Colombo: Dagger of the Mind

Date: 1972
Director: Richard Quine
Production Company: Universal Studios

Stars: Peter Falk. Richard Basehart, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Bernard Fox, John Williams, Honor Blackman
Location(s): London



Lillian Stanhope and Nicholas Frame are two famed actors in London set to act in ‘Macbeth’. Producer Sir Roger Haversham had been Lillian’s lover but finds out he has been deceived by the couple and is about to cancel their widely anticipated and lucrative engagement. During a dressing room brawl between the three, Haversham is accidentally killed by Stanhope. As Haversham had not been seen by any of the cast or crew before he entered the couple’s dressing room, they decide to hide his body and later take the corpse to his mansion and stage his “accidental” death. However, Lieutenant Columbo, in London to learn about new investigation methods used by Scotland Yard, smells something fishy in this supposed accident.

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Screen captures and uncredited now shots provided by Mark O’Neill

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Colombo (Peter Falk) comes to London to catch up on the latest forensic technology. Having been collected by the police at the airport he is taken to New Scotland Yard through London and in typical style incredulously asks....."is that Buckingham Palace?"..... The Mall with the Victoria Memorial in the background.

image no 1

A clearer picture now with added bollards.

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He leaves the car to take a photograph. The Mall, London, SW1

image no 2

A view across The Mall towards Hyde Park and the many flag poles and tourists crossing the road.

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With camera in hand he looks around in disbelief. The Mall looking towards the gates of Hyde Park.

image no 3

Now with far more street furniture and road organisation.

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Making his way through the crowds Colombo takes a photograph of Buckingham Palace.

image no 4

Less tourists when I was there.

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Meanwhile the story unfolds at the Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, London SW1

image no 5

A change of production is about the only change.

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......."Is that Tower Bridge?"

image no 6

You can't cross there now.

<?php echo 7; ?>

He walks down to Gun Wharf, Tower of London to take a photograph.

image no 7

The same tree to the left, only larger.

<?php echo 8; ?>

They eventually arrive at their destination. New Scotland Yard, Broadway, London SW1, now demolished.

image no 8

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image no 9

We await what is to replace New Scotland Yard.

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Sir Roger Haversham (John Williams) is to be murdered at the Royal Court Theatre by his lover (Honor Blackman) and fellow actor Nicholas Frame (Richard Basehart) during the dress rehearsal for his new play. Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, London SW1

image no 10

The signage has been re-arranged.

<?php echo 11; ?>

Nicholas arrives in his sports car.

image no 11

Gone are the days when one could park there.

<?php echo 12; ?>

Colombo chooses to sit by the Wellington Arch to concentrate his thoughts on the murder and his car approaches where he is to sit.

image no 12

A much changed background.

<?php echo 13; ?>

He makes progress, Hyde Park Corner with Apsley House in the background.

image no 13

I have no doubt a police car could still drive there now.

<?php echo 14; ?>

He settles down on a bench. The London Hilton towers in the background.

image no 14

The London Hilton at least remains to focus on.

<?php echo 15; ?>

Det. Chief Supt. William Durk (Bernard Fox) arrives at the Wax Museum for the unveiling of the statue to Nicholas Fame. (Royal College of Music) Prince Consort Road.

image no 15

No one stood watching me film.

  • 'Now' required

The car draws to a halt.

<?php echo 17; ?>

After the unveiling Colombo leaves to ponder the events and circumstances.

image no 17

Scaffolding for the benefit of Reelstreets!

<?php echo 18; ?>

His umbrella is pivotal to resolving the murder and he rushes back.

image no 18

<?php echo 19; ?>

Lilian and Nicholas are arrested and taken away by the police.

image no 19

No crowds to hinder my shot.

<?php echo 20; ?>

Colombo wanders off....... Prince Consort Road.

image no 20

Now a more formalised crossing.

<?php echo 21; ?>

....and approaches the other side of the road......

image no 21

Now, with increased parking restrictions.

<?php echo 22; ?>

towards the steps to the Royal Albert Hall.

image no 22

A clearer view of the Royal Albert Hall.