Guinea Pig, The

Date: 1948
Director: Roy Boulting
Production Company: Pilgrim Pictures, Boulting Brothers

Stars: Richard Attenborough, Sheila Sim, Bernard Miles, Cecil Trouncer, Robert Flemyng, Edith Sharpe, Joan Hickson
Location(s): Dorset



A working-class boy has difficulty fitting in after being granted a public school scholarship as part of a post-war experiment to bring boys of different social classes together.

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The film opens with views of Saintbury School. The south aspect of the Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin, Abbey Court in Sherborne, Dorset.

image no 1

The same angle shot captured by Clive Rideout but minus the flag. (RL)

The camera tilts and pans to find Jack Read (Richard Attenborough) looking up at the statue of King Henry VIII before the titles roll. In reality, he's facing the Digby Memorial in front of Sherborne Abbey.

image no 2

Clive tilted his camera ti capture the same scene, this time minus a person. (RL)

The train from London arrives at fictional Saintbury station in Hampshire. Facing the level crossing and signalbox at Sherborne station in Dorset. In 1960 the signalbox was replaced by another on the opposite side of the line.

image no 3

Clive found more lineside "clutter". (RL)

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On the platform, Peck (Hay Petrie) waits to unload the pupils' luggage. Sherborne station on Station Road, Sherborne.

Doors begin to swing open as the train comes to a stand. Looking towards the north-east from the Down platform at Sherborne station.

image no 5

The only real change that Clive found was the new platform roof. (RL)

Jack Read, the son of a Walthamstow tobacconist, walks from the station. Outside Sherborne station on Station Road.

image no 6

Taken in 2017 by Clive Rideout. (RL)

The 14-year-old looks towards Saintbury School. The view of Sherborne Abbey from Station Road.

image no 7

At least Clive was able to line up on the tower of the Abbey. (RL)

On his way through town, Jack asks Nigel Lorraine (Robert Flemyng) for directions. Long Street in Sherborne.

image no 8

Clive points out that Jack was already going in the right direction. (RL)

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When Nigel explains that he's a house tutor, the two walk to the school together. Looking out onto Abbey Road from the entrance of Sherborne School with Hospital Lane to the right.

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The tutor walks with Jack into Cloisters House where he meets Mr. Hartley, the Housemaster.

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An establishing shot of the school is accompanied by the sound of a choir singing in the chapel. The rest of the locations featured in the film feature the buildings and grounds of Sherborne School on Abbey Road in Sherborne, Dorset.

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The school was also seen in 'The Browning Version' and the 1969 version of 'Goodbye Mr. Chips'.

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The pupils file out of the chapel at the end of the service.

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As a bell chimes the hour, staff and pupils head to the hall for dinner.

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Gregory (Clive Baxter) calls on Jack to take part in the Founder's Day horseplay.

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The new girl's school passes beneath the common room window.

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Lloyd Hartley (Cecil Trouncer) turns from talking with Grimmett (Peter Reynolds) when he hears Jack's whistle.

The Housemaster calls Jack back to the window, ordering him to his study.

image no 18

Clive did the right thing and called up for Jack but the window was closed. (RL)

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The following term, Jack becomes more involved with rugby and cricket and he's entered for Cambridge by Nigel Lorraine.

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Mr. Stringer (Anthony Nicholls) offers Lorraine the Housemasters position as Mr. Hartley is retiring due to poor health.

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Mr. Read (Bernard Miles) and Lloyd Hartley get along as they discus Jack and the school.

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Jack's father tells Mr. Hartley that Cloisters House has meant a great deal to his son.