For the Love of Ada

Date: 1972
Director: Ronnie Baxter
Production Company: LMG Films

Stars: Irene Handl, Wilfred Pickles, Jack Smethurst, Barbara Mitchell
Location(s): London



A surprise party is planned for an aging couple to celebrate their 1st wedding day anniversary. SJ

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Teddington Cemetery, Richmond.

image no 1

The spruce is doing well. SJ.

The lodge on Shacklegate Lane, opposite Church Road.

image no 2

No changes here. SJ.

Looking north up Cornwall Road, London SE1.

image no 3

And now. SJ.

Handl and Smethurst are outside a barber's on Cornwall Road.

image no 4

It's still a barber's as well called Valentino's, 23 Cornwall Road, with Roupell Street behind the actors. SJ.

A post office on the corner of Roupell Street and Cornwall Road.

image no 5

Now a cake shop, 22 Cornwall Road, and Waterloo East station to the right of the bridge. SJ.

  • 'Now' required

Handl buys a wig at Maison Edith... and after nearly 10 years, identified! "New Broadway, Hampton Road TW12. A real ladies shop selling hair pieces and other ladies fashion accessories. My mum used to shop there for fashion bits and bobs with me. It closed in the 80s. It is now divided into two shops, one being an Art Shop the other Hampton Hill Windows. The now Art Shop was a wool and needlework shop for many years, then as home knitting sales declined it then became a hairdressers and now sells art bits and pieces. The other part of the shop was empty for many years. It was lucky to survive as 50 yards away a land mine fell in WW2 and destroyed all the shops opposite and all the houses on a-joining road." Info from Michael Hartley with thanks (SJ)

Back to Teddington Cemetery.

image no 7

The side of the lodge. SJ.

  • 'Now' required

A debut appearance for a young G. Hunt. He's at no 4 opposite a school.

The cemetery again.

image no 9

The other side of 001. Note the real grave marked by the cross under the tree on the right. SJ.

A town hall or railway station?

image no 10

Replacing an earlier Streetview shot. Battersea Town Hall side entrance, Town Hall Road, SW11. Also seen in Death Line and Slade in Flame. SJ