Ice Cold in Alex

Date: 1958
Director: J. Lee Thompson
Production Company: Associated British Picture Corporation

Stars: John Mills, Sylvia Syms, Anthony Quayle, Harry Andrews
Location(s): Tripoli (Libya)



A group of army personnel and nurses attempt a dangerous and arduous trek across the deserts of North Africa during the second world war.

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Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.


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After a tortuous journey across North Africa, Captain Anson, Sergeant Major Pugh, Sister Murdoch and Hauptmann Otto Lutz drive into Alexandria in 'Katy', an Austin K2 ambulance. IMDB claims Tripoli, Libya.

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Captain Anson (John Mills) and Sister Diana Murdoch (Sylvia Syms) climb out of the ambulance and head into Bar Canopus.

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Sergeant Major Tom Pugh (Harry Andrews), Hauptmann Otto Lutz (Anthony Quayle) masquerading as Captain van der Poel, Sister Murdoch and Captain Anson looking forward to an ice cold drink. A studio shot included because it's probably the best lager in the film.

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Sister Murdoch, Anson and Pugh watch as Otto Lutz is taken by the Military Police after his arrest.

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Hauptmann Lutz glances back at the others. Maidan al Jazair (Algeria or Elgazayer Square, formerly Cathedral Square) in Tripoli, Libya.

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The German Soldier that helped them through the desert is driven away by the Military Police. Maidan al Jazair in Tripoli. Paul Davison advises that this capture shows the Tripoli local council offices on Albaladia Street in Tarabulus at the roundabout where Independence Street and Algeria square meet.

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Barbie Thompson lived and worked in Tripoli for 20 years and confirms that this location was formerly known as Cathedral Square, now Maidan al Jazair.