Hidden Agenda

Date: 1991
Director: Ken Loach
Production Company: Hemdale, Initial

Stars: Frances McDormand, Brian Cox, Brad Dourif, Mai Zetterling, John Benfield, Des McAleer, Jim Norton, Maurice Roëves
Location(s): County Antrim, County Down, Dublin (Ireland), Hertfordshire, London

Region(s): , ,


State terrorism is uncovered when a human rights activist is murdered during the Northern Irish Troubles.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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An aerial view of Belfast in County Antrim, Northern Ireland with the River Lagan snaking through the city on the left.

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As an Orange Parade marches through the streets, a group from the International League for Civil Liberties interview two former prisoners of the security forces. Looking towards Belfast City Hall on Donegall Square from Donegall Place BT1.

image no 2

A difficult shot to recreate without a more powerful zoom. (PW)

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Paul Sullivan looks into the street from a room where he is interviewing the mistreated men and sees Captain James Harris (Maurice Roëves) on the edge of the crowd.

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Going to the front door to meet Harris, Paul Sullivan (Brad Dourif) receives a cassette tape concealed in a newspaper.

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Sullivan watches as three men chase Harris. Facing eastward on Crumlin Road, Belfast with the corner of Silvio Street beyond the walls of St. Mary’s church to the right of centre.

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The Captain squeezes through a broken fence and runs down an alleyway littered with scrap metal.

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Throwing objects in the path of his pursuers, Harris escapes.

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Back in the city centre, the Parade continues as the human rights activists conclude their questioning. The Statue of King William III on top of Clifton Street Orange Hall in BT13. (PW)

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Following a press conference, the members of the League return to their hotel. Looking onto Great Victoria Street from the Europa Hotel in Belfast BT2.

image no 9

Seen from the ground, this is Great Victoria Street outside the hotel. (PW)

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As his telephone rings in the early hours, Harris looks from his bedroom window to see troops patrolling the suburban streets.

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After speaking with Harris about the contents of the tape, Sullivan drives to Dungannon at 5am the following morning.

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Sullivan approaches the agreed rendezvous point. Ballylesson Road outside Ballylesson County Down with the wall of Drumbo Parish Church to the right.

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Expecting to find Harris, Sullivan gets out of his car in the churchyard. Drumbo Parish Church.

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Frank Molloy (Brian McCann) walks towards forward to tell Sullivan that he will take him to Harris. Drumbo Parish Church in County Down.

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Molloy asks for the cassette tape as he drives to Captain Harris's hideout.

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Later that morning, Captain Harris listens to the radio news report about the roadside shooting of Molloy and Sullivan as he drives.

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To carry out an investigation into the American lawyer's death, Deputy Chief Constable Peter Kerrigan and Chief Superintendent Tom Maxwell arrive at Belfast Airport from England. East Midlands Airport near Castle Donington in Derbyshire is mentioned during the end credits.

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The high ranking officers are driven into the city. Looking eastward on Crumlin Road, Belfast BT14 with Crumlin Road Courthouse and Carlisle Memorial Church in the centre distance.

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Liaison Officer Sergeant Hughes tells them that Frank Molloy’s wife lives about a mile away from the road they are travelling on.

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The car arrives at the Royal Ulster Constabulary police station.

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Inside, the Sergeant takes Kerrigan and Maxwell to meet Mr.Brodie of the RUC.

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Devastated by the death of her partner, Ingrid Jessner (Frances McDormand) says farewell to her colleagues Moa (Mai Zetterling) and Henri Warchavski (Bernard Bloch). The Europa Hotel on Great Victoria Street.

image no 22

As is apparent in this street level view, the façade has since been remodelled. (PW)

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Peter Kerrigan (Brian Cox) meets with former Special Branch officer Jack Cunningham (Ian McElhinney).

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Cunningham tells Kerrigan that the men who shot Sullivan and Molloy were members of the Special Support Unit.

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A car speeds from the hotel car park when the two appear from the building.

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Kerrigan shows Jack a bullet and a note reading "The next bullet is for you if you don't get out of Ireland” that he has found in his car.

An Army patrol is passed as Kerrigan and Ingrid drive to see Molloy's wife in Fort William. At the corner of Amery Gardens and All Souls Avenue in London NW10.

image no 27

The same Belfast corner . . . . not far from Harlesden.

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Parking outside Mrs. Molloy's house, the two go inside where they learn of a connection with Harris.

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Chief Superintendent Tom Maxwell (John Benfield) leaves a phone box after calling Kerrigan with information.

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Hoping for answers about Sullivan's death, Ingrid sets off to visit journalist Theresa Doyle.

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Ingrid drives through an estate full of high rise blocks.

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The car is parked outside the block where Theresa lives with her baby.

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Along the building's walkways, Ingrid looks for Theresa's door number.

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After entering Theresa’s flat, Ingrid and the journalist arrange a meeting between Kerrigan and Harris.

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Two days later, Ingrid and Kerrigan drive to a club off the Falls Road.

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The shot follows the car as it drives through the half derelict streets.

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The car is brought to a halt outside the film’s James Connolly Republican Club where, inside, the former British Army officer tells them of how politicians arranged treasonable events.

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The two investigators drive to their hotels after the meeting with Harris. The junction of Botanic Avenue, Albion Lane, Bradbury Place, Donegall Road and Shaftesbury Square in Belfast BT2.

image no 38

A daytime shot of the same junction. (PW)

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Kerrigan is driven to meet with Sir Robert Neil and Mr. Alec Nevin. Gaddesden Place, Great Gaddesden near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. The location was seen in ‘The Lair of the White Worm’ and 'Attack on the Iron Coast' and 'Fanny by Gaslight'.

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As the Deputy Chief Constable is driven away from the meeting Sir Robert Neil warns him off the case and shows compromising photos.

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Kerrigan looks from his hotel window as Maxwell tells him that he's not prepared to put his career on the line to help expose the government.

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Despite being warned not to go to Dublin to meet Harris again, Ingrid heads for the Irish capital. Northern Ireland’s M1 motorway, ½ mile north of junction 7 south of Lisburn in County Down.

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Changing positions, a Mercedes and a Ford Transit van follow Ingrid out of Belfast. The petrol station survives at the junction of the southbound carriageway of the A1 and Dromore Road in Hillsborough, County Down.

The Irish capital is reached. Facing College Street from D'Olier Street in Dublin 2.

image no 44

A broader view showing the location now from Mark o'Neill. (RL)

This is College Street with Thomas Moore’s statue standing in front of the Bank of Ireland’s College Green building in the background.

image no 45

Mark managed to incorporate much more street furniture and white lines in his capture. (RL)

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The pursuers keep up with Ingrid's car as she drives through the city. College Green in Dublin.

Heavy traffic is negotiated. Facing the corner of College Green and Grafton Street.

image no 47

Mark found heavy pedestrian traffic during his visit. (RL)

Ingrid heads towards the river. Looking along Westmoreland Street towards O’Connell Bridge.

image no 48

Mark found a quiet moment in the traffic flow. (RL)

Stuck in a line of cars the white van struggles to keep up. Westmoreland Street with the Bank of Ireland in the distance.

image no 49

Is that tram track new Mark? (RL)

Leaving her car in a side street, Ingrid crosses a quayside road. In front of the Seamen's Institute on Eden Quay near the corner of Marlborough Street in Dublin 1.

image no 50

Mark finds what is hopefully a short term "cover up". (RL)

The American makes her way to O'Connell Bridge. Facing west on Eden Quay with O’Connell Bridge crossing the River Liffey to the left.

image no 51

Marks finds that at last someone has done something about all those "pesky birds". (RL)

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Ingrid spots Harris waiting on the bridge. O’Connell Bridge was also seen in ‘Dead Man's Evidence’, ‘The Quare Fellow’ and ‘Johnny Nobody’.

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When she reaches him, Ingrid speaks with the ex-Army Captain and is given a copy of the cassette tape. O’Connell Bridge.

Three men violently grab Harris and load him into a white van before driving away. Facing D'Olier Street from O’Connell Bridge.

image no 54

Mark finds a white van to fill the scene. (RL

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Returning to her car, Ingrid comes across a Man tampering with the passenger seat.

Ingrid finds a taxi and asks the Driver to take her to a car hire office. Looking north on O’Connell Street Upper towards the junction with Parnell Street and the base of the Parnell Monument to the left.

image no 56

Mark finds it a quieter scene now, for the moment anyway. (RL)

A police patrol passes as the taxi draws away. The east side of O’Connell Street Upper, near the statue of Father Mathew.

image no 57

Mark notes that they still sell pizza's over the road but under a different name. (RL)

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Ingrid catches up with Kerrigan and Maxwell at Belfast Airport as they wait to check in for their flight home.