Last Orders

Date: 2001
Director: Fred Schepisi
Production Company: Future Films, MBP (Germany), Scala Productions

Stars: Michael Caine, Ray Winstone, David Hemmings, Tom Courtenay, Helen Mirren, Bob Hoskins, JJ Feild
Location(s): Kent, London

Region(s): ,


A butcher’s last orders in his will is that his ashes be scattered off Margate Pier by his friends who reminisce about all their lives on the journey from London to Kent.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Simon James and Phil Wilkinson.


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  • 'Now' required

Ray (Bob Hoskins) leaves his flat at the start of the film. David Rothon recognised the block of flats to be Moira Court on Trinity Crescent off Balham High Road SW17 as he lived there at the time of filming. It was just around the corner from Peacocks Motors seen later in the film.

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The street outside Ray's flat. Trinity Crescent in Upper Tooting identified by David Rothon.

Ray enters The Coach and Horses.

image no 3

Now called The Victoria and located at the corner of Bellenden Road and Choumert Road in Peckham SE15. (PW)

Vic (Tom Courtenay) leaving his Funeral business a few doors along from The Coach and Horses.

image no 4

The same location now on Bellenden Road. Note that the top of the right hand pilaster is missing in the then shot. The arch was removed in the early 2000's when the road was refurbished and festooned with Zandra Rhodes street furniture (an example of this is the three sphere sculpture). (PW)

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The car dealership belonging to Vince Dodds (Ray Winstone). Nigel Coupe found this location on Balham High Road in London SW17 adding that "the dealership was named Peacocks of Balham but the building has been demolished and replaced with the Trinity Medical Centre".

image no 5

278 Balham High Road today. SJ

Amy (Helen Mirren) leaving the butchers shop to visit her daughter.

image no 6

The same Bellenden Road location now across the street from the Funeral Parlour (extreme right) in image lasto004. (PW)

Close up of the same location in image lasto006.

image no 7

The off license still going strong under a different name. (PW)

St Thomas' Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road SE1 where Jack (Michael Caine) spent his last days.

image no 8

NHS sign moved or it was a prop. SJ

Taken from inside Jacks shop looking out onto Bellenden Road at the junction with Maxted Road.

image no 9

Road works, cycle racks, wheelie bins and Zandra Rhodes street furniture litter todays scene. (PW)

Hemmings, Hoskins, Courtenay and Winstone at Canterbury Cathedral

image no 10

Now. SJ

Just outside Canterbury cathedral

image no 11

Now. SJ

And again

image no 12

Sun Street and Burgate. Also seen in A Canterbury Tale. SJ

The road into Margate

image no 13

Leaning out of the window on a similar day. SJ

Margate front, Note the domination of the towering Dreamland, remembered as Bemboms by me in the 80s, containing a grade II* listed cinema and a grade II-listed scenic railway.

image no 14

Now. Other films here include Exodus and The Last Resort. SJ

The pier

image no 15

Not sure why I took this so close. SJ

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Hemmings pops to the loo

Strolling down the pier

image no 17

Nice cranes. SJ

Reverse POV, still rather a wet day for filming

image no 18

A hint that the sky's clearing and the relentless rain ceasing. SJ

Getting darker and darker, as the ashes are conveyed to the end of the pier,

image no 19

More clutter. SJ

Preparing the urn

image no 20

Couldn't quite lean out as far as the then camera. SJ