Date: 1947
Director: Harold Huth
Production Company: Harold Huth Productions

Stars: Ronald Howard, Maxwell Reed, Hector Ross, Fred Groves, Philip Stainton, Christine Norden
Location(s): London



With the Second World War over, two army pals on de-mob, take opposite paths in civvy street.  Both join the Metropolitan Police but one eventually becomes a racketeer in post-war London.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Ray Edwards

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The opening scene sets the location of the movie as London. The Houses of Parliament as viewed here from Great George Street, Westminster SW1.

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The camera pans to the left and we see an army lorry laden with recently de-mobbed soldiers driving along Great George Street. Second from the left is Andy Kendall (Ronald Howard) with his pal Felix Fenton (Maxwell Reed) to his left.

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The lorry laden with happy soldiers heads along Parliament Street in SW1.

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Don Brady (Hector Ross) arrives outside the Kendall family home. This is obviously a studio set.

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Don and PC Kendall (Fred Groves), Andy's Father, chat outside the Kendall family home. Again as in the last still, very obviously a studio set.

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Having joined the Police Force, Felix and Andy are seen here with Sergeant Slack (Philip Stainton) going out on a night beat. Russell Street, London WC2 with Crown Court going off and the Fortune theatre on the left. (RL)

image no 6

Best possible shot as 'Openreach' had completely dominated the area. (RL)

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Jackie (Christine Norden) takes Andy back to her home.

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Andy drives an empty army lorry over a lifting bridge . . . The Bascule Bridge, Glamis Road, London E1 (RL)

image no 8

Very much a permanent fixture now. (RL)

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. . . rounding the corner, heading for the river and the boats delivering illegal whisky. Glamis Road, London E1 looking towards the Bascule Bridge. (RL)

image no 9

A much greener environment. (RL)

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A police car races to the location where Andy and his fellow racketeers are unloading the liquor from boats. Warehouse attached to Metropolitan Wharf by footbridge, Wapping Wall, London E1 (RL)

image no 10

Now all residential accommodation. (RL)

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To stop the whisky laden lorry from getting away, the Police order the bridge to be lifted. Bascule Bridge, Glamis Road, London E1 looking towards the "Prospect of Whitby". (RL)

image no 11

They have even provided a safe refuge for the correct angle shot. (RL)

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Jackie, having just left a flat, is seen descending a staircase.

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Outside the Felix club.

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Looking down from the terrace of the apartment that Jackie has bought.