Morgan, a Suitable Case for Treatment

Date: 1965
Director: Karel Reisz
Production Company: British Lion Film Corporation, Quintra

Stars: David Warner, Vanessa Redgrave, Robert Stephens, Irene Handl, Bernard Bresslaw, Arthur Mullard
Location(s): London



An aggressive fantasist uses his flights of fancy as refuge from reality but his unconventional behavior lands him with divorce, trouble with the police and ultimately incarceration in an asylum.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson with additional material by John Tunstill.


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Morgan Delt walks along a suburban street towards his ex wife's house. Campden Hill Square, London W8.

image no 1


Morgan looks up at alterations being made to his former home. Campden Hill Square, Holland Park.

image no 2

Standing on one foot and pirouetting for this shot.

Morgan sees a car arriving to collect his ex wife. Campden Hill Square W8 looking towards Hillsleigh Road.

image no 3

A quick jette- a droit!

Morgan reappears after hiding in the house. Campden Hill Square.

image no 4

The doorway behind Morgan in shot 003

The car drives away with Leonie Delt. Campden Hill Square looking towards Aubrey Road. 'The Knack' was partly filmed in this area.

image no 5

Looking from the doorway, reverse pov

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Morgan's former wife, Leonie (Vanessa Redgrave), outside the divorce court with Morgan's mother, Mrs Delt (Irene Handl) and Wally (Arthur Mullard). Unidentified location.

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The trio walk across the courtyard. Unknown location.

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Leonie, Mrs Delt and Wally leave the courtyard. Unknown location.

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Morgan is thrown out of Charles Napier's gallery - opposite a Massey Ferguson showroom. John Tunstill remarks that 'Massey Fergusson used to be at 31 or 35 Davies Street W1. I worked at No 33, Standard Oil, SO, Esso, some 55 years ago! More than half a century!' The buildings on that side of the road have since been demolished.

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Wally leaves Mrs Delt's cafe. Roland Francoise Lack identifies this as Walmer Road W11. The cafe was, in reality, Nicks Cafe at number 147, and it was demolished in the late 1960s.

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Morgan catches up with Wally after leaving the cafe. This is facing southward on Walmer Road. The row of buildings containing the cafe stood between Clarendon Road and Talbot Grove.

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Wally and Morgan talk. Walmer Road in London W11. The area has been redeveloped and is now occupied by Verity Close.

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Wally leaves and Morgan heads back to his former home. Walmer Road located by Roland Francoise Lack.

Morgan leaves Notting Hill Gate station. London W11. The loaction was also used in 'Otley'.

image no 14

The same location now. (PW)

Morgan awakes after sleeping in his car outside Leonie's house. Campden Hill Square,in London W8 again.

image no 15

The house of the real Mr Morgan is on the left

The radio announcer says half past six in the morning. Campden Hill Square.

image no 16


Around the corner, a Policeman (Bernard Bresslaw) plays hop scotch. Aubrey Road, Campden Hill Square. The central white house is now pink, and the lamp post over the cop's shoulder is the correct local pattern.

image no 17

Looking north up Hillsleigh Road. The lamp post needs straightening. SJ. Originally added 18/07/2103.

Morgan and his car, covered in communist posters. Campden Hill Square, London.

image no 18

Now. SJ

Leonie stands in the car whilst being driven by her new boyfriend. South Audley Street, at the junction with South Street, London W1.

image no 19

Richard Lovejoy took this now picture and says 'The said location but without the foreground attraction!'

Leonie objects as her boyfriend, Charles Napier (Robert Stephens) tells her to sit down. South Audley Street in W1 with Grosvenor Chapel on the left, Aldford Street to the right and the Hilton in the background.

image no 20

The same location now by Richard again.

Leonie drops her scarf over Charles' head. Further along South Audley Street with a better view of the Grosvenor Chapel to the left.

image no 21

Much prefer the original foreground! The same place now by Richard Lovejoy.

The Policeman approaches Morgan. Campden Hill Square W8.

image no 22

Mr Morgan lived here.

Charles and Leonie return home. The car is turning into Campden Hill Square from Hillsleigh Road.

image no 23

Same place, same lampost different date and nice extension

Morgan chases after Charles as he drives away. Campden Hill Square.

image no 24

Bow window matches. SJ

The Policeman watches as Morgan runs after Charles' car. Campden Hill Square once more.

image no 25

The west side of the square. SJ

Morgan returns to his mothers cafe. With guidance from Roland Francoise Lack's identification of an earlier capture, this is confirmed as Walmer Road with the tower of, what is now, Notting Hill Methodist Chapel rising in the top right.

image no 26

John P confirms the location adding that this Google Streetview© image shows the estate now occupying the area of The Talbot public house as seen from the Methodist Church on Lancaster Road.

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Peering through the cafe window. Walmer Road facing the junction of Lancaster Road, Silchester Road and Clarendon Road in W11. Confirmed as the same area by John P, the streets were also seen in 'Steptoe and Son'.

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Morgan and his mother visit the tomb of Karl Marx. Highgate Cemetery, Swain's Lane, London N6.

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In Morgan's fantasy - cowboys ride through a railway sidings. Chelsea Basin Goods Yard sidings at Chelsea Creek, London SW10 looking towards the North Thames gasworks on Imperial Road.

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Morgan kidnaps Leonie and drives away in Wally's van. Unidentified location.

Leonie and Morgan talk. Blake Zimmerman has identified the shooting location as Llyn Crafnant in Wales.

image no 31

An identical view. The lake is close to Trefriw, near Llanrwst, Conwy. Image copyright Dalesman's Welsh Ramblings.

Morgan is convicted of kidnapping Leonie and sent to prison. Wormwood Scrubs, Du Cane Road, London W12.

image no 32

Best angle on the day. (RL)

Morgan is released.

image no 33

Wormwood Scrubs, Du Cane Road W12.

Leonie and Charles' wedding reception is held on a rooftop overlooking Park Lane, London. John Tunstil says that Apsley House, Hyde Park Corner, stands just behind the trees. The address used to be No 1, London.

image no 34

A ground level view from roughly the same angle. SJ

Leonie and Charles at their reception. Park Lane, London W1.

image no 35

Pending a visit to the roof, here's a closer shot of the background. SJ

The rooftop where the reception is being held. The former Playboy Club building at the corner of Park Lane and Curzon Street in W1.

image no 36

"Modernised" a bit. SJ

Morgan appears in an ape suit. The rooftop of the former Playboy Club on Park Lane with the London Hilton in the background. A similar shot was seen in 'The Naked Runner.'

image no 37

From ground level. SJ

Morgan leaves the Dorchester Hotel as his suit starts to smoulder due to a discarded cigarette. Park Lane, London W1.

image no 38

Different awning shape. SJ

Nearby, a motorcyclist pulls over. Aldford Street at the corner of Park Street W1.

image no 39

Now. SJ

The motorcyclist makes a phone call as Morgan approaches. Aldford Street W1 identified by Simon James in his book London Movie Guide.

image no 40

This scaffolding has been here ages so I've given up waiting. The telephone box now seems to be a portaloo, perhaps ironically. SJ

The motorcyclist watches as Morgan takes her machine. Aldford Street, London W1.

image no 41

Here's a lovely sight for the heart of tourist London. SJ

Morgan, his ape suit now on fire, rides through the streets. Tonyk identifies this as Beauchamp Place, London SW3. The location was also seen in 'The Forbidden Street'.

image no 42

The same location now by Peter.

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Morgan continues his aimless ride.

image no 43

After all these years Christopher Matheson has cracked it! Ashburnham Road, London SW10 facing north from Lots Road that he supports with this capture from Google Earth. (RL)

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Simon James identifies this location when Morgan rides the motorcycle off Cremorne Wharf into the Thames. The twin blocks of flats in the background are on Battersea Church Road. The Thames side flour mill opposite has been demolished and replaced with apartment blocks.

Morgan manages to get out of the Thames and make his way to a railway yard. Lots Road power station in the background makes this London SW10.

image no 45

View from Vicarage Crescent Battersea, London SW. Missing a couple of smoke stacks.

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A rail mounted crane approaches with a straight jacket attached to the hook. Railway sidings at Chelsea Basin, London SW10.

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The Policeman appears on the scene. Chelsea Basin in SW10. The area has been redeveloped as Thames Avenue and Chelsea Harbour Drive.

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In Morgan's mind, the Policeman shouts for Soviet snipers to fire. The Balloon Tavern on Lots Road stands centre background as seen in The Deadly Affair. Chelsea Basin in SW10.

The Policeman watches as Morgan is hoisted up wearing the straight jacket. Chelsea Basin Goods Yard in SW10 overlooking the River Thames.

image no 49

A publicity shot from from Maurice Speed's Film Review 1966.

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Morgan is taken away by ambulance after reality and fantasy become blurred. Chelsea Basin Goods Yard SW10 looking west towards the North Thames gasworks.

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Morgan at peace, working in the gardens of the institution where he ends up. Nick Hart identifies this as White Lodge in Richmond Park, home of the Royal Ballet School.

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Leonie arrives to visit Morgan. Nick Hart identifies this as White Lodge in Richmond Park, home of the Royal Ballet School.