Saint’s Return, The

Date: 1953
Director: Seymour Friedman
Production Company: Hammer Films

Stars: Louis Hayward, Naomi Chance, Sydney Tafler, Charles Victor
Location(s): Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, London

Region(s): ,


Suspecting foul play, a debonair private detective investigates the death of a debt-ridden socialite.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘The Saint’s Girl Friday’ (US Title)

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Trying to outrun her pursuers, London socialite Judy Fenton speeds along a country lane.

In their car, the two Men follow Judy through an Oxfordshire village. In reality this is the junction of High Street and School Lane in Cookham, Berkshire.

image no 2

As we found, parking is a much bigger problem now than it was in 1953. (RL)

Judy recovers from a near collision before driving from the village only to crash through a bridge guard rail and plunge into the River Thames. School Lane in Cookham with The Maltings in the left background and The Brew House to the right.

image no 3

The imposing tree has given way to greenery that shields the house. (RL)

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In New York, Police Inspector Lieutenant J.H. Fernack is told that Simon Templar has left for London.

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At Thamesway Golf Club, Chief Inspector Claud Teal returns to the club house with his fellow Player. This is Stoke Poges Golf Course near Stoke Poges in Buckinghamshire.

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The two men enter the building where a telegram from New York advises the Inspector that 'The Saint' is on his way to London. The often seen Stoke Poges House and surroundings also feature in 'Goldfinger', 'Otley' and 'Layer Cake'.

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Having teamed up with Hoppy, his valet and former pick-pocket, Simon Templar (Louis Hayward) leaves the house after learning of Judy's death.

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Before hailing a cab, The Saint spots Detective Mason in plain clothes as he steps onto the pavement.

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The taxi arrives at Victoria station where Simon books a ticket to Paris on the Golden Arrow to shake off the following Detective.

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The Saint arrives at Colonel Stafford's estate where he asks questions of Judy's guardian and closest friend.

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Colonel Stafford (Russell Napier) tells Simon that Judy was in debt from gambling.

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Simon Templar pays a visit to the run down mews where artist Irish Cassidy lives to obtain a supply of counterfeit notes for gambling.

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While looking for some backroom gambling in nightclubs, Simon meets Lady Carol Denby (Naomi Chance) who takes him blindfolded to an illegal casino on a river barge. The River Thames at Maidenhead, Berkshire with the landing stage off Ray Mead Road to the right.

Lopez (George Margo) patrols outside Wellington Cloisters where owner of the casino, Max Lennar, has an apartment. Simon James recognised Gloucester Terrace where it meets Lancaster Terrace in London W2.

image no 14

Phew, got it right. SJ

Across the road, Simon enters a telephone box to observe the forthcoming events. This appears to be Gloucester Terrace complete with prop telephone box.

image no 15

Bit of a presumption but this is Gloucester Terrace across the road from the previous shot and here's the block which filled the space. SJ

Outside Wellington Cloisters, Hoppy Uniatz (Thomas Gallagher) reports to a Constable that Lopez has picked his pocket. Outside Maitland Court on Gloucester Terrace confirmed by Richard Lovejoy.

image no 16

On the east side. SJ

The Constable discovers Hoppy's wallet in Lopez's pocket. Gloucester Terrace in Paddington found by Simon and Richard.

image no 17

Thank goodness the policeman just let a small piece of the gate to reveal. (RL)

Leaving the phone box, Simon watches as Lopez is taken to the police station. Looking north-east along Gloucester Terrace from the corner of Lancaster Terrace.

image no 18

The Saint enters the building to search Max Lennar's apartment. Maitland Court at the junction of Gloucester Terrace and Lancaster Terrace in W2.

image no 19

Also seen in Mantrap, Song of Paris, Whispering Smith Hits London, Blood Orange and Operation Diplomat, all between 1952 and 1953. SJ

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Carol Denby walks along the river.

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Max Lennar (Sydney Tafler) surprises the socialite and asks her into his car where she's quizzed about Templar.

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Following the clues that he's discovered, Simon arranges to stay with Lord Merton and his son Keith at Merton Lodge.

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In the early hours following a party thrown by Lord Merton, two of Lennar's men break into the house after the alarms are disabled by Keith Merton.

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An establishing shot of the secret location of Lennar's casino on the Thames. Looking eastward to Bridge Eyot in the River Thames from the landing stage off Ray Mead Road in Maidenhead.

As church bells ring the quarter hour nearby, a car drives towards the barge. Ray Mead Road with the distinctive property named The Tower in the right background.

image no 25

Adam Smith lives at The Tower and provides this matching view of the location now.

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Being tasked with locating the illegal casino by Simon, Hoppy gets out of the Austin A40. Ray Mead Road in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

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While casino manager Jarvis approaches along the river bank, Hoppy walks over to the barge. The landing stage off Ray Mead Road with riverside boat houses in the background.

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Reaching the barge at the same time, Jarvis (Harold Lang) asks Hoppy if he can help. The River Thames with Maidenhead Bridge in the distance.

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After a puzzled Jarvis tells him that the vessel is a barge rather than a boat, Hoppy returns to his car and drives away. Ray Mead Road with Ray Park Road in the background.

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Irish Cassidy (Fred Johnson) heads to the casino as, inside, Simon Templar rescues Carol from being held prisoner by Lennar. The landing stage off Ray Mead Road in Maidenhead, Berkshire.