London to Brighton

Date: 2006
Director: Paul Andrew Williams
Production Company: Steel Mill Pictures, Wellington Films

Stars: Lorraine Stanley, Georgia Groome, Johnny Harris, Sam Spruell, Alexander Morton
Location(s): East Sussex, London, Surrey

Region(s): ,


3.07 AM. Prostitute Kelly and 11 year old Joanne are on the run. Duncan Allen lies dead in his bathroom. Duncan’s son Stuart wants them found.

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Screen captures uploaded by Stephen Dean


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While Joanne (Georgia Groome) hides in a toilet cubicle, Kelly (Lorraine Stanley) goes to find something to eat. Chicken Cottage, 128 Tooley Street, London, SE1.

image no 1

And here it is today, snapped by Peter. (SJ)

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Kelly needs to make some money for the train fare to Brighton. Belsham Street, viewed from the junction with Chatham Place, London, E9.

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Victoria Station, Terminus Place, London SW1E.

image no 3

Peter provides this comparison.

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Kelly and Joanne run across the concourse of Victoria Station.

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They catch the 05.10 train to Brighton.

The bright lights of Piccadilly Circus. London, W1D.

image no 6

Peter captured the not so bright lights.

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The home of Kelly's pimp, Derek (Johnny Harris). 14 Southborough Road, London, E9.

Derek is taken for a drive. Stuart Allen (Sam Spruell) wants answers. Ridley Road, London E8.

image no 8

Peter found that Ridley Road Market is closed on Sundays.

They continue through the market. Ridley Road, London E8.

image no 9

Without the aid of a windscreen to frame the shot, Peter captures the same location.

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When the car stops Stuart tells Derek he wants Kelly and Joanne found. Rail Sidings Road, London, SE16.

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As a threat, Stuart slashes Derek's leg and dumps him out of the car. Rail Sidings Road, London, SE16.

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Kelly and Joanne pass through the ticket barrier at Brighton Station.

As they leave the station Joanne asks to see the sea.

image no 13

Brighton Station main entrance. SD

On the bus, Kelly naps while Joanne gazes at the sea.

image no 14

Madeira Drive, Brighton. Also seen in 'Be My Guest', 'Genevieve', 'Oh what A Lovely War'. SD

Joanne runs from the bus as soon as it stops.

image no 15

Now, without the bus. Madeira Drive, Brighton. SD

Excited to be visiting Brighton, Joanne runs down the beach and towards the sea.

image no 16

With the Palace Pier on the right. SD

Kelly watches as Joanne plays on the beach.

image no 17

The beach has now lost its gentle slope. SD

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The story flashes back to the previous day. Kelly arrives at Derek's house. He has an unpleasant task for her. Southborough Road, London, E9.

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Once inside, Derek tells Kelly she has to find a young girl for a client, Duncan Allen (Alexander Morton). 14 Southborough Road, London, E9

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Kelly looks out for any young runaways. The subway leading to Waterloo Station.

At the top of the steps a young girl is begging outside Waterloo Station, Station Approach, London SE1.

image no 21

Peter's not sure that it's the same stairs . . . but it is the right station!

As she climbs the station steps, Kelly notices the girl.

image no 22

Definitely a more accurate comparison by Peter.

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Kelly asks if Joanne would like something to eat. Facing Station Approach, to the right of the subway opposite Waterloo Station entrance.

After making a phone call to Derek, Kelly goes back to where Joanne is waiting. Waterloo Station.

image no 24

Peter took this shot from a similar viewpoint.

Kelly tells Joanne she is taking her for something to eat. The subway outside Waterloo Station entrance, Station Approach.

image no 25

The same location by Peter.

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In the café Derek asks Joanne if she would like to make £100. 310 Hackney Road, London E2. No longer called Favourite Café.

The story returns to Brighton. Kelly and Joanne run from the beach towards a kiosk as it begins to rain.

image no 27

The kiosk stands on the east side of the pier. SD

As they drink their tea, Joanne tells Kelly she wants to see her grandmother in Devon.

image no 28

On the west side of the pier. SD

Kelly needs Joanne to amuse herself in the arcades for a while.

image no 29

Madeira Drive opposite the Sealife Centre. SD

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Derek looks for Kelly at her flat. Banbury House, Banbury Road, London, E9, viewed from the corner of Southborough Road.

Kelly makes some money for the train fare to Devon.

image no 31

Circus Street, Brighton. The municipal market was demolished in 2015. SD

After discovering where Kelly and Joanne are, Derek and Chum (Nathan Constance) head for Brighton.

image no 32

The Rodboro Buildings, Bridge Street, Guildford, Surrey. SD

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The kerb crawler takes Kelly to a quiet place. Wallis Road, London, E9.

Derek and Chum nearing Brighton on the A23.

image no 34

Halfway between Bolney and Hickstead. SD

Joanne swings on a telescope as she waits for Kelly to return.

image no 35

The same telescope now. Madiera Drive, on the east side of Brighton Palace Pier. SD

Joanne explores the souvenir shops.

image no 36

Now shut for the winter. This section of Madeira Drive was also seen in 'Carry On At Your Convenience', 'Jigsaw', 'Quadrophenia'. SD

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Kelly heads back to the pier where Joanne is waiting. 80-84 Wallis Road, London, E9.

Kelly returns with the money.

image no 38

Facing west on Madeira Drive. SD

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They return to the house where they are staying with Kelly's friend. Cadogan Terrace, London, E9, (with the wall of No. 21 to the right).

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They ring the doorbell, unaware that Derek has tracked them down and is waiting inside. 23 Cadogan Terrace, London, E9.

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Later, Derek forces them at gunpoint into the boot of his car. Cadogan Terrace.

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They are driven to a field to be handed over to Stuart Allen. On the DVD extras the producer places this field in Guildford, behind the house where the parents of his best friend live. Easy if you know them.

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Kelly and Joanne are pulled from the boot of the car to face Stuart Allen. The same field somewhere in Guildford.

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After an unexpected outcome, Kelly takes Joanne to her grandmother in Devon.

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Kelly returns to Victoria Station.

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Crossing Terminus Place, she heads back out onto the streets of London.