Date: 2015
Director: Brian Helgeland
Production Company: Cross Creek Pictures, Working Title Films, Anton Capital Entertainment (ACE)

Stars: Tom Hardy, Emily Browning, Christopher Eccleston, David Thewlis, Paul Anderson
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, London

Region(s): ,


The rise and fall of gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray, twin brothers who terrorised London in the 1950s and 60s.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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With Albert Donoghue (Paul Anderson) watching, Reggie Kray (Tom Hardy) crosses Vallance Road from his front door to offer Detective Superintendent Leonard "Nipper" Read a cup of tea. Most of the locations used are listed during the end titles, this is Whittlesey Street in London SE1.

image no 1

No tea to be had when I paid a call. (PW)

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When his driver Frank doesn't turn up for work, Reggie walks round to his house and knocks at the door. Caradoc Street, Greenwich SE10 which plays Vallance Street in 'The Krays'.

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Across the road, children admire Reggie's Ford Galaxie. Looking along Thornley Place from Caradoc Street.

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Nipper Read and Constable Scott follow as Frank drives Reggie through East End streets. Facing south on Theed Street in Lambeth with Whittlesey Street to the right and Roupell Street in the distance.

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With Detective Superintendent Read watching from his Ford Popular, Reggie disappears down an alley. The Long Block on Gibson Gardens, Hackney N16. The building in the right distance is computer generated.

image no 5

From a similar viewpoint. (PW)

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Realising that Reggie is escaping his surveillance, Detective Superintendent Read (Christopher Eccleston) runs after him. The rear of the Gatehouse Block on Gibson Gardens.

image no 6

We didn't expect many changes here. (PW)

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Nipper runs through washing lines full of clothes. The yard at the south-west corner of the ‘Paddle Steamer’ block on Gibson Gardens in Hackney.

image no 7

A clearer view of the yard. (PW)

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The Detective loses his prey. The back of the ‘Paddle Steamer’ block on Gibson Gardens N16 with the Railway Block in the background.

image no 8

Still washing out here . . . well it was a very sunny day. (PW)

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Reggie waits for Frank's sister Frances to leave the house. Caradoc Street in Greenwich.

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Frances Shea (Emily Browning) opens the door to find her date sitting on the bonnet of his car. Caradoc Street SE10.

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Arriving at the Double R Club, Reggie and Frances are greeted by Pat Connolly (Adam Fogerty). The Ivy House at 40 Stuart Road in Peckham SE15.

image no 11

South London's first co-operative pub is worth a visit just to see the original interior. (PW)

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Reggie turns a corner after buying lemon sherbets from a sweet shop. The corner of Windmill Walk and Roupell Street in SE1.

image no 12

And without the prop shop. (PW)

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A car engine starts in the street behind Reggie. Looking south along Windmill Walk towards a computer generated background with The King's Arms public house to the right.

image no 13

No CGI today. (PW)

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The Humber Super Snipe runs into Reggie. Windmill Walk with Roupell Street in the right background and the platform walls of Waterloo East station to the top right.

image no 14

Without crouching too low . . . . or indeed, at all. (PW)

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Hitting the car and swearing, Reggie watches the car drive away. Looking eastward on Whittlesey Street.

image no 15

Looking the same way. (PW)

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As the gang war between the Krays and the Richardsons escalates, George Cornell (Shane Attwooll) arrives at Pellicci’s Café. A real Kray haunt that can be found at 332 Bethnal Green Road E2.

image no 16

Without the CGI surround. (PW)

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Ronnie Kray (Robert Hardy) leaves his brother inside The Pig & Whistle where a fight with the Richardson gang is about to break out. Turner's Old Star on Watts Street in Wapping E1 which also appears in 'Three and Out'.

image no 17

And that is what a lick of paint does. (RL)

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In the Krays' business manager's office, Stefan De Faye is persuaded to part with his casino by Leslie Payne . . . . helped by the presence of the twins. Kensington Gore in SW7 with the Royal Albert Hall in the background. The street is seen in 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' whilst the wider area around appears in ‘The IPCRESS File’, ‘The Fourth Protocol’, 'The Holly and the Ivy', ‘The X Files’, ‘Quest for Love’ and ‘Interlude’.

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A car bring Reggie to the prison where he is to serve the last six months of a sentence.

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After taking off his rings and telling Frank to look after his sister, Reggie walks into the prison.

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Frances walks home before Ronnie pulls alongside in his car. Caradoc Street in Greenwich SW10.

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Home from prison, Reggie searches for Frances after she walks away when the two brothers fight. Teesdale Street E2 seen from Sheldon Place.

image no 22

Not as lively in reality. (PW)

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Reggie catches up with Frances and the two make up. Teesdale Street in Bethnal Green.

image no 23

Very recognisable as the same place. (PW)

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Constable Scott takes a photograph of Leslie Holt (Charley Palmer Rothwell) waiting to lock the Mercedes while Mad Teddy Smith (Taron Egerton) opens the door for Ronnie's outside Lord Boothby's home.

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The Prime Minister Harold Wilson (Kevin McNally) is alerted to Lord Boothby's involvement with the Krays by Superintendent Cummings (Tim Woodward). Hedsor House near Taplow in Buckinghamshire. The stately home is also seen in 'Mortdecai' and 'Quartet'.

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As Christmas approaches, Reggie and Frances walk through the West End. Coronet Street at the corner of Hoxton Square in E2.

image no 26

Ah, there are the compulsory barriers to mar the view. (PW)

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Reggie admires a car as they pass. Coronet Street with the corner of Hoxton Square to the right.

image no 27

Without CGI in the background. (PW)

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Time passes and Reggie buys half of the Hide-Away Club on Gerrard Street. Coronet Street in Hoxton E1.

image no 28

More building work. (PW)

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Newspapers report a scandal involving Lord Boothby and the Krays which gets Reggie released from another term in prison.

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Detective Superintendent Read keeps watch over the Hide-Away Club. Coronet Street in Hoxton.

image no 30

Not as sleazy looking on my visit. (PW)

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Customers queue outside the club as Reggie and Frances watch the star singers inside. Coronet Street E2.

image no 31

It doesn't appear as if there are any stars inside at the moment. (PW)

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A last cigarette before tying the knot. The gateway to St. Anne's Church on St. Anne's Passage in Limehouse.

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Reggie walks towards the church where his best man Ronnie is waiting. St Anne's Church with an address on Three Colt Street in E14.

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A Triumph Spitfire makes a lovely birthday present for Frances . . . . who can't drive. Cedra Court on Cazenove Road, Hackney N16.

image no 34

No sports cars here today. (PW)

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The gang meet up in a pub where Leslie Payne is hit in the face by Ronnie. The Stags Head at the corner of Orsman Road and Halcomb Street in Hackney N1.

image no 35

The pub was designed by Arthur Edward Sewell, as was The Royal Oak and The Ivy House which also appear in this film. (PW)

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Although paying protection money to the Kray twins, Fuller (Stephen Lord) is threatened by George Cornell in his tea warehouse. Inside the Farmiloe Building on St. John Street in EC2. The building features in several productions including ‘Batman Begins ‘, ‘The Dark Knight’, 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy', ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘Inception’.

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Albert drives Ronnie to The Blind Beggar where he shoots and kills George Cornell. The Royal Oak Public House, Columbia Road Also seen in 'The Missionary', 'Pierrpoint' and 'The Krays'.

image no 37

The favourite haunt of film and television crews was unfortunately closed when I turned up. (PW)

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Reggie and Frances talk about Ronnie as they walk along Vallance Road. Whittlesey Street in SE1.

image no 38

There is a church in the right background, just not the CGI one seen in the film. (PW)

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The Barmaid from The Blind Beggar stops in her tracks when she sees Reggie and his wife approach. Looking along Theed Street towards Roupell Street.

image no 39

Taken four years after filming . . . well, it wouldn't have changes that much. (PW)

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As her relationship with Reggie deteriorates, Frances looks out of the window to see rain pouring into her car. Cedra Court on Cazenove Road, Hackney N16.

image no 40

No rain today. (PW)

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Rushing out of the flat, Frances struggles to pull up the car's roof. Cedra Court on Cazenove Road, Hackney N16.

image no 41

The same, well preserved building. (PW)

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Ronnie arrives at his brother's matrimonial home with Teddy and Leslie and meets Frances coming the other way carrying two suitcases. Cedra Court on Cazenove Road, Hackney N16.

image no 42

From a similar position without the drama. (PW)

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Reggie makes his way to Frank's flat. James Hammett House Diss Street E2 Dorset Estate. The building was completed in 1957 and is seen under construction in 'The Secret Place'. (PW)

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On the balcony of the building, Frances tells Reggie that she wants him to remember her. Looking from James Hammett House off Diss Street towards the flats of Fellows Court in the background. The buildings of Fellows Court also appears in 'Meantime'. (PW)

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Reggie stands over his wife's grave after she commits suicide by taking an overdose.

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The camera moves to find Frank Shea and his Mother (Tara Fitzgerald) arrive at the cemetery.

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Jack "the Hat" McVitie (Sam Spruell) arrives outside Leslie Payne's home after being paid to kill him by Ronnie. Highbury Hill in Islington N5 identified on movie-locations.com.

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Reggie Kray leaves Ronnie's flat after repeatedly stabbing Jack McVitie.

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The murderer walks alone with his thoughts. Looking along Grove Passage from Corbridge Crescent in Bethnal Green.

image no 49

Missed by me but spotted by my son Chris. (PW)

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Reggie Kray walks into history. Regent’s Canal towpath off St. Andrew’s Road in E2 with Corbridge Crescent on the other side of the cut.

image no 50

The safe house from 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' stands on the other side of the canal. (PW)

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Jack's body is left in a car outside left outside St. Mary's Church in Rotherhithe. The reality . . . . . St. Peter's Church on St. Peter's Close, Bethnal Green E2.

image no 51

No bodies and nobody around on this occasion. (PW)