Gunman Has Escaped, A

Date: 1948
Director: Richard M Grey
Production Company: Condor Film Productions Ltd

Stars: John Harvey, John Fitzgerald, Robert Cartland, Ernest Brightmore, Maria Charles, Patrick Westwood
Location(s): London

Region(s): ,


A passer-by is killed during a robbery by three armed men who go on the run. While all over the news reports, they hide out as labourers on a farm and in true film style one instantly falls for the owner’s daughter. But ringleader Eddie doesn’t care for anything and has becomes trigger-happy.

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Screen captures and uncredited now shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy

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Against a BBC Home Service police message of a raid on a jewellers shop in Soho we see Old Compton Street, London W1 looking towards Dean Street.

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More vans than cars these days.

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A soon to be unfortunate “Have A Go” passer-by purchases some fruit from a stall holder. The road sign looks like something "....Road Mews" Possibly NW1

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Eddie (John Harvey), with the revolver, runs from the raided jewellers, although it looks as if it is an opticians shop.

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After the shooting the gang escape….

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…and go on the run. They highjack a lorry sign written with H G Westlake, 34 Ivor Place, London NW1

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Bill (Robert Cartland), one of the gang is sent by the others to a pub to get some food and drink. "Style & Winch were a Kent based brewery and the sign is something "...Inn"

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After satisfying the inner man they set off to a local farm to seek peace and work. A likely stock shot of a farm. Thereafter there is action in woodlands and the studio.