Date: 1947
Director: Basil Dearden
Production Company: Ealing Studios

Stars: David Farrar, Mai Zetterling, Flora Robson, Glynis Johns, Albert Lieven, Gerard Heinz
Location(s): London, Oxfordshire

Region(s): ,


An airman weds the German girl who helped him escape from a POW camp, but, returning to England discovers that for some, wartime attitudes are hard to shift.

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Screen captures uploaded by Stephen Dean

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Krakow, Poland , March 1945. Possibly a real bombed out church, and not a set.

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A priest (Gerard Heinz) hastily conducts the wedding of Robert Dawson (David Farrar) to Frieda Mansfeld (Mai Zetterling) to enable her escape to England.

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Robert and Frieda run from the church and board a passing train. Horton's Guide To Britain's Railways In Feature Films suggests this could be the Longmoor Military Railway.

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Robert tells Frieda about his home town of Denfield. Park Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

image no 4

Viewed from in front of the church. (SD)

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He tells her about his brother's wedding. St Mary Magdalene, Park Street, Woodstock.

image no 5

The Heir to Blenheim Palace, George Spencer Churchill, was married here recently. (SD)

Robert and Frieda arrive at Denfield Station. According to Horton's Guide To Britain's Railways In Feature Films this is Hartfield Station, but I went there and it didn't match. But Peter Brown has found the match, Shalford on the Guildford - Chilworth & Albury. Dorking Line. He refers us to (RL)

image no 6

Shalford Station now, with only a small shelter where the building once stood. (Whereas ironically, the Hartfield Station building was preserved). SD

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A fake station entrance in Park Street, Woodstock, facing the Town Hall. Woodstock was also seen in 'The Titfield Thunderbolt' and 'Cemetery Junction'.

image no 7

Now, without the fake station entrance. (SD)

They arrive at Robert's family home.

image no 8

RC identifies the location of Robert's home as Woodgreen, Witney, Oxfordshire and provides this shot taken on a misty summer morning to confirm. (RL)

They nervously enter the house. Robert's family will meet his German wife.

image no 9

RC's shot of the front doorway reveals that the intricate fanlight remains in place. (RL)

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Robert returns to the school he taught at before the war. Oxford? Plenty of educational establishments there!

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Judy (Glynis Johns) takes her sister-in-law, Frieda, to the Town Hall. Market Place, Woodstock. Seen as the Police Station in 'Cemetery Junction'.

image no 11

Exactly the same 71 years later. (SD)

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Member of Parliament, Nell Dawson (Flora Robson) campaigns in the local election. Market Place, Woodstock.

image no 12

The building on the left is no longer a bank. (SD)

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During her speech, the townsfolk demand to know Nell's opinion of the Germans. Park Street, Woodstock, with the Post Office to the right.

image no 13

Not many of the townsfolk around today. (SD)

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Robert and Frieda get the bus into town. Outside The Post Office, Park Street, Woodstock.

image no 14

Still a post office. (SD)

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Nell makes her dislike of Germans, including Frieda, very clear. Facing west on Park Street, Woodstock.

image no 15

This end of Park Street was also seen in 'Cemetery Junction'. (SD)

Judy moves away to London to work for Nell at The Houses Of Parliament. Abingdon Street, London, SW1.

image no 16

It didn't take Peter long to cover this one. (RL)

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Frieda sings to herself atop a hay cart, after a day working on the farm.

image no 17

Old Road, Great Tew, Oxfordshire. Near to The Great Tew Estate with its royal connections. (SD)

December 1945, Trafalgar Square, London.

image no 18

Peter captured the Square in autumn with the Column cordoned off ready for yet another event.

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Frieda's brother, Richard (Albert Lieven) attends the rehearsal for the Catholic version of the wedding at St Mary's church. Unknown location.

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The family drive back from the church along a snow-covered lane, with an indecipherable sign post teasing us.