Modesty Blaise

Date: 1966
Director: Joseph Losey
Production Company: Modesty Blaise Ltd., Twentieth Century-Fox Productions

Stars: Monica Vitti, Terence Stamp, Dirk Bogarde, Harry Andrews, Clive Revill
Location(s): London, Naples and Sicily (Italy), Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Region(s): , ,


Very loosely based on the comic strip ‘Modesty Blaise’, the sixties spy-spoof sees the British Government enlist the services of Modesty Blaise to protect a shipment of diamonds.

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Screen captures uploaded by Ray Edwards

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Opening shot whilst credits roll, from a terrace overlooking Amsterdam. IMDB advises and Phil K confirms that this is De Ruijterkade 7, the Havengebouw, which houses the offices of the port of Amsterdam.

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Uncredited actor Robin Fox is seen in Amsterdam making house calls. IMDB states this is Prinsengracht 172 in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.

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Actor Robin Fox starts off on his walk.

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Uncredited actor Robin Fox seen walk near a bookbinders. states this is Prinsengracht 507, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

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Our uncredited actor seen walking over a canal in Amsterdam.

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Coming to the end of our uncredited actor, seen here appearing from a side street in Amsterdam. Phil K adds that our man is emerging from Binnen Vissersstraat into Brouwersgracht.

image no 6

Brouwersgracht, at the end of Binnen Vissersstraat captured by Phil.

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Finally reaching his destination, our uncredited actor approaches the door where he will carry out that action. The door of 48 Brouwersgracht located by Phil K.

image no 7

Phil thinks that they must have use a set, or a mock-up of some sort, for the shot that features the collapse of the building, but this is the real one.

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Sir Gerald Tarrant (Harry Andrews) of the British Government chats to Modesty Blaise (Monica Vitti) whilst being chauffeured in London. Strand, London WC2 looking towards the junction with Exeter Street. (RL)

image no 8

And in daylight by Peter, who notices that yet again it appears to be "London Scaffolding Season", it's everywhere.

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Here we see Sir Gerald and Modesty approaching The Ritz Hotel, Piccadilly, London.

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Sir Gerald and Modesty about to get out of their car outside The Ritz on Piccadilly.

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Meanwhile, Gabriel (Dirk Bogarde) returns to his home. has this location as Castello di Sant'Alessio Siculo in Sicily, Italy.

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Having a drink and chat at a window in his villa are Gabriel and McWhirter (Clive Revill). has this location as Castello di Sant'Alessio Siculo, Sicily.

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On the terrace of his villa, Gabriel and McWhirter chat. has this location as Castello di Sant'Alessio Siculo, Sicily, Italy

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Same terrace as in the opening shot, overlooking Amsterdam. states this is De Ruijterkade 7, 1013 AA Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Modesty taking a relaxing beside a mirror in a cafe before going for a canal trip in Amsterdam. Phil K tells us that the view outside the cafe is of Muntplein, with the Munttoren in the background and the Hotel Carlton and the Fortis Bank beyond.

image no 15

Phil provides this view onto Muntplein, though not from where he originally thought. "It's quite obviously shot from the Bord'eau Restaurant . . . . a much more appropriate location for the character."

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Modesty onboard the boat for her canal trip. The Havengebouw, De Ruiterkade 7 seen from the Harbour, identified by Phil K.

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Modesty disembarking from her canal trip, looking back along with the people on the bridge, at an explosion she narrowly missed. "The location is at the Oudezijds Voorburgwal, near the Armbrug, where the people observe the filming. In the background the towers of Saint Nicholas Church can be seen." advises Manuel Gurtner.

image no 17

Phil concurs and confirms the location as Armbrug, with the towers of the Nicolaaskerk in the background.

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Modesty strolling alongside one of Amsterdam's many canals. Approaching Sint Jansbrug (footbridge) at the corner of Sint Jansstraat and Oudezijds Voorburgwal. Location credit to Manuel Gurtner.

image no 18

Sint Jansbrug captured by Phil.

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The premises where Modesty meets Paul Hagan (Michael Craig). Phil Bailey identifies the building as Prinsengracht 739-741.

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Modesty running down an alley being pursued by a couple of henchmen in Amsterdam.

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Modesty finds a place to enter to hid from her pursuers.

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Willie Garvin (Terence Stamp) and Modesty take on a couple of henchmen in Amsterdam. Phil K identifies this as the front of the warehouse of Stiefbeen en Zoon, known for a while as the 'Poppenhuis', on Waterlooplein. The area has undergone several cycles of intensive redevelopment in the intervening years.

image no 22

This is the location today, on the corner of Waterlooplein in front of the catholic church. Image by Phil K.

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With Sir Gerald and Paul Hagan in the Control Tower overlooking the jet that will convey the diamonds. Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.

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Modesty in her car take a drive. Mount Etna Sicily, Italy?

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Modesty continuing her drive.

Her way blocked by a gathering of vehicles.

image no 26

Towards the end of the movie we see Modesty speed out towards the yacht of Gabriel.

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