Sandwich Man, The

Date: 1966
Director: Robert Hartford-Davis
Production Company: The Rank Organisation, Titan International Productions

Stars: Michael Bentine, Dora Bryan, Harry H. Corbett, Bernard Cribbins, Diana Dors, Ian Hendry, Stanley Holloway, Wilfred Hyde-White, Terry Thomas, Ron Moody, Anna Quayle, Michael Medwin, Ian Hendry, Norman Wisdom
Location(s): London



Waiting for his prize pigeon to finish a big race, ‘The Sandwich Man’ takes in the sights and sounds as he walks with his advertising boards through London of the swinging 60s.

Additional Information:

Replacement and additional screen captures by Phil Wilkinson


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As the morning sun brightens through the haze, an ariel view of London's East End Docks appears. This is the Royal Victoria Dock in E16 and James Livingstone adds that the far side of the dock, behind the ships, is where ExCeL London now resides. The docks appear in 'Mr. Quilp', 'A Prayer for the Dying', 'Bedazzled', 'Madhouse' and 'The Girl in the Headlines' plus others.

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The shot moves across the landscape to find the Millennium Mills, to the top left, and Evelyn Street in the bottom centre. This view was captured from the now demolished Dunlop Point tower block advises James Livingstone.

In Evelyn Street, the morning commute begins with Gogi (Hugh Futcher) and Ram (Leon Thau) carrying their instruments towards the bus stop as they make their way to an Indian Jazz Festival in Knightsbridge. In the background stands Dunlop Point which was demolished in 1998.

image no 3

Richard Garner provides this capture to support his identification. Image copyright Google Streetview.

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As a Postman delivers letters, a Chinese Ice Cream Man (Burt Kwouk) leaves his house and climbs into his van. In the centre background stands Millennium Mill behind St. Barnabas Cottages, the last two buildings in the terrace.

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The camera pulls back to reveal that the ice cream van sells Italian ice cream. Evelyn Street located by James Livingstone who tells us that the terrace where the characters live is now occupied by Britannia Village Hall and children's playground.

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'The Sandwich Man', Horace Quilby (Michael Bentine), comes out of his front door. Christine Galloway confirms that that these sequences were filmed at Rank's Cottages on Evelyn Road, Silvertown.

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'The Sandwich Man' walks to the back of the house to collect his boards and check on his pigeons. The backs of Rank's Cottages on Evelyn Road E16.

Along with other commuters, Sue (Suzy Kendall) makes her way to the bus stop. Barry Thompson confirms David Neicho's identification of the corner of Mellish street and Alfa Grove in E14.

image no 8

David Neicho provides this picture of the church that is in the top centre of the screen capture and adds that he couldn't get the right angle due to two big lorries parked in street.

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Horace wishes Abdul (Roger Delgado) a good morning as he joins the queue at the stop. Looking into Alpha Grove from Mellish Street in E14.

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Sue's boyfriend Steven approaches the bus stop in a Ford Galaxie. Barry Thompson and David Neicho locate this as facing west along Mellish Street from the junction with Alpha Grove.

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Horace says hello to Steven while Sue gives him a frosty reception. Mellish Street with the Broadway Sugar Refinery in the background.

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Unable to convince Sue to ride into town with him, Steven drives off when the bus arrives at the stop. Looking east on Mellish Road, Millwall E14.

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Bernard (Earl Cameron) the bus conductor challenges Gogi and Ram when they attempt to bring their instruments on board. Mellish Road in Millwall on the Isle of Dogs.

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Gogi and Ram are left to make their way to the Jazz Festival on foot. Facing east on Mellish Road E14.

As the bus nears town it gets stuck in the inevitable traffic jam. David Neicho identifies this as Platt Street in NW1.

image no 15

Platt Street with Goldington Street and The Chenies flats in the distance by David Neicho.

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A Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud pulls into the kerb, knocking a Man (Ian Hendry) from his bicycle. In front of the former Police Station on Platt Street, Somers Town. Location found by David Neicho.

image no 16

The properties on this side of the road were pulled down years ago. (PW)

<?php echo 17; ?>

The Man looks back at the Rolls as he enters the Police Station. The former Police Station on Platt Street identified by David Neicho.

image no 17

The brickwork doesn't look as good as the previous building's. (PW)

<?php echo 18; ?>

From behind the Police Station, the Man reappears in his uniform, riding his police motorcycle. The entry at the side of the Police Station opposite Penryn Street on Platt Street in NW1.

image no 18

There's still an entry here, but it was barred to me. (PW)

The bus finally arrives at Horace's destination. Lambeth Road SE1. The other side of the bridge was seen in 'Passport to Pimlico'.

image no 19

This current picture is by Adrian Grepnold and Simon James advises that the cafeteria is currently called . . . . The Sandwich Man!

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Horace enters the cafeteria where, inside, fellow Sandwich Man Abadiah advises a new recruit to “see it all happen but never get ivolved”. The corner of Lambeth Road and Pratt Walk in Lambeth.

Horace begins work for the day, walking along St. Mary At Hill towards Billingsgate Market in London EC3.

image no 21

The corner of St. Mary At Hill and Lower Thames Street opposite Old Billingsgate. SJ.

Horace picks his way through a number of Fish Porters. Looking along Monument Street from the corner of St. Mary at Hill and Lower Thames Street. The area was seen in 'Charley Moon', ‘The File of the Golden Goose’ and ‘Inspector Clouseau’.

image no 22

Yes, that's The Monument. The building was once a reading room and library. SJ.

Abdul haggles with a Fish Porter (Sydney Tafler) as he attempts to sell a carpet. Old Billingsgate Walk, an unnamed wharf at the time of filming, with Tower Bridge in the distance.

image no 23

The view from Old Billingsgate Walk EC3. SJ.

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Inside Billingsgate Market, a Fishmonger (Frank Finlay) talks with the Fish Porter as a Girl (Tracey Crisp) leaves her handbag on the table with ire consequences.

The Sandwich Man continues his walk. James Livingstone informs us that this is St. Georges Walk in Croydon, Greater London with St. George's House, now Nestlé Tower, in the right background.

image no 25

The shopping area is now roofed over and the shoe shop in the screen capture is the one marked 'Factory Clearance', part of the '99p' store next door. The walled bench area behind the phone boxes, the glass bricks and the hexagonal drain cover remain from 44 years ago. Excellent sleuthing by James.

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Horace reaches London Wall. The thoroughfare looks a bit different now. At the time of filming, new and old were still visible until construction of modern buildings was complete. Our hero is walking out through the wall of the current 'One London Wall', between the street level glass area and construction work in the right of the sequence. Information from James Livingstone.

This charming film isn't much more than a series of vignettes held together by the wanderings of 'The Sandwich Man' but shows off the London of the swinging sixties beautifully with the ever present reconstruction and renewal captured for posterity. More of London Wall EC3.

image no 27

This comparison is from James Livingstone.

Mr. Quilby crosses between the relatively few cars driving along the modern dual carriageway. Simon James advises that this is looking east on London Wall.

image no 28

To the left is the St. Alphege block, probably the only survivor from the 1960s. SJ.

At a roadworks site, Horace greets George who's minding the brazier. This is the remains of the Lord Hills Road at the junction with Westbourne Park Crescent in W2 with Gaydon House to the left.

image no 29

The area is now Westbourne Green open space and in the right background stands Edward Wilson School behind Bourne Terrace. SJ

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Managing to get himself a mug of tea, Charlie (David Lodge) sits down before an Elderly Lady drops coins into his drink after looking at a Street Artists work. Lord Hills Road with Wilcote House and Princethorpe House on Woodchester Square in the right distance.

Professional photographer Harold (Bernard Cribbins) arrives on the scene with Sue. Confirmed by Alan F on Britmovie, the Edward Wilson primary school stands in the right distance.

image no 31

This shows Gaydon House, the school and our favourite church St. Mary Magdalene where they were filming Channel 4's 'Humans' as I passed by. SJ

Newly constructed buildings on Bourne Terrace cross the background. The area has been seen in many other productions including 'Monsieur Ripois' and 'The Blue Lamp'.

image no 32

The same background buildings. (PW)

<?php echo 33; ?>

Moving on again, were now in the City. Looking up to the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral from Peter’s Hill EC4.

image no 33

This is a shot that Peter took back on the 30th May 2016 and was going to subsequently retake but has since found the view is blocked by a new office building. (RL)

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Tilting down, Horace Quilby is seen outside the All Angels Boys Club. Sermon Lane seen from Peter’s Hill.

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Horace leaves the Father (Norman Wisdom) who has just taken a beating during a boxing match with one of the smaller boys.

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The Sandwich Man goes on his way. Looking along the east side of Wren House on Sermon Lane with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the right background.

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Emerging from a sewer, a Workman (Michael Medwin) asks his unseen colleague what he would like to eat. Looking north on Farringdon Street EC4 with Holborn Viaduct in the distance, which was also seen in 'Three and Out'.

image no 37

The location looks familiar in Peter's shot . . . . except for the growth to the left.

<?php echo 38; ?>

The Workman crosses the road towards a sandwich bar. Farringdon Street with the former White Swan public house to the right.

image no 38

Peter found less intrusive replacement buildings on this side of the road.

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The queue for food rapidly diminishes when the foul smelling Workman joins. Farringdon Street with Fleet Lane on the right.

While Gogi talks with Horace, Ram tries to thumb a lift to Knightsbridge. This Purchese Street in NW1 with Phoenix Road and the former Somers Town Goods Depot in the right distance. Identification by David Neicho.

image no 40

The wall once belonged to St. Pancras Coal Depot which is now a car park that reveals St. Pancras station standing in the centre distance. Comparison shot by David.

<?php echo 41; ?>

A heavily laden Mini Moke comes to a halt. Purchese Street in Somers Town with the wall of the Coal Depot running along the east side of the road.

image no 41

The same cobbles on the same street. (PW)

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Gogi excuses himself and leaves Horace when Ram calls out that he has a lift.

On his motorcycle, the Policeman approaches the Moke as Gogi and Ram attempt to load their instruments. David Neicho recognised Kentish Town Road in NW5.

image no 43

Looking South Towards the junction with Prince of Wales Road captured by regular contributor David.

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Mr. Quilby witnesses the Officer fall from his motorcycle when the lead of the radio equipment becomes entangled with the stand of Ram's double bass.

<?php echo 45; ?>

The Policeman picks up his bike. Purchese Street with the corner of Aldenham Street to the right.

image no 45

Not such a wide view at the moment. (PW)

Taking off his gloves, the Officer walks towards the Mini Moke. Facing north on Purchese Street with Cecil Rhodes House in the left background.

image no 46

Looking towards Goldington Street by David Neicho, who again who found the location.

<?php echo 47; ?>

The Scoutmaster (Terry-Thomas) attemps to explain his way out of an unbelievably tricky situation. Purchese Street in Somers Town NW1 with a building at the corner of Polygon Road to the left of centre.

image no 47

The same buildings peer over the hoarding. (PW)

Wandering onward, The Sandwich Man reaches Trafalgar Square in WC2.

image no 48

The unchanging location now. SJ.

The camera follows Horace as he walks through a flock of pigeons. The National Gallery fills the background.

image no 49

Trafalgar Square now. SJ.

The music swells as more modernity appears. SJ advises that this is Tolworth Tower on Tolworth Broadway, Surbiton, formerly in Surrey.

image no 50

The Richard Seifert design is visible from the A3 and was brand new at the time of filming. The building now houses Marks and Spencer and a Travelodge Hotel among other things. SJ

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The shot finds a crowd gathered around Manfred the Magnificent and Cedric the Escapologist. The base of Tolworth Tower at the corner of Tolworth Broadway and Tolworth Rise in Surbiton.

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Manfred the Magnificent (Peter Jones) introduces Cedric (Aubrey Morris) before making a collection for the forthcoming entertainment. The Tolworth Tower office block ad shopping centre was built on the site of the former Tolworth Odeon Cinema.

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Nearby, a crash between a Kangaroo (Max Harrison) and a Polar Bear (Syd Harrison) causes the escapologist's audience to disperse. Outside St. George's House on Park Lane in Croydon.

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The crowd laughs at the two men as they argue beside their damages vehicles. At the corner of Park Lane and Smith's Yard in Croydon.

<?php echo 55; ?>

The Policeman can't believe his eyes when he comes across the collision. Outside Levita House on Chalton Street in NW1. Location identified on the Britmovie forum.

image no 55

The same place with the Somers Town Coffe House public house visible through the branches to the left. (PW)

Having assessed the situation, the Officer rides away at speed. James Livingstone says "This is Park Lane adjacent to the A212 underpass with Smith's Yard to the right which is now an access road to St. George's Walk located behind these buildings".

image no 56

Robert Osborne sent this picture which illustrates the location perfectly. Image copyright Google.

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A supposedly blind War Veteran (Ewen Solon) runs away after being helped across the busy road by Cedric inside a mail bag. Looking across Tolworth Broadway towards the base of Tolworth Tower identified by James Livingstone, who used to work there.

The Soho Record Centre establishes the next scene. The corner of Old Compton Street and Dean Street in Soho W1 located by James Livingstone.

image no 58

James provides this current view of the corner.

<?php echo 59; ?>

As Horace passes a strip club, a Motorcyclist (Clive Colin-Bowler) approaches his machine. Rathbone Street in Fitzrovia W1.

image no 59

Not as lively or colourful now. (PW)

<?php echo 60; ?>

With his Girlfriend riding pillion, the Motorcyclist speeds away. Rathbone Street with Charlotte Place running alongside the Duke of York public house. Identification by members of the Britmovie forum.

image no 60

The phone box has disappeared but the buildings remain. (PW)

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A a big band trumpet blast on the soundtrack introduces The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane in Mayfair W1.

Tilting down the building we see Horace leave his boards with a Newsvendor as he enters the London Hilton to receive a phone call from his neighbour, Mrs. DeVere.

image no 62

Now. Just off Park Lane. SJ.

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With no news of his racing pigeon Esmerelda from Mrs. DeVere, Horace heads to see Steven at the car showroom where he works. This Coutts & Co. Bank to the left stands at the corner of Piccadilly and Old Park Lane in W1.

  • 'Now' required

Panning left brings a branch of Car Mart into view. The corner of Old Park Lane and Piccadilly on the edge of Mayfair.

Propping his boards against the wall, Horace enters the high end showroom. Car Mart’s premises were at 150 Park Lane on the corner of Piccadilly advises David Neicho. The building is currently occupied by the Hard Rock Café.

image no 65

The current view by David Neicho.

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Having been mistaken for a prospective buyer, Horace show his boards to the showroom's Manager. Looking out onto Piccadilly from Car Mart with Green Park beyond the roadway.

<?php echo 67; ?>

Back to Soho in W1 and filling the background is the Moka Ris Bar, a coffee shop that stood at the corner of Dean Street and Carlisle Street. The corner also appears in 'The Small World of Sammy Lee' and just a couple of doors away from a location that features in ‘Something In The City’.

image no 67

The same corner towards the northern end of Dean Street. (PW)

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The Sandwich Man makes his way to the famous London Palladium. This is the side of the theatre on Great Marlborough Street W1.

The shot tilts to find Horace as he enters to speak with his friend the Stage Door Keeper. Facing eastward on Great Marlborough Street, London W1.

image no 69

Yes, the gap is the side entrance to the Palladium. SJ

Mr. Quilby leaves the theatre. Great Marlborough Street with Argyle Street visible in the left distance.

image no 70

Terry Guntrip supplies this picture of the Palladium Stage Door on Great Marlborough Street. Image copyright Google Streetview.

Horace reaches Waterloo Place in London W1. The location appears in 'Brannigan', 'That Riviera Touch', 'Defence of the Realm' and 'Nothing But the Best'.

image no 71

The corner of Waterloo Place and Pall Mall outside the Directors' Institute. SJ.

  • 'Now' required

Across the street a Guards Officer (Michael Trubshawe) and a Guardsman (Jeremy Lloyd) leave the building. Waterloo Place in St. James's SW1.

Above the two Guards, an inconsiderate Man throws a cigar butt from the window.

image no 73

Turn around, look up and there's the window at 7 Waterloo Place. SJ.

The Guards Officer continues talking with the Guardsman unaware that the burning cigar is lodged in his bearskin.

image no 74

22 Waterloo Place now. SJ.

Horace watches the two Guards walks away with smoke rising from the Officers cap. Waterloo Place in SW1 and the junction with Pall Mall to the right.

image no 75

The same place looking south. SJ.

<?php echo 76; ?>

A Drunk (Ronnie Stevens) staggers out of the King George IV pub. The building is at 63 Pall Mall in St. James’s SW1.

image no 76

The Berry Bros & Rudd Christmas decorations are now preserved forever. (PW)

<?php echo 77; ?>

Passing between parked vehicles, the Drunk walks straight into the road. Looking along Pall Mall towards St, James’s Street with Cleveland Row to the left.

image no 77

And there was, and still is, a suitable crossing just there! (PW)

The Drunk makes it across the street. Queen's Chapel and St James' Palace at Marlborough Gate SW1 with Marlborough Road to the left of centre.

image no 78

Bang on. SJ.

Horace crosses Guildford Place at the junction of Guilford Street and Lamb’s Conduit Street in WC1. Location found by Simon James.

image no 79

Yup, top end of Lamb's Conduit Street. SJ.

<?php echo 80; ?>

The Drunk appears outside the public conveniences as Horace enters the Gents. Looking along Lamb’s Conduit Street from Guilford Street.

image no 80

A relatively unchanged view. (PW)

<?php echo 81; ?>

With the 'Ladies' sign obscured by Horace's boards, the Drunk descends into the wrong lavatories. Guilford Place in Bloomsbury.

image no 81

Again, not much change. (PW)

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The Sandwich Man leaves Waterloo Place. Looking towards Waterloo Place across Carlton House Terrace. The location also features in ‘The Wings of the Dove’ and ‘Count Five and Die’.

  • 'Now' required

Horace makes his way towards St. James's Park. The steps lead down to The Mall beneath the Duke of York Monument and also appear in 'Hue and Cry', ’28 Days Later’, 'The Internecine Project', '101 Dalmatians' and 'The Passionate Friends'.

<?php echo 84; ?>

Crossing a bridge in the park, Horace spots the Drunk again. Simon James advises that this bridge crosses water to the west of the boating lake in Dulwich Park in SE21.

image no 84

Same bridge, rebuilt and from a different angle due to the encroachment of vegetation. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

The Drunk attempts to alter a sun dial after hearing a clock chime the hour. This image is edited from a 4:3 print of the film and the location looks very much like Coram's Field Playground on the opposite side of Guilford Street to Lamb's Conduit Street in WC1. The structure in the top background is the shelter to the north of the paddling pool.

<?php echo 86; ?>

Harold and Sue arrive to take colour photos beside the five year floral display. Dulwich Park, located by Simon James.

image no 86

It's difficult to know whether this is the right place, but the whole park was certainly a lot tidier and better kept in those days. (PW)

<?php echo 87; ?>

Nearby, Horace watches as Ern the Gardener (Joe Gibbons) chases after his lawnmower when a Young Boy pulls out the connecting pin between the seat and the motor. Snakes Lane in Dulwich Park, London SE21.

image no 87

A lot can change in fifty years. (PW)

<?php echo 88; ?>

Seemingly with a mind of it's own,the mower challenges a Commander (Alfie Bass) carrying his valuable model yacht. More of the pathways around Dulwich Park.

image no 88

This appears to be about right, given the curvature of the path. (PW)

<?php echo 89; ?>

With Ern frantically chasing his machine, a car stops to let the mower out onto the main road. This is Rosebery Gate of Dulwich Park which leads onto Dulwich Common, part of the South Circular Road. Location identified in Simon James's book, London Film Location Guide.

image no 89

On not such a sunny day. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Horace leaves the park to continue on his way.

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Ern catches up with his stalled mower in a parking bay as a Traffic Warden (Neil Wilson) eyes the nearby meter. Apsley Way W1 with Duke of Wellington Place in the background.

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A parking ticket is issued to the complaining Gardener. Apsley Way with the Grand Entrance Screen at Hyde Park Corner in the left distance and Apsley House to the right.

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Cut to the nearby Duke of Wellington Arch in the centre of the roundabout formed by Grosvenor Place, Duke of Wellington Place and Piccadilly.

And here's Horace, heading for the next location on his tour. The Wellington Arch features in 'Perfect Friday', 'Strange Bedfellows', 'Indiscreet' and 'The Bitch'.

image no 94

The west side with the Quadriga atop the arch. SJ.

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Gogi and Ram approach the Gunga Din club where the Jazz Festival is taking place. The corner of Knightsbridge and Wilton Place in SW1 with the London Hilton in the left distance.

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From across the road, Horace watches as Mr. Dihn explains that the club has been closed and the festival cancelled. The junction of Knightsbridge with Wilton Place.

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Disappointed, Gogi and Ram wearily pick up their instruments and make their way home. Wilton Place in Belgravia, a street that has been completely redeveloped with the new Berkeley Hotel replacing these buildings in 1972.

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Horace meets Sue at the River Bus Stop. This is Putney Pier on Embankment in Putney SW15.

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On the river, as a speedboat and Water Skier approach, Nobby (Tony Tanner) ferries a boat's crew towards their vessel. John E. Bath noticed that far from being in the centre of London, this is the Thames at Putney with Putney Bridge and Fulham Railway Bridge in the background.

  • 'Now' required

Up river, a Rowing Coach (Ron Moody) calls to his Coxswain out on the water. The River Thames at Putney with Fulham Football Ground in the right of centre distance.

  • 'Now' required

The Coach continues to shout unheard instructions as he cycles onward. In front of the boathouses on Putney Embankment in SW15.

  • 'Now' required

Following a near collision with the Water Skier, Nobby spots the speedboat returning. On the Thames with Putney Bridge to the right and Bridge House North in Fulham on the left.

  • 'Now' required

Vincent (Patrick Newell) calls to Nobby as the speedboat and skier continue to cause mayhem on the river. Putney Pier with Star & Garter Mansions on Embankment in the left background.

  • 'Now' required

Grabbing a boat hook, Vincent runs towards the shore. Putney Pier with the Star & Garter Hotel on the left.

  • 'Now' required

Vincent reaches the bridge from which he attempts to rescue Nobby with the hook. The junction of Lower Richmond Road and Putney High Street with Putney Bridge in Putney SW15.

  • 'Now' required

Nobby struggles to keep his small craft afloat. Looking towards Bishops Park and Bridge House on the Fulham bank of the Thames.

  • 'Now' required

Not looking where he is going, the Coach rides into the back of a pantechnicon. Putney Embankment SW15.

  • 'Now' required

Bursting through the cab door of the lorry, the Coach takes to running. More of the boat houses on Putney Embankment.

  • 'Now' required

With his rowing crew sinking after Nobby falls onto their boat from Vincent's hook, the Coach calls that he's coming to save them. Looking north-west on Putney Embankment.

  • 'Now' required

Unable to swim, the Rowing Coach finds a lifebuoy. Looking southward on Putney Bridge with properties on Lower Richmond Road in the background.

  • 'Now' required

Pulling the lifebuoy over his head, the Coach climbs over the bridge parapet. Facing northward on Putney Bridge with Bridge House North and South in the right background. Bridge House South was also seen in ‘The Playbirds’ from the other side.

  • 'Now' required

Horace and the rest of the River Bus queue watch the spectacle. Cheyne Walk in SW3 with Derwent Wood's statue of David standing in the centre background.

  • 'Now' required

Jumping from the bridge, the Rowing Coach hangs above the river. Beneath Putney Bridge with the now demolished marble and granite works on Willowbank Wharf to the right.

  • 'Now' required

The Water Skier returns before colliding with a boat coming in the opposite direction. In the background stand the storage tanks on Allsops Wharf with the gasometers of Putney Gasworks beyond.

  • 'Now' required

The Coach attempts to swim whilst suspended in the lifebuoy. Beneath Putney Bridge with the since redeveloped Putney and Douglas Wharves to the right.

  • 'Now' required

Turning up in another car from the showroom, Steven offers Sue and Horace a lift home. John E. Bath confirms that this is the Embankment in Putney with the entrance to Putney Pier to the left and Fulham's Bishops Park in the distance.

  • 'Now' required

The Sandwich Man stows his boards and settles down to enjoy the ride home. The Embankment below Lower Richmond Road which is also seen in ’10 Rillington Place’ and 'Sweeney 2'.

  • 'Now' required

A worried Horace braces himself as the car heads down the hard towards the water. Putney Embankment with Putney Bridge crossing the Thames.

  • 'Now' required

Steven drives the Amphicar into the Thames. Putney Embankment with Lower Richmond Road and Kenilworth Court in the background.

  • 'Now' required

The car heads down river. The River Thames between Putney Pier and Putney Bridge in SW15.

  • 'Now' required

The Houses of Parliament are passed.

  • 'Now' required

The next attraction on the sightseeing trip is Tower Bridge.

  • 'Now' required

The trio reach a more industrious part of the Capital.

  • 'Now' required

The Amphicar comes ashore in the East End docks. The causeway leading into the Thames at the southern end of Barge House Road in E16.

  • 'Now' required

The camera pans to follow the car onto dry land. Barge House Road in North Woolwich.

  • 'Now' required

A cut sees Horace and his friends nearing home. Looking onto Woodman Street from the corner of Robert Street with Savill House on the extreme right.

  • 'Now' required

he shot pans to follow the car once again. Woodman Street, North Woolwich with Storey Primary School in the background.

  • 'Now' required

Steven turns the car into Evelyn Street. The junction of Eastwood Street and Evelyn Street E16.

  • 'Now' required

A crowd stands beneath a banner that hangs across the street ahead. Evelyn Road in Silvertown located by Christine Galloway who also advises that her Nan appears at the end of the film with her husband Jim. The couple are seen standing in their doorway at No. 7 Rank's Cottages.

  • 'Now' required

Neighbours call to Horace that Esmeralda has won the race. Looking west on Evelyn Street with the bottom floor of Dunlop Point to the left of centre.

  • 'Now' required

Horace Quilby holds Esmeralda as a Press Photographer (Brian Cant) captures the moment while Mrs. DeVere (Dora Bryan) looks on with friends and neighbours. The rear of number 4 Rank's Cottages on Evelyn Road E16.

This is where we came in as an ariel view pulls back from the street party. Researched by Richard Garner, this is Evelyn Street to the south of the Royal Victoria Dock in Silvertown with the shot taken from Dunlop Point.

image no 132

Richard Garner advises that this is a 1970 view of the same location that was once visible on the Newham history website. Image copyright Newham Council.