Our New Errand Boy

Date: 1905
Director: James Williamson
Production Company: Williamson Kinematograph Company

Stars: James Williamson, Tom Williamson
Location(s): East Sussex



A grocer employs a mischievous new errand boy who uses the errands he is sent on as an opportunity to play pranks on the people he encounters.

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Screen captures and uncredited now shots uploaded by Stephen Dean.

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The grocer, James Williamson, gives the errand boy (played by his son, Tom Williamson) a dusty mat to beat out. 99 Lorna Road, Hove, East Sussex.

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The shop was originally Hodders Store, 2 Lorna Road, until 1930 when it was re-numbered as 99. Now used as an office.

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The errand boy beats out the mat against a gentleman who is walking past. Facing east on the corner of Holland Road and Davigdor Road, Hove.

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The building that stood on the corner was the Hove Electricity Works, which ceased generating in 1958, and was demolished in 1985.

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While walking with another errand boy, he squirts him with a soda syphon which the other boy is carrying in his basket. Facing north east on Wilbury Villas, Hove.

image no 3

This bridge crosses the railway line between Hove and Brighton.

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The errand boy and a friend tie string to a loaf of bread. A woman passerby picks it up and the boys tug it from her basket, spilling her shopping. Facing south west on Cambridge Grove, Hove.

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Originally called Cambridge Mews, then Cambridge Stables and finally Cambridge Grove. Near to where James Williamson had his film studio.

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While the boys get a telling off from a passing curate, the errand boy tips flour into his hat. The southern end of Wilbury Villas by Cromwell Road.

image no 5

Now without the conservatory on the side of the house.

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The errand boy turns the pipe filling a water cart onto the driver. Facing Cromwell Road, on the corner of Holland Road and Davigdor Road, Hove.

image no 6

A row of houses now replaces a line of Cypress trees.

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The boy is pursued by his victims but he is waiting with a hose. Unidentified location but could possibly be in the garden of James Williamson's house, Rose Cottage, where he built his glasshouse studio.

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The boy escapes through a hole in the wall of a shed. Unknown location, but could also be in the grounds of the Cambridge Grove studio.

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The errand boy laughs with delight after trapping the victims of his pranks in a chicken run. Added for completeness but could possibly also be near the studio.