Kill or Cure

Date: 1962
Director: George Pollock
Production Company: George H. Brown Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British

Stars: Terry-Thomas, Eric Sykes, Dennis Price, Lionel Jeffries
Location(s): Hertfordshire



An inept private investigator is called to look into the strange goings-on at a health club.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

Capture 12

Geoff’s further information and screen captures of the swimming pool can be viewed via this link.

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Inside the flat above his shop, ‘Captain’ J. Barker-Rynde eats supper whilst preparing for an evening’s work as a private investigator. A studio set to start the story.

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Being given a lucrative job by Mrs. Margaret Clifford, Barker-Rynde heads for Green Glades Health Hotel. Dagger Lane, Radlett in Hertfordshire.

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The car is brought to a stand before the gates of Green Glades. This is Aldenham Lodge on Aldenham Road, opposite Dagger Lane. The lodge is also seen in 'Quatermass 2'and 'It's in the Air'.

Barker-Rynde drives into the car park in front of the hotel. Aldenham House off Aldenham Road, Elstree in Hertfordshire.

image no 4

Geoff Dodd provides this up to date shot of the House with added parking controls. (RL)

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Turning to make sure the Porter is following with his luggage, Jeroboam Barker-Rynde (Terry-Thomas) enters the building. Having stood empty since the Second World War, Aldenham House became the new home to The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School while filming was taking place.

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After being assessed by Rumbelow, Nurse Arthur Richards (David Lodge) escorts Barker-Rynde to his accommodation. The prop chalets line the driveway leading south from Aldenham House.

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Arriving to carry out his investigation when Mrs. Clifford is found murdered, Detective Inspector Hook (Lionel Jeffries) is met by Detective Constable Burton (Ronnie Barker). In front of Aldenham House in Aldenham Park, Hertfordshire.

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Having discovered Margaret Clifford’s body the night before, Barker-Rynde decides to leave Green Glades. Looking towards Aldenham House with the clock tower to the extreme left.

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Becoming suspicious, Detective Inspector Hook watches as Rumbelow (Eric Sykes) leads an exercise class in the grounds. Aldenham House, now The Haberdashers' Aske's School in Hertfordshire.

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Mrs. Crossley appears from the hotel, interrupting Rumbelow's discussion with Barker-Rynde. Aldenham House also appears in 'The Trials of Oscar Wilde', 'It's in the Air', ‘Village of the Damned’ and ‘Invasion Quartet’.

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When Rachel Crossley takes Barker-Rynde inside to thank him for finding her brooch, her dog 'Junior' runs after Rumbelow when walkies are suggested. The frontage of Aldenham House.

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Intent on a morning dip, Barker-Rynde discovers the body of Doctor Crossley in the frozen swimming pool. Geoff Dodd advises that this pool was in part of Kendall Hall that is now Radlett Preparatory School. Geoff has provided further information and screen captures of the pool's other appearances which can be viewed via the link in the Header Section above. (RL)