Midas Run

Date: 1969
Director: Alf Kjellin
Production Company: American Broadcasting Co., Motion Pictures International, Selmur

Stars: Richard Crenna, Anne Heywood, Fred Astaire, Ralph Richardson, Cesar Romero, Adolfo Celi, Roddy McDowall
Location(s): Lazio, Lombardia, Veneto (Italy), London

Region(s): ,


A retiring secret service officer devises an elaborate gold heist when passed over for a knighthood.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Run on Gold’ (UK Title)

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The film opens with John Pedley (Fred Astaire) walking through London. John Cobbett-Maddy places this as the bridge over the Serpentine between Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. It has surely to be one of the central lamps, lets not be fooled that he was filmed walking towards Piccadilly! (RL)

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Passed over yet again for a knighthood, the British agent strides towards his office. This is Albany, running between Burlington Gardens and Albany Court Yard off Piccadilly in London W1.

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Albany Court Yard with Piccadilly in the right background.

image no 3

Hatchard's across the way is unfortunately covered with scaffolding. SJ

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A reverse point of view finds the veteran Secret Service agent heading towards the camera. Albany Court Yard with the entrance to Albany in the background.

image no 4

I reversed the v. SJ

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Traffic stops as Pedley walks across a busy road. The corner of Albany Court Yard and Piccadilly.

image no 5

The corner now. SJ

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Pedley reaches the shop that provides cover for the Secret Service offices. The pavement outside Hatchards bookshop on Piccadilly W1.

image no 6

Business as usual. SJ

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Author Mike Warden (Richard Crenna) shouts from his rooms at university when John Pedley wires for him to meet him in Venice, along with a publisher who is interested in his work.

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Springtime in Venice. The Grand Canal with Palazzo dei Camerlenghi to the bottom left and the tower of Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli in the right distance.

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Mike resigns his post at the university and travels to Italy. The camera pans left across the roof tops bringing Ponte di Rialto into view.

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Arriving in Venice, Mike is ferried across the Grand Canal in a gondola. Looking towards Campo Santa Sofia with, as Manuel Gurtner points out, to the left, part of the Palazzo Morosini Sagredo, now the luxurious Hotel Ca’ Sagredo.

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Enjoying the sights, the American walks through Piazza San Marco. Basilica San Marco fills the background.

image no 11

From the archives of 2013. SJ

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The Piazza and Basillica also appear in ‘The Wings of the Dove’, ‘Othello’*, ‘Don’t Look Now’, ‘Moonraker’ and ‘Death in Vencice’. CROSS REFER *Movie Tourist Site

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Rain begins to fall as Mike makes his way too the café where he is to meet Pedley. Fondamenta de Borgo near the intersection with Fondamenta Bonlini.

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As the rain continues, Mike throws food to the pigeons as he waits. Looking along Riva degli Schiavoni from beneath the Colonne di San Marco e San Todaro at the waterfront of Piazza San Marco

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The two long distance war gaming opponents meet at last. Bar Gelateria Al Todaro Dal 1948 on Piazza San Marco.

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As Pedley puts his plan into action, Mike Warden makes his way to meet with the supposed publisher. Facing east along Fondamenta Zattere al Gesuiti with Chiesa di Santa Maria del Rosario to the left, Canale della Giudecca on the right and Ponto Lungo in the bottom left.

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Following a rebuff from the 'publisher', Pedley consoles a drunken Mike. Outside on Antica Locanda Montin on Fondamenta de Borgo.

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When Pedley tells him that he's planning to steal $10 million, Mike stops in his tracks. Looking like the courtyard of the Doge's Palace, this may be a set.

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Mike stands on his hotel balcony on the morning after finding Sylvia Giroux a room the night before. Looking south-west along the Grand Canal from the balcony of Hotel Marconi on Riva del Vin near Ponte di Rialto.

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Meeting in a bookshop, Mike learns about a gold shipment being transported from Zurich via Rome to fictional Tanzia when he asks questions about Pedley's proposal. Manuel Gurtner places this as inside the bookstore then known as Libreria Sansovino with gondolas on the Bacino Orseolo outside.

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After Mike makes it a condition of his accepting, Sylvia Giroux (Anne Heywood) is brought on board and is briefed by Pedley. Riva degli Schiavoni with Church of San Giorgio Maggiore on the far side of Canale Di San Marco.

image no 21

Less busy. SJ

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Pedley explains that he will be in England directing the operation. Looking east on Riva degli Schiavoni.

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Returning to London, John Pedley makes his way to the office. Looking across Piccadilly W1 from outside Hatchards bookshop.

image no 23

Now. SJ

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The camera follows as Pedley crosses Piccadilly. The corner of Sackville Street can be seen in the centre distance.

image no 24

No need for a brolly today. SJ

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Pedley enters the bookshop and climbs the stairs to the room where a secret door gives access to the Secret Service offices. Facing east on Piccadilly in W1.

image no 25

Hatchard's with scaffolding. SJ

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Acting on Pedley's instructions, Mike and Sylvia approach the corrupt General Ferranti to transport and dispose of the stolen gold.

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General Ferranti (Adolfo Celi) questions the scheme as being madness before agreeing to help.

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Next, Mike and Sylvia make their way to the Austrian border.

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The pair climb from the railway station and are met by a Guide who takes them to outlaw Anton Pfeiffer.

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Pedley directs Mike and Sylvia to an old church "built like a fortress" where they make contact with Mark Dietrich who can supply and fly a wartime fighter plane to down the plane scheduled to carry a gold shipment. The Chiesa di San Pietro (Church of St. Peter) in Portovenere on the coast of Liguria, La Spezia.

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The couple find an old abandoned villa.

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Mark and Sylvia survey the property before checking out the nearby airstrip.

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The pair become romantically entwined after making their way back to the villa along the beach.

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The heist begins with Mark and Sylvia closing the road behind their Shell petrol tanker, one of the three vehicles to be utilised to carry the stolen gold shipment to the airstrip.

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With the gold safely transferred into a garbage truck, a camper van and the tanker, the vehicles make their way from the airfield where the plane had been forced to land.

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Passing the garbage truck and the tanker, a police car heads in the opposite direction.

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The camera follows the police car as it speeds by with sirens howling.

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Allowing the garbage truck to proceed along the main road, the Shell tanker turns off.

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Having been waiting for the arrival of the gold, Lord Henshaw is rushed to Pisa to meet with Pedley who was unintentionally accompanying the shipment. Piazza del Duomo in Pisa in Tuscany with the Tower of Pisa in the left distance.

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Lord Henshaw (Ralph Richardson) enters the building where recovery of the gold is discussed. Beneath the statue of Moses in the courtyard of Palazzo dell’Arcivescovado on Piazza Arcivescovado, Pisa.

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Being gained on by a police car, the garbage truck continues towards the Austrian border. The sign reads San Ginese which is a village near Capannori in Tuscany. The truck is heading south on Via di San Ginese towards the church in San Ginese di Compito.

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The gold is discovered and the Driver of the truck is questioned after being pulled over.

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Following the capture of the Shell tanker, Mark and Sylvia check into a hotel as they begin to realise that Pedley was assisting in the gold’s recovery.

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Following Mark's arrest after confronting Pedley, Sylvia is towed onward after being rescued by Carabinieri and policeman when the camper breaks down.

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Pedley approaches Sylvia as Carabinieri converge on General Ferranti's warehouse after the remaining portion of gold is delivered.

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Wister (Roddy McDowall) leads the handcuffed Mark into a police station where Lord Henshaw and Pedley are waiting.

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Back in London, the Royal Standard flies over Buckingham Palace.

image no 47

Only difference is that the gates are closed. SJ

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John Pedley walks through the crowds to receive recognition for recovering the stolen gold.

image no 48

Now. SJ

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As Pedley is knighted, Mark and Sylvia make their way from the Palace gates. The Mall in London SW1 with Buckingham Palace in the background.

image no 49

The north-eastern wing. SJ