Lady is a Square, The

Date: 1959
Director: Herbert Wilcox
Production Company: Herbert Wilcox Productions

Stars: Anna Neagle, Frankie Vaughan, Janette Scott, Anthony Newley, Wilfrid Hyde-White
Location(s): London



A socialite attempts to keep her late husband’s orchestra alive by reluctantly enlisting the help of a young pop singer.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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An opening shot of the Houses of Parliament alongside the River Thames seen through Hungerford Bridge is accompanied by music played by the National Youth Orchestra in the Royal Festival Hall.

image no 1

With added clutter, Peter provides this daylight view from the best angle possible.

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Johnny Burns (Frankie Vaughan) makes his way to Churches Music Store. This is New Bond Street in London W1.

image no 2

Peter found that a lot of shop front rebuilding has occurred over the years.

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The aspiring singer enters the building where he plays a new tune to his manager Freddy. This since demolished frontage stood near the corner of New Bond Street and Maddox Street.

image no 3

From about the same spot, by Peter.

Being enlisted as a piano tuner, Johnny makes his way to the home of Mrs. Frances Baring, a socialite and patron of classical music. Eaton Square in London SW1.

image no 4

The same colonnade captured by Peter.

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Having helped out as Mrs. Baring's butler for an event the previous evening, Johnny rushes to Freddy's house the next morning.

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Johnny goes inside where Freddy's wife tells him that he's already left for work.

Freddy (Anthony Newley) arrives at Mrs. Baring's home looking for Johnny. Outside 77 Eaton Square in Belgravia. The square makes an appearance in 'The Stud', 'Do Not Disturb', 'Cool it Carol' and 'Aunt Clara'.

image no 7

Peter turned up outside 77 sixty years too late to catch any of the cast.

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At the Talk of the Town, Mr. Delfont phones Freddy when the singing star of that evening's show comes down with laryngitis. The Hippodrome at the corner of Cranbourn Street and Charing Cross Road in WC2.

image no 8

The same corner taken by Peter.

Freddy arrives at Mrs. Baring's house to tell Johnny that he has booked him to sing at the Talk of the Town that night. Facing towards the south-west on Eaton Square SW1.

image no 9

Peter found a different vehicle posing.

At the Savoy Hotel, Mrs. Baring meets with Spolenski, an East European musician, his manager and Fergusson. The landmark hotel stands on Strand WC2.

image no 10

A relatively unchanged view from Peter.

Inside the Royal Festival Hall, rehearsals take place for the concert sponsored by Mrs. Baring. Part of the Southbank Centre off Belvedere Road in Lambeth SE1.

image no 11

Peter provides this shot taken from the eastern Golden Jubilee Bridge.

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Frances Baring (Anna Neagle ) and her daughter Joanna (Janette Scott) head to Churches store. The White House, on the left, stood at 51 and 52 New Bond Street in W1. This location features in 'Bond Street' and other sections of the street appear in 'I Don't Want to be Born', 'Time is My Enemy', 'Appointment with Crime', 'The Stud' and 'Crooks Anonymous'.

image no 12

More of the modern New Bond Street captured by Peter.