spot was seen in 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula' and 'The Naked Edge'.

image no 50

Peter emulates our star.

Nat accosts Ruby and her companion as they walk away. The gangway to Tower Pier can be seen on the left.

image no 51

A more cramped but similar view by Peter.

Giving up the photography and returning to the car-hire business, Alfie returns to the sanatorium to visit Harry. The grounds of York House in Twickenham with Sion Court on Sion Road in the background.

image no 52

Ian Hedgcock took this up to date view of the location.

Alfie gives Lily a lift back to London. Identified by Chris Fry as the Great House Hotel on the B478 in Sonning, Berkshire.

image no 53

Spotted and captured by John Saville.

In the background is Sonning Bridge over the River Thames and to the right is the Great House Hotel, formerly the White Hart Hotel, on Thames Street in Sonning near Reading.

image no 54

Taken by Robin Brooks who confirms John's work. A nice blue sky at nearly at the same time of day!

A waiter crosses the lawn towards Alfie and Lily as they break the journey at a country pub. The garden of the French Horn Hotel in Sonning on Thames, Berkshire.

image no 55

Taken from the parapet of the Thames backwater bridge, this is looking down onto the garden of the French Horn Hotel. The willow tree to the left is seen in image alfi055. Information and picture from Robin Brooks.

  • 'Now' required

Alfie and Lily take tea. This is the beside the Thames in the garden of the French Horn Hotel, across the river from the White Hart Hotel. The bridge visible top left carries the B478 over the backwaters.

Lily sits in silence as Alfie wonders "Well, what harm can it do?"

image no 57

John Saville took this shot of showing the terrace outside the French Horn Hotel.

Alfie finishes his tea before the two take a boat out onto the river, stopping to make love on the bank. The garden of the French Horn Hotel in Sonning, Berkshire.

image no 58

Robin Brooks provides this further image of the French Horn Hotel.

  • 'Now' required

Having picked her up on the road, Lorry Driver Frank (Sydney Tafler) escorts hitch-hiker Annie (Jane Asher) into a transport café. This is inside the Busy Bee Café which stood near the junction with Aldenham Road and Hartspring Lane on North Western Avenue near Watford in Hertfordshire.

  • 'Now' required

Arriving at the café after following Frank, Alfie loosens the ropes on his lorry. Outside the Busy Bee Café on the A41 Watford By-Pass.

  • 'Now' required

After chatting her up whilst Frank secures his load, Alfie drives away with Annie. Looking onto Otterspool Way, North Western Avenue from the Otterspool Industrial Estate service road in Watford.

Back in the capital, Alfie pays a visit to Ruby. Ray Simmons reckons that this is Notting Hill Gate in W11, opposite Campden Hill Road and Hillgate Street.

image no 62

Notting Hill Gate it is, from Simon James's book, London Film Location Guide.

  • 'Now' required

Alfie tells us that the rents here are fifteen quid a week! In the background stands Campden Hill Towers on Notting Hill Gate.

  • 'Now' required

Making his way to Ruby's apartment, Alfie enters the building's lobby without flowers or chocolates!

Following a row, Annie leaves Alfie's flat. The corner of Chepstow Road and St. Stephen's Gardens in London W2 located by Tony Reeves.

image no 65

The buildings on Chepstow Road are unchanged. SJ

Alfie rushes out of the building. St. Stephen's Gardens in Westbourne Park.

image no 66

A comparison photo of the same corner by Peter Harrison.

Too late, as a bus departs carrying Annie away. Looking towards the junction of Chepstow Road and St. Stephen's Gardens in W2 identified by Tony Reeves.

image no 67

Even though buses still run along Chepstow Road, this manoeuvre can't be done now thanks to the road begin sealed off. SJ

Alfie goes for a walk while Lily has an abortion back at his flat. Looking down onto St. Stephen's Gardens. The far corner of the square is where a scene in 'Duffer' was shot.

image no 68

Taken from underneath the balcony. SJ

Speaking to camera again, Alfie walks along the road outside his flat. St. Stephen's Green W2 with Chepstow Road in the background.

image no 69

This is the background of the same location now with thanks to Tony and Peter.

Alfie wanders far from home. This is Brixton Station Road in SW9 with the tower of, what is now, Marks and Spencer to the right of centre.

image no 70

The same location now.

The long, lonely walk continues. Atlantic Road in Brixton SW9.

image no 71

The same place now with JT's little bruvver pretending he's standing in the footprints of Michael Caine.

The troubled young man reaches the river. Old Swan Wharf off Battersea Church Road in SW11. Also seen in 'Salt & Pepper' and 'Clegg'. Location found by Simon James.

image no 72

Barely recognisable now. SJ

Alfie turns to look up at the church spire. This is the old view across the Thames from Old Swan Wharf on Battersea Church Road.

image no 73

The west of St. Mary's and there's the same post now in this image by SJ. TonyK adds "Belverdere Tower at Chelsea Harbour is shown centre".

Looking through the gateway to the church yard, Alfie sees his son. The rooftops of now demolished buildings stand in the background.

image no 74

And the replacement opposite the gates. SJ

Humphrey comes out of the church to find Malcolm. St. Mary's Church in Battersea.

image no 75

Gravestones have gone and a small wall (barely in shot) added. SJ

When Humphrey and little Malcolm go back inside, Alfie enters the church yard. In the background stand Sparkford House and Selworthy House on the Somerset Estate in Battersea.

image no 76

Sparkford House from St Mary's now.

Alfie approaches the church where, inside, Humphrey and Gilda's daughter is being baptized.

image no 77

Now. SJ

The congregation leave after the service and Alfie takes refuge behind a pillar. The steps of St. Mary's Church.

image no 78

The very pillar. SJ

Humphrey lifts his adopted son into the air before Alfie returns home and Lily. Looking from St. Mary's Church towards Battersea Church Road with the now demolished and replaced Old Swan public house to the right.

image no 79

Some re-landscaping. SJ

Walking along the canal, Alfie talks with Nat about the abortion. Alongside what is now Camley Street Nature Park in NW1 with the spire of St Pancras in the centre left background.

image no 80

The scene now, looking south. Note the same new office block as seen in alfi002n at a slightly different angle. SJ

St. Pancras Lock and lock-keeper's cottage on the Regent's Canal near Camley Street, which didn't appear in the film. From the book "Camden celebrates Cinema 100", written by Tim Brown and published by the London Borough Camden Leisure Services Department in 1996 (ISBN-13: 978-0901389862).

image no 81

The same view now, some 800 yards west of Maiden Lane Bridge, York Way N1. Thanks to Tony Reeves, but he calls it the Grand Union Canal, still, what's in a name?

The two friends carry on walking as Alfie comes to realise what he's done. Next to St. Pancras Lock on the Grand Union Canal in NW1.

image no 82

A new building has hidden the "spire" of St. Pancras station and the gasometers have disappeared. SJ

Alfie asks to borrow twenty five quid from Nat. Regent's Canal in London NW1 with the railway heading north from St. Pancras station to the left. The area was used for scenes in '30 is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia', 'Smashing Time' and 'Nuns on the Run'.

image no 83

One of the listed gasholders seems to have been transferred here from its previous position further south. 13/7/13. SJ

Disappointed to find that Ruby has taken a younger lover, Alfie takes a walk along through town. Victoria Embankment with Westminster Bridge crossing the Thames in the background.

image no 84

Nigel Matthews provides this shot of the same location but not quite the same angle, the much larger boat pier obstructs the view of Westminster Bridge but he has managed to capture the buses on it. (RL)

After bumping into Siddie, who tells him that she's meeting her husband, Alfie comes across a dog and the two walk on to the end titles. Across the background stand the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Royal Festival Hall and Hungerford Bridge.

image no 85

A similar shot taken by Peter from ground level. (RL)