Navy Lark, The

Date: 1960
Director: Gordon Parry
Production Company: Herbert Wilcox & Anna Neagle Productions

Stars: Cecil Parker, Ronald Shiner, Leslie Phillips, Elvi Hale, Cardew Robinson, Gordon Jackson
Location(s): Dorset, Middlesex, Surrey

Region(s): ,


The incompetent crew of a Royal Navy ship concoct a revolution in the Channel Islands to save their jobs.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.


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Inshore minesweeper HMS 'Compton' approaches Boonzey harbour.

image no 1

The harbour entrance has been rebuilt and expanded. SD

When a Navy launch nears the remote island, the alarm is sounded and the Compton's crew rush to the harbour. This is West Bay in Dorset and in the distance can be seen East Cliff which features in the TV drama 'Broadchurch'.

image no 2

Between Pier Terrace and Ship Cottage row. SD

Another sailor climbs from a window as an officer from the mainland approaches. This appears to be one of the properties on the Ship Cottage row next to Pier Terrace in West Bay, Bridport.

image no 3

The middle cottage of Ship Cottage row. SD

After returning from fishing, Commander Stanton (Cecil Parker) leaves his office. Pier Terrace in West Bay.

image no 4

The porch has either been removed or was added for filming. SD

The Commanding Officer heads to the harbour. The southern end of Pier Terrace, West Bay, Dorset.

image no 5

Facing Ship Cottage row. SD

Stanton makes his way to the Naval Stores.

image no 6

The Bridport Arms with rebuilt holiday cottages. SD

Inside the stores, the Chief Petty Officer ensures that everything is in order.

image no 7

Ferry Square, Shepperton, Middlesex. The building is in the grounds of Shepperton Manor. SD

Captain Povey (Nicholas Phipps) enters the harbour with the intention of closing down the Boonzey minesweeping operation. Bridport Harbour, West Bay with Quayside and the house named Querida in the distance.

image no 8

The quayside has mostly new buildings now. SD

The crew of HMS Compton run to line up for inspection.

image no 9

The quayside now looking very different. SD

Commander Stanton makes his way to greet Captain Povey. In the background can be seen Harbour Bridge over the River Brit as it flows into Bridport Harbour.

image no 10

The rebuilt Harbour Bridge. SD

Lieutenant Pouter (Leslie Phillips) and Chief Petty Officer Banyard (Ronald Shiner) stand ready.

image no 11

The buildings on George Street opposite. SD

Captain Povey is met at the quayside before disclosing the reason for his visit. Looking across the harbour with The Moorings to the right of centre and St. John's church on the extreme right.

image no 12

Just to the right of 011. SD

In an effort to make the minesweeping operation appear necessary, Banyard and Leading Seaman Johnson (Gordon Jackson) take 'Bessy', an old mine converted into a collection box for the lifeboats, and send it out to sea. On the beach behind the Ship Cottage row.

image no 13

Facing the harbour. SD

Inside the Cafe de Bretagne, Chief Petty Officer Banyad does a deal with local smuggler Gaston Higgins.

image no 14

Ferry Square, Shepperton. SD

After his initial attempt at closing the base is thwarted, Povey returns to Boonzey where he finds the crew apparently suffering from Yellow Fever.

image no 15

To the right of Harbour Bridge. SD

Captain Povey decides to return to the mainland, leaving the crew in quarantine. Facing Pier Terrace, West Bay.

image no 16

Now. Pier Terrace and fishing equipment. SD

Lieutenant Pouter and Leading WREN Heather Stark (Elvi Hale) laugh about Povey falling for their Yellow Fever trick.

image no 17

The building was situated at Walton Studios, Walton On Thames. The building can be seen in the YouTube video, Walton Studios Publicity, 1960's-Film 1367. The studio closed in 1962 and was redeveloped. Now the middle block of the three blocks of flats on Wellington Close stands on the site. Image copyright Google Streetview. SD

Captain Povey returns to the island after feeling guilty about leaving the men to suffer. St. John's church stands left of centre background.

image no 18

Only a few changes now. SD

With his suspicions aroused, the Captain soon finds Pouter and Heather playing with a beach ball. The background building is Pier Terrace at West Bay, Bridport.

image no 19

I'm too busy to play with a beach ball. SD

The Lieutenant and the WREN jog away after explaining that they are exercising. Pier Terrace overlooking Bridport Harbour.

image no 20

I got plenty of exercise walking around taking these photos. SD

As Captain Povey prepares to close down the base, Banyard sees 'Navy Go Home' painted on a wall by a drunken Gaston.

image no 21

Ferry Square facing Church Square, Shepperton. SD

After Gaston is arrested, More graffiti is painted by Johnson and Banyard, and rumors of an uprising are circulated.

image no 22

navla022, 025 and 026 are located off Ferry Square, Shepperton, in the grounds of The Manor House. The building to the left of the white line is seen behind the wall in navla007 and also in 025. Navla022 and 026 are the top of the picture opposite the white line. Image copyright Bing Maps. SD

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The Boonzey officers watch as Lieutenant Binns flies in by helicopter to report on the revolution.

While news spreads about the island's strife, Lieutenant Pouter addresses a group of ladies posing as a band of 'guerrillas'.

image no 24

Ferry Square, Shepperton, looking towards Church Square. SD

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Outside the stores, Banyard briefs his men as they prepare to face the enemy.

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Commander Stanton advises Captain Povey that the time has come to move into action.

Povey leads the attack on Gaston and his band.

image no 27

Beside The King's Head, Church Square, Shepperton. Church Square was also seen in 'The Dog Outwits The Kidnapper', 'Glad Tidings' 'Bond Of Fear' and 'Emergency Call'. SD

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Life goes back to normal on the island when Lieutenant Binns reveals an embarrassing picture of Povey leading an attack on the hoaxers.