Dr. Crippen

Date: 1962
Director: Robert Lynn
Production Company: Torchlight Productions

Stars: Donald Pleasence, Coral Browne, Samantha Eggar, Donald Wolfit, James Robertson Justice
Location(s): London



The trial of Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen who was hanged in 1910 for murdering his wife so that he could be with his young lover.



Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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The film is largely concerned with the trial and eventual execution of Dr. Hawley Crippen, opening with a view of the Central Criminal Court, popularly known as The Old Bailey.

image no 1

Peter returns to the scene to capture a modern sequence of shots.

The long tilt shot moves down the building. Old Bailey in London EC4.

image no 2

Even without as much pollution and smog these days, Peter noticed more staining of the edifice.

Various aspects of the Central Criminal Court building also appear in 'The Jokers', 'Appointment with Crime', 'The Naked Edge', 'Brothers in Law', 'Hostile Witness' and 'The Long Dark Hall'.

image no 3

Peter continues down the frontage.

More of the Central Criminal Court on Old Bailey.

image no 4

Again by Peter.

The shot ends as Dr. Crippen, accompanied by Ethel Le Neve, arrives to be tried for the murder of his wife, Cora Belle Crippen.

image no 5

Peter reaches the sculpture above the entrance.

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A flashback sees Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen (Donald Pleasence) arriving home to his studio set house at 39 Hilldrop Crescent off Camden Road in Holloway. Margaret Bondfield House now occupies the site of the real building which was destroyed by a wartime bomb in 1942.

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A shot over the rooftops where Harry Fawcett leaves his lodgings with Dr. and Mrs. Crippen on Hilldrop Crescent.

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Being found guilty, the disgraced Doctor is incarcerated. Wormwood Scrubs on Du Cane Road in Shepherd's Bush W12.

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The shot moves in on Crippen's cell window.

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At 8 o'clock on the morning of Crippen's execution, Ethel Le Neve (Samantha Eggar) looks towards the prison gate from a distance.

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A small group of people move forward to read the notice being posted by a Prison Warder.

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Knowing that her lover was now dead, Ethel turns and walks away.