Dorian Gray (aka The Secret of Dorian Gray)

Date: 1970
Director: Massimo Dallamano
Production Company: Sargon Film, Terra-Filmkunst, Towers of London

Stars: Helmut Berger, Richard Todd, Herbert Lom, Marie Liljedahl, Margaret Lee
Location(s): London



In the late 60’s in London, the male model Dorian Gray meets the aspirant actress Sybil Vane and they fall in love with each other. Meanwhile, his friend Basil Hallward concludes his painting of the young man, and Dorian Gray, fascinated with the picture, proposes to the devil that he exchange his soul for permanent youth and beauty.

Additional Information:

Also known as ‘ Il dio chimato Dorian’ (Italian Title) and ‘Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray’ (German Title)


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That's a good one, if you can find it......Probably says KNIGHT'S GARAGE on the rounded building on the left.

image no 1

White Knight Garage stood at 257 Kensal Road in north London. The area has been redeveloped beyond recognition but here is a photo from the era showing the garage ... long since demolished. Sent in by Chris Bond, solving a ten year old mystery with our thanks. (SJ)

Martin Green identifies this location as Kensal Road W10 adding that the buildings beyond the garage are still standing. The garage plot is now part of the laundry business which was operated by the same company, having it's original entrance on Conlan Street. The street was seen in ‘Steptoe and Son Ride Again’. (SJ)

image no 2

And indeed here is the now, with thanks to Chris Bond who adds, "Kensal Road London W10, the white building on the left now called White Knight Laundry, was the site of the garage: the buildings beyond survive but the opposite side of the road has been totally redeveloped. The victorian Gasometer structure is still there and visible on the horizon at the end of the street." (SJ)

What used to be called County Hall, Lambeth, SE London, with a bit of Westminster Bridge thrown in.

image no 3

About where the ornamental rings run out between Westminster and Waterloo bridges. Now just where the London Eye is, so impossible to get a clear shot. SJ.

image no 4

And this is right where they meet. North end of the old County Hall in the background. SJ.

South bank of the Thames, near where they found the first neck-tie strangled victim in Frenzy.

image no 5

This is just to the south of the Eye and the first lamppost not obscured. SJ.

image no 6

Some nice views across the Thames. SJ.

image no 7

Ditto. SJ.

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  • 'Now' required

Could this be around The Boltons? Says The Grove on the gatepost. The Grove it is says Robbie Higgins, specifically No2, Highgate London N6 (RL)

image no 10

The same location now by Tris.

No2 The Grove, Highgate, London N6 located by Robbie Higgins. (RL)

image no 11

Tris gets a clearer view of the gate.

London cabs, is it the lower part of Bond Street with Piccadilly in the background?

image no 12

New Bond Street, Russell Groves kindly took this pic.

Might say Bond Street behind his head. Is this a clue?

image no 13

Royal Arcade entrance off Bond Street. SJ.

Isn't this the King's Road, Chelsea, "Servant" country?

image no 14

Now. King's Road by Markham Square, by Russell Groves, thank you.

Smartish area, King's Road?

image no 15

Now. King's Road, confirmed by Russell.

London bus, so probably a London Street.

image no 16

Now. King's Road, good one from Russell.

Central London? Carnaby Street?

image no 17

Now. King's Road. Really well identified by Russell Groves.