File of the Golden Goose, The

Date: 1969
Director: Sam Wanamaker
Production Company: Caralan Productions Ltd., Edward Small Productions

Stars: Yul Brynner, Edward Woodward, Charles Grey, Adrienne Corri
Location(s): Berkshire, London, Surrey

Region(s): ,


A U.S. Agent and Scotland Yard Officer go undercover to infiltrate a counterfeit organisation.

Additional Information:

Originally uploaded by Simon James with comments by JT. Replacement screen captures and captions by Phil Wilkinson

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During the titles a dead woman is found on an Italian beach clutching a forged $100 bill before the Narrator tells us of a second event involving counterfeit notes. Staines Town Hall identified on the Britmovie Forum.

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In Calais, a Bank Teller is arrested, accused of trading fake American dollars. The camera tilts down the frontage of Staines Town Hall.

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Gendarmes manhandle the Bank Teller into the back of a Police van.

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When the counterfeit money began to turn up in the United States, Secret Service Agent Peter Novak was assigned by Washington to work on the case. A second unit shot of Times Square in Manhattan, New York City, New York.

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After a date with Novak, Ann Marlowe gets out of the Mercury Cougar as a car approaches. Albert Embankment SE11 with the corner of Tinworth Street and The Crown public house in the left background. The pub has since been renamed as The Rose. Location identified on the Britmovie forum.

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When the car’s occupants open fire, Peter Novak shoots back. In front of Alembic House on Albert Embankment.

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Novak continues firing as the car passes. Looking onto Albert Embankment from the base of Alembic House.

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After the assailants car crashes, Novak turns to discover that Ann has been killed. Dating from 1964, Alembic House was refurbished and renamed Peninsular Heights in 1996.

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At the height of the tourist season, Police in London become aware of the international currency conspiracy. Terminal 3, formerly the Oceanic Terminal, at Heathrow Airport.

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A Man runs from the terminal after being challenged about the notes he is carrying.

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When US Agent John Owens is killed in England whilst investigating the counterfeiting ring, Novak heads to London after agreeing to take over. Looking up at New Scotland Yard on Broadway SW1.

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Running late, Mary Thompson drives her husband to work. This is Broadway in SW1 with Victoria Street in the right distance.

Detective Arthur Thompson (Edward Woodward) kisses his Wife goodbye and enters New Scotland Yard where he meets Peter Novak. Outside New Scotland Yard with Broadway Post Office across the road.

image no 13

Kurt Roberts captured the location and nearly got arrested for taking a picture of the Post Office.

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After being briefed about the counterfeit gang's activities, Novak and Thompson head to Liverpool . . . . Street Station that is! The view from Liverpool Street, London EC2.

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With plans to infiltrate the gang posing as Bruckner and Davies, the pair get off the train from London. Liverpool Street station, since modified, extended and built upon.

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Posing as two criminals who survived a fatal crash whilst on a heist, the pair leave the platform. The price of a platform ticket at Liverpool Street obviously appeared better value than taking the trip to Lime Street.

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A taxi is hailed to take them to the Andover Hotel. Looking out from Liverpool Street station towards the junction of Liverpool Street and Old Broad Street in EC2. An extended station now covers this area.

The two Policemen enter the seedy underworld hotel run by a man named Tommy Stroud. Peninsular House on Monument Street EC3.

image no 18

The corner of the south side of Monument Street and Pudding Lane and it is still called Peninsular House despite redevelopment. Another shot hampered by building works. Image and information from Richard Lovejoy.

The north side of Monument Street, London EC3 between Pudding Lane and Botolph Lane located . . .

image no 19

. . . and captured by Richard Lovejoy.

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Thompson watches as Detective Sergeant Carter arrives at the hotel to set the bait. The junction of Monument Street and Lower Thames Street, a location also seen in 'Inspector Clouseau'.

The International Van and Storage Company's warehouse in Liverpool's docks where Novak and Thompson have been summoned by crook George Leeds. The street sign reads Garnet Street which is in Wapping, London E1 says Ian Hedgcock. (SJ)

image no 21

It is indeed Garnet Street, at the junction with what is Water Gardens and what was Elbow Lane. Now redeveloped. (RL)

Splitting from Thompson, Novak returns to London. Piccadilly Circus W1 with Piccadilly in the right background.

image no 22

Looking west down Piccadilly. SJ

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Acting on information from Reynolds at Scotland Yard, the search for the mysterious Owl begins.

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Turkish baths and saunas throughout London are checked out. Jermyn Street in SW1.

Tilting down, the shot finds Novak enter the premises. This is 90 Jermyn Street advises Ray Simmons.

image no 25

The same location captured by Jack Smart.

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The Owl is discovered inside the Cathay Baths where Novak sees a man named Smythe make contact with him.

Followed by Novak, The Owl makes his way through an antiques market carrying a briefcase. The corner of Westbourne Grove and Portobello Road in W11 located by Tony Reeves in his book London Movie Locations.

image no 27

228 Westbourne Grove now by Jack Smart.

  • 'Now' required

Nick Harrison (Charles Gray), alias The Owl, glances at stalls as he walks along the crowded street. Looking southward along Portobello Road with the junction of Westbourne Grove ahead.

Harrison enters the Portobello Antique Supermarket. The corner of Westbourne Grove and Portobello Road in Notting Hill.

image no 29

Jack Smart gets a closer view.

Leaving the shop empty handed, Harrison lights a cigarette before setting off home. Facing Westbourne Grove from the corner of Portobello Road.

image no 30

A slightly different angle from Jack Smart.

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This is Kensington Park Road W11 located by Tony Reeves.

The camera follows Harrison . . . as does Novak. Kensington Park Road in Notting Hill with Kensington Park Gardens in the background.

image no 32

Modern photo by Jack.

Harrison checks for traffic before crossing to the building that he owns. Tony Reeves identifies this as Kensington Park Road seen from the corner of Chepstow Villas.

image no 33

Another comparison shot from Jack.

Novak looks across at 47 Kensington Park Road. Identification by Tony Reeves in his book, London Movie Locations.

image no 34

The same location now by Tony Reeves.

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Back in Liverpool, Detective Sergeant Carter (Phillip Ross) keeps an eye on the International Van and Storage Company.

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The camera zooms in on Carter as he sees Leeds and Thompson leave the warehouse.

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As the two walk from the building, George Leeds (Walter Gotell) proposes that Thompson moves into his house.

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In London, Novak leaves Battersea Fun Fair. The fair stood in Battersea Park SW11 until 1974 and also appears in 'Bedazzled', 'The Mutations', 'The Day the Earth Caught Fire' and 'Torture Garden'.

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Novak heads towards the river as a river bus approaches. Also seen in 'Soapbox Derby', Festival Gardens Pier was renamed from Pleasure Gardens Pier but has long since disappeared.

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The river bus departs and turns for the journey down river. Festival Gardens Pier with Albert Bridge in the left distance.

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The River Thames as it flows between SW3 and SW11 with Chelsea Bridge and Battersea Power Station in the distance.

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On the journey, Novak makes contact with Collins (Bernard Archard) to be told that the antique shop is a cover for The Owl's export operations. On the Thames approaching the Houses of Parliament.

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Henderson leaves a strip club in Soho.

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The American Agent keeps a safe distance behind The Owl.

Novak continues to follow The Owl until he enters a casino.

image no 45

The Mall is at the bottom of the steps and the building, 2 Carlton Gardens, SW1. Provided by Christopher Matheson to whom I apologise for failing to complete the publication in April last. (RL)

Having befriended Harrison and then moving into an apartment in the same building, Novak continues to follow. Leake Street with the railway viaduct carrying tracks from Waterloo station in the background.

image no 46

Now picture by Simon James.

Harrison crosses the road towards a camera shop. Lower Marsh at the corner of Leake Street in SE1.

image no 47

Mike Emblam provides the location's proof.

Novak sees Harrison look around as he leaves Mueller's shop. Lower Marsh SE1.

image no 48

A closer view, again by Mike.

Smythe escorts Novak to meet Nico Firenos at his country home. The house also features in 'The Truth About Women' and it's Polesden Lacey near Leatherhead, Surrey identified by Steve Cook. (RL)

image no 49

Some of the larger trees have now gone. (SD)

The car draws to a halt in front of the house. Polesden Lacey near Leatherhead, Surrey. Identified by Steve Cook. (RL)

image no 50

The overhanging tree has now gone. In March I used the tree which replaced it to frame my shot but found I was too far back. Now rectified. (SD)

Smythe (Graham Crowden) calls across to Novak as the American admires the estate. Polesden Lacey near Leatherhead, Surrey. Identified by Steve Cook. (RL)

image no 51

The visitor entrance to the house. A closer view of the door is seen in 'The Truth About Women'. (SD)

  • 'Now' required

Harrison and Thompson leave the Royal Festival Restaurant after the crook has treated the undercover Detective to a steak. The Southbank Centre off Belvedere Road in SE1.

  • 'Now' required

As the two walk along the terrace, Harrison proposes that he, Thompson and Novak set up in business on their own. The Royal Festival Hall and Southbank Centre feature in many films including 'Alfie' from 1966, '23 Paces to Baker Street' and 'The Long Arm'.

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In the City, Novak and Thompson meet on the top deck of a bus. In front of St. Paul's Cathedral in EC4 with St. Paul's Churchyard curving away to the right.

image no 54

Coming down to Earth, Peter captured the same location.

Thompson accompanies Harrison on a shopping trip. Burlington Arcade seen from in Piccadilly W1.

image no 55

Peter provides this comparison. (PW)

The pair walk from a hat shop as a woman's voice calls George's name. Burlington Arcade also appears in '101 Dalmatians', 'You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger', 'The Best House in London' and 'Patriot Games'.

image no 56

Additional pillars have been added to the frontage which confused Peter somewhat.

Suspicions are aroused after a family friend recognises Thompson and Harrison hurriedly takes a taxi. Looking onto Piccadilly from Burlington Arcade.

image no 57

Peter turned around to capture this one.

Getting out of the cab, Harrison runs to a phone box to call Firenos. Baylis Road opposite Waterloo Green in SE1 with The Old Vic theatre in the background.

image no 58

A good one from Mike Emblam.

Baylis Road again.

image no 59

And here's one from Mike Day.

The camera moves to follow Harrison as he enters the call box. Baylis Road with Waterloo Road in the background.

image no 60

Mike Day picks out the building entrance.

Baylis Road once more. JT recalls that "The red and white canopy belonged to a butcher's shop where I occasionally bought a pound or two of bangers and my soldier shop was about 300 yards away in Kennington Road."

image no 61

Mike Emblam's comparison from further back.

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Soon after Thompson is murdered by Smythe, a boat docks from Benghazi.

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Angela Richmond looks on as a consignment for Windsor Manor Antiques is unloaded.

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Following The Owl's demise at the hands of Smythe when his double crossing proposal is discovered, Novak is taken to meet the boss of the counterfeit ring. Forest Road in Binfield, Berkshire.

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The car turns off the main road to pass through the gates of Windsor Manor Antiques. The gateway to Binfield Manor.

  • 'Now' required

Binfield Manor on Forest Road, Binfield near Bracknell in Berkshire advises Steve Cook.

  • 'Now' required

Smythe and Firenos (Anthony Jacobs) get out of the car followed by Novak. Binfield Manor is also seen in 'Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter' and 'Interlude'.

  • 'Now' required

The police arrive at the country home and a shoot out begins. Binfield Manor near Bracknell in Berkshire located by Steve Cook.