Limehouse Golem, The

Date: 2016
Director: Juan Carlos Medina
Production Company: Number 9 Films

Stars: Bill Nighy, Olivia Cooke, Douglas Booth, Daniel Mays, Sam Reid, María Valverde, Henry Goodman, Morgan Watkins, Eddie Marsan
Location(s): London, West Yorkshire

Region(s): ,


A Detective believes that he has solved a series of horrific murders that have shaken the residents of Limehouse in the East End of London.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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The Cree's house where, this morning, Elizabeth finds her husband John dead in bed. New Square in Lincoln's Inn, London WC2 which also makes an appearance in 'A Pair of Briefs' and 'A Fish Called Wanda'.

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More greenery in summertime. SJ

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As Inspector John Kildare investigates a murderer nicknamed The Golem, evidence in the Cree case is brought to Scotland Yard. Facing Lincoln's Inn Hall in London WC2.

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After vital evidence is found and John Cree is linked to The Golem killings, Inspector Kildare and his assistant Constable Flood return to Scotland Yard. Lincoln's Inn with Stone Buildings in the background.

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Unfortunately there is construction, or more likely restoration, going on which is why I could not go further back or indeed take nows for 2 & 4. SJ

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Inspector John Kildare (Bill Nighy) climbs the steps to Scotland Yard as former music hall star Elizabeth Cree stands trial for the murder of her husband. Outside Lincoln's Inn Hall with Stone Buildings to the right.

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Constable George Flood (Daniel Mays) and Inspector Kildare follow suspect George Gissing. This is likely to be part of the set built inside Dalton Mills, a former textile mill standing on Dalton Lane by the side of the River Worth in Keighley near Bradford, West Yorkshire.

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Found guilty of murder, Elizabeth Cree (Olivia Cooke) is taken from court. The steps of Leeds Town Hall on Victoria Square, The Headrow in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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The Inspector vows to help save Elizabeth from the gallows before she is driven away to prison. Reflected in the carriage window is the Leeds Methodist Mission at the corner of The Headrow and Oxford Place.

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Kildare and Flood rush to the library to recover a vital piece of evidence. The steps of the British Museum on Great Russell Street in London WC1.

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As the hour of Elizabeth's execution draws near, the Inspector pauses to check his watch. The British Museum in Bloomsbury, various views of which also feature in 'Full Circle', 'Night of the Demon', 'A Touch of Love', 'The Holly and the Ivy' and ‘The Day of the Jackal’.

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Hampered by roadworks and slow moving traffic, Inspector Kildare leaves his coach and makes his way on foot to the gaol where Elizabeth is being led to the scaffold. A set created at Dalton Mills in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

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Kildare reaches the prison gates as the seconds tick away towards ten o'clock.

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Just in time, Elizabeth's execution is halted. As with the gaol's entrance, the stonework looks real enough.

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Following a startling realisation by Inspector Kildare, justice is eventually carried out.