Carry On Loving

Date: 1970
Director: Gerald Thomas
Production Company: Anglo Amalgamated

Stars: Sid James, Eric Barker, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Williams, Leslie Phillips, Joan Sims, Hattie Jacques
Location(s): Berkshire



The Wedded Bliss computer dating agency aims to bring together the lonely hearts of Much-Snoggin-in-the-Green.

Additional Information:

This film was “re-visited” in 2017 by Dave Wilson who uploaded both the improved and additonal screen captures.


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The busy at 'Much Snogging on-the-Green' is in fact Windsor and Eton station SL4 1RD. Since filming, the major redevelopments of the station has seen the tracks get moved back.

image no 1

Greg Paulett captured the station now and the growing "coffee culture". (RL)

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Terence Philpot (Terry Scott) says a cheeky goodbye as he pulls out of 'Much Snogging on-the-Green' (Windsor and Eton central station).

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Buses carrying some horny teens and a frustrated Bertrum Muffet turn around a currently unidentified roundabout. No longer unidentified, Di Davies tells us that the roundabout was where the Dolphin Greyhound track was on the corner of Uxbridge Road and Wellington Street, Slough, hence the floodlighting. She believes that Slough Town FC played there too. There is a traffic light controlled junction there now and the old stadium has been replaced with a massive Sainsbury's. (RL)

Bertrum Muffet (Richard O'Callaghan) walks down Thames Street, Windsor SL4 1PS. Although obviously much has changed since filming, you can still see part of the Theatre Royal sign on the left of frame.

image no 4

Looks as if it is the same door but a different colour and maybe condition! (RL)

And now he is suddenly walking several streets away in the opposite direction to the previous shot! The same office was used in "Carry On Regardless".

image no 5

Park Street, looking towards the Windsor High Street. Simon Mills

He is looking for love in the form of The Wedded Bliss Agency.

image no 6

15 Park Street, Windsor. Simon Mills

Nearby? Yes, it is opposite other scenes in Park Street. See windsorhistory/thenandnow/park_street01.html (copyright) for views of old Post Office. Source Roger Cullingham.

image no 7

The same place now. Shame about the old Post Office but I'm sure its replacement will look lovely in 150 years time. (PW)

A Georgian house in an 1880's road.

image no 8

Richard Lewis says 73 Frances Road, Windsor, with help from Google, whose reference we need as the copyright rests with them.

A hopeful couple, Henry and Emily, emerge from the Citizen's Advice Bureau.

image no 9

75 Frances Road, Windsor, found by Richard Lewis via Google, their copyright.

Queens Road Windsor looking west. See Carry on Cabby, Queen's Road locations, nearly identical. Sharp righthand corner at end. Remains to this day. Thank you Roger, well done.

image no 10

Found by Richard Lewis on Google, whose copyright the photo is and whose reference we need.

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Terence Philpot (Terry scott) arrives to meet a potential life partner Jenny Grubb (Imogen Hassall) in Queens Road Windsor SL4.

Side entrance to Harte and Garter Hotel, Thames Street, Windsor, on slope into Central Station Windsor. More good locations from Roger.

image no 12

The same place now - hidden behind foliage and grey paint. (PW)

Hattie Jacques decides to hire James Bedsop (Charles Hawtrey) to do some detective work by following Sidney Bliss (Sid James) for her. In this case Hawtrey is following Sid along Thames Street Windsor SL4. The same road appears in 'The Cherry Picker', 'No Sex Please, We’re British' and 'The Vulture'.

image no 13

A lot more traffic on the road these days! Thanks to 'Jimbo' for the updated shot.

Sid James knows when he is being followed. This is consistent with the geography of the previous shot as they are now round the corner on the short lane leading to the railway station. In the background you can seethe walls of the Windsor Castle grounds.

image no 14

'Jimbo' captured a slightly brighter looking street. Shop seems to have gone though.

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Sid walks into Windsor Station. As the area has been subsequently redeveloped into 'Windsor Royal Shopping', this section is now part of a business interior.

Diagonally opposite to cl007 above. Slope down into Central Station Windsor. Roger sleuthed this one as well.

image no 16

The same location over 40 years later. (PW)

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Sid has a plan to loose and confuse Charles Hawtrey. This shot is part of the old section of Windsor Station that has now been redeveloped into a shopping area.

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Sid has given Hawtrey the slip and gets momentarily distracted. He is in 'Windsor Royal Shopping'. It is located opposite Windsor castle in the grade II listed Victorian Railway Station. Many of the original features remain including Jubilee arch, the cobbled stones and Queen Victoria's Royal Waiting Room.

Sid's first taxi ride doesn't quite go to plan outside...

image no 19

Even though these days there are no vehicles allowed inside the modern Windsor Royal Shopping area! Thanks again to 'Jimbo' for the updated shot.

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Sid finally gets a cab to take him to Esme Crowfoot (Joan Sims's) place. Her road is Atherton Court, Eton, Windsor SL4 6BN.

Sid makes his hopeful approach to Esme's (Joan Sims) building on Atherton Court.

image no 21

Contributor 'Jimbo' shows that not much has changed (except the lack of Rogerham Mansions sign!)

Marriage Guidance Councilor Percival Snooper (Kenneth Williams) pays a secret visit to the Wedded Bliss Agency on Park Street SL4.

image no 22

Park Street, looking towards the Windsor High Street. Simon Mills.

Sophie Plummett (Hattie Jacques) decides to visit the Citizen's Advice Bureau.

image no 23

Looks like the junction of Frances Road with Adelaide Square. Simon Mills

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As with the earlier shots, this is 75 Frances Road, Windsor.

Charles Hawtree is still using disguises in an attempt to follow Sid James around.

image no 25

Park Street, looking towards the Windsor High Street. Simon Mills

Hattie Jacques gets a taxi to visit Kenneth Williams on Adelaide Square, Windsor SL4 2AQ. Adelaide Hotel in distance on junction with Sheet Street. Info from Roger, many thanks.

image no 26

Adelaide Square in Windsor. The blue building in the distance is the Royal Adelaide Hotel, which runs alongside The Long Walk which leads to Windsor Castle. Simon Mills See also The Games, No Sex Please and Tunes of Glory.

Hattie approaches the house along a lane with Adelaide Square in the background.

image no 27

Adelaide Square, Windsor. Simon Mills

This is also in Adelaide Square, but the houses are so similar that it is difficult to say which. Probably one of nos. 28, 30 or 32... Simon Mills

image no 28

The number is indeed no. 32! Updated location shot provided by J. Nor

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Sid James and Joan Sims arrive on Adelaide Square ready with a plan for seduction and deception involving a wrestler.

image no 29

It is a pity that Mini's have grown in size. (RL)

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Meanwhile they are still being tailed by Charles Hawtrey.

image no 30

An uninterrupted view of the same very desirable terrace. (RL)

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To put the plan into action Sid nips along the street to make a 'friendly' phone call. The phone box was a studio prop and placed on Adelaide Square.

image no 31

With thanks to Piper, Jimmy Jewel's daughter, for directing me to the location. (RL)

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Gripper Burke (Bernard Bresslaw) arrives on Adelaide Square and is a little bit angry!

image no 32

Once the builders lunch was over I was able to access the correct spot. (RL)

With everything apparently having gone to plan, Sid gets a bottle champagne and walks along Park Street SL4. But the celebratory feeling is a bit premature.

image no 33

Back to Park Street, looking towards the Windsor High Street. Simon Mills.