Date: 1959
Director: Basil Dearden
Production Company: Artna Films Ltd., The Rank Organisation

Stars: Nigel Patrick, Yvonne Mitchell, Paul Massie, Michael Craig, Bernard Miles
Location(s): London



Investigations following the murder of a pregnant young woman cause racial tensions to run high.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson with uncredited location identifications by David Neicho

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A Mother and her children take a Sunday morning walk across Hampstead Heath in north-west London.

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Policemen begin their investigation after the children discover the body of a dead girl.

On Monday morning, student arrive at the Royal Academy of Music. Marylebone Road, London NW1.

image no 3

Peter notices that the urns have been moved.

An agitated David Harris (Paul Massie) approaches the building before asking Patsy if she’s seen Sapphire. The Royal Academy of Music on Marylebone Road, seen in 'Gideon's Day' and in the background during 'Incense for the Damned' and 'Say Hello to Yesterday'.

image no 4

Tilting down, Peter gets a closer view of the wandering decor.

A police car arrives as David walks away to search for his girlfriend. Facing eastward on Marylebone Road NW1.

image no 5

Block paving replaces pavement slabs in Peter's view.

Inspector Phil Learoyd (Michael Craig) gets out of the car and enters the Royal Academy to make enquiries.

image no 6

A last look at the Academy by Peter.

David makes his way to Foscari’s where Sapphire usually hangs out with the other students. The corner of Windmill Street and Charlotte Street in W1.

image no 7

Proven by David Neicho.

Outside the coffee bar, a fellow Student (John Richardson) congratulates David on his scholarship. Facing northeast on Windmill Street W1 located by David Neicho.

image no 8

Windmill Street now. SJ.

The architecture student turns when he hears his name called. Looking onto Charlotte Street from Windmill Street.

image no 9

Peter captures the present background buildings.

Getting out of a police car, Patsy (Jocelyn Britton) breaks the news to David that the murdered girl on Hampstead Heath was Sapphire Robbins. Windmill Street from the corner of Charlotte Street. The view was seen from the other side of the road in 'Monsieur Ripois'.

image no 10

Familiar properties on the same street by Peter.

The Inspector asks David if he can help with the investigation. Windmill Street in Fitzrovia.

image no 11

Peter provides the modern view.

David gets into the car with Inspector Learoyd while Patsy enters the Coffee Bar to tell her friends the news. Windmill Street with the Fitzroy Tavern just visible to the left.

image no 12

Trees also inhabit the street in Peter's shot.

After questioning at the police station, the Inspector takes David to the Oakland Park Dairy where his sister works. York Rise N5.

image no 13

Unmistakable side wall. SJ.

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A door opens when the car comes to a stand. York Rise with the Dartmouth Arms public house to the left.

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Detective Sergeant Newton (Walter Brookes) watches as David gets out of the car and goes inside to speak with his sister Mildred. Looking towards the junction of Dartmouth Park Road and York Rise.

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David’s father, Ted Harris (Bernard Miles) paints a sign on a shop window. Malden Road at the corner of Rhyl Street in NW5.

A bus brings Mildred Farr (Yvonne Mitchell) from the dairy. Malden Road with Malden Place to the left.

image no 17

Opposite Malden Place and it's still on the 24 bus route. SJ.

Alighting from the bus, Mildred runs towards her father. The junction of Malden Road and Rhyl Street in Maitland Park.

image no 18

Further south with only the top of the frame holding the evidence. SJ.

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Mildred tells Ted that the murdered girl was Sapphire. Facing Malden Road from the corner of Rhyl Street.

Ted Harris drives his daughter home. The junction of Oakford Road and Lady Somerset Road in NW5.

image no 20

Looking down Lady Somerset Road. SJ.

The van is brought to a stand outside the family home. Oakford Road, Tufnell Park.

image no 21

Number 2a, The Yard on Oakford Road. SJ.

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Ted and Mildred enter the house to find Detectives questioning David. The property stands at the southern end of Oakford Road NW5.

After questioning the Harris's, Superintendent Robert Hazard (Nigel Patrick) and Inspector Learoyd leave the house. Oakford Road in NW5 with Lady Somerset Road in the right background.

image no 23

The houses on Lady Somerset Road unchanged. SJ.

Constable Jack Ferris (Rupert Davies) confirms that David Harris was seen at around 11 pm on Saturday night. Outside the Boston Hotel on Dartmouth Park Hill with Tufnell Park station beyond the crossroads formed by Junction Road, Tufnell Park Road, Brecknock Road and Fortess Road in N19.

image no 24

Still the same, taken from the corner of The Boston pub. SJ.

The Detectives are driven back to Hampstead Heath. Dartmouth Park Hill, London NW5. Tris adds that The still trading Boston Arms public house is at the immediate right but the shops to the left were replaced by Acland Burghley School between 1963 and 1967.

image no 25

Dubious. I turned round from the previous shot and took what I saw. SJ. Ray and Ron Glenister say that SJ should not be dubious, the distinctive roof line of St. Mary Brookfield Church confirms. (RL)

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Inside fictional Babettes on Shaftesbury Avenue, Sergeant Cook asks about some of the clothing found in Sapphire’s bedsit.

Hazzard and Learoyd leave Dr. Burgess’s surgery after discovering that Sapphire was pregnant. Facing west on Church Row, London NW3.

image no 27

A shot from Christopher Matheson revealing that virtually nothing has changed, well, maybe a lamp post is missing. (RL)

Hazzard and Learoyd are told of Sapphire's previous addresses. Church Row in Hampstead which also appears in 'Cemetery Junction'.

image no 28

Now, unchanged, apart from the motors. SJ.

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In Earls Court, a Landlady recalls Sapphire and gives her opinion.

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The Detectives thank the Landlady for being helpful.

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The pair get into the car and head for Chelsea Women's Hospital to question one of Sapphire's former friends.

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David is watched by Detective Whitehead as he scours Hampstead Heath.

Barrister Paul Slade (Gordon Heath) leaves the Police Station after helping the Superintendent with his enquiries. The junction of King's Road and Milman's Street SW10.

image no 33

Now, also seen in 'An Alligator Named Daisy', 'Lost' and 'Victim' in a different era. SJ.

A Student (Dolores Mantez) friend sits at the wheel as Paul climbs into the car. Facing Milman's Street and The Globe public house from King's Road and, as you'll no doubt recall, we've been here several times before.

image no 34

Peter has been here several times before too.

Paul is driven away in the Jaguar XK120. David identifies this as Great Western Road, London W9. An almost identical shot is seen in 'Duffer'.

image no 35

This shot confirms the location as Great Western Road with The Grand Union public house standing to the right. PW

When he finds something in the grass, David leaves the heath and walks towards a drain to dispose of it. Identified by Hugh Stevenson, this is the corner of Well Road and East Heath Road in NW3 with The Pryors just visible to the right.

image no 36

Tris provides this shot of the same corner.

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Soon after the discarded object is retrieved by Detective Whitehead, David appears from the side of his father's paint shop. This is at the rear of the property on Oakford Road.

Hazzard and Learoyd pay a visit to The International Club. The junction of Courtfield Gardens and Collingham Place in SW5.

image no 38

A few seconds later and the approaching police car would have been in the right place but I had to get off the crossing. (RL)

Outside Artillery House at 10 Knaresborough Place with buildings on Collingham Place in the right background.

image no 39

Virtually unchanged except for more "street furniture". (RL)

The two go inside and are greeted by Mr. Young who introduces them to some of the members. Artillery House on Knaresborough Place SW5.

image no 40

A subsequent change of use. (RL)

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One of the members is given a lift home after giving helpful information to Hazzard.

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The club member is identified as a Montessori Student who knows Paul Slade.

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Acting on the Student's information, Hazzard and Learoyd head to Tulip's, a back street club in Shepherds Bush.

Johnnie Fiddle (Harry Baird) makes a run for it when he sees the Detectives as he leaves the club.

image no 44

Guided by "Tavistock" of Britmovie forum Christopher Matheson provides this shot of Lorenzo Street, London WC1 with Pentonville Road at the top. The pub, apparently, was "The York Arms" at 2 Lorenzo Street, now lost, but the pyramid shaped column remains. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Nice lighting . . . Given the pattern of the cobbles, the horse shafts to the right of the picture, the sequence of sapph046 and the similarity to Collage picture 78006, albeit a reverse POV, this must also be Price's Yard, off Copenhagen Street, London N1 (RL)

  • 'Now' required

. . . there's not much else that can be said about a sequence of someone running. Whilst viewing LMA Collage for sapph050 Christopher found Collage Image 77448 an almost identical shot of what was Price's Yard off Copenhagen Street, London N1. (RL)

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Johnnie continues to run through the darkened streets. Christopher Matheson has located this as Copenhagen Street looking towards Matilda Street, London N1. Now, sadly, totally redeveloped. (RL)

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These streets look real enough, however that phone box looks like a prop due to the doors being K2 style and the body looking more like a K6 . . . is that too nerdy?

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Refuge is sought in Joe's café where the customers are less than helpful or polite.

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Tom's Barber Shop . . . Joe's café . . . is this a studio set or a real location dressed for the film? A real location identified by Christopher Matheson as Copenhagen Street, London N1. He adds that "Tom's" at 120 was Tancredi Casele, hairdresser and next door at 118 was Evelyn Harold Finn, electrical contractors, who were also at 116 on the corner with Matilda Street. The parade from Matilda Street, in 1969, can be viewed at LMA Collage No: 77400. (RL)

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Breaking free of a fight with Teddy Boys, Johnnie finds a Newsagent closing his shop and is allowed through to the back yard.

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Scaling a wall, Johnnie finds his escape cut off by Hazzard and Learoyd. A studio set or a real street?

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Note the same background buildings when Johnnie turns in the opposite direction to be faced by Policeman.

Hazzard and Learoyd arrive outside Johnnie Fiddle's lodgings. Southam Street, London W10, now demolished. Come back Rillington Place, all is forgiven!

image no 54

Elkstone Road has replaced Southam Street but the Great Western Main Line still runs behind the fence in the right background. PW

Southam Street looking towards Kensal Road in London W10. The street in the background is Elcom Street, the next one westwards along Kensal Road from Modena Street.

image no 55

The area is now covered by Meanwhile Gardens and Elkstone Road. PW

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Finding bloodstained clothing and a knife, the Detectives are driven back to the station. Southam Street with buildings on St. Ervan's Road in the background.

Solicitor Ralph Piggot () discusses David’s alibi with Mr. Harris. Outside the Forum Cinema 0n Highgate Road in Kentish Town, London NW5.

image no 57

How beautiful, how imposing. Beats the hell out of down-loading a movie via an app on a mobile device. Simon Irvine provides the image which is copyright Google Streetview.

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Inspector Learoyd is driven back to the area where Johnnie Fingers lives. The corner of Kensal Road and Modena Street.

The car stops outside the the boarding house where Horace 'Big Cigar' has a room. Modena Street in London W10 which is also seen in 'Violent Moment'.

image no 59

The street was cleared in the mid 1970s. PW

  • 'Now' required

Learoyd scans the front of the building. Long demolished properties on Modena Street.

The Inspector enters the run down slumto verify Johnnie's alibi. Modena Street, now Meanwhile Gardens, London W10.

image no 61

The houses in the left background still stand on Homemead Road and those to the right are on Great Western Road. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

A warrant is obtained to search Ted Harris’s workshop. Detective Whitehead (Peter Vaughan). The yard at the rear of properties at the corner of Oakford Road and Lady Somerset Road.

  • 'Now' required

A shocked Mildred Farr arrives home to see David and her father watching the Police.

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Detective Sergeant Newton oversees the removal of a pram from the workshop.

After Sapphire's murderer is driven away, the Detectives say farewell to Dr. Robbins (Earl Cameron). Oakford Road NW5.

image no 65

The east side of the street. SJ.

Dr. Robbins walks away, heading back to his surgery in Birmingham. Lady Somerset Road, curving away past the junction with Burghley Road in Tufnell Park.

image no 66

Graham Leslie provides this slightly off angle shot of Lady Somerset Road NW5. Image copyright Google Streetview.

  • 'Now' required

Superintendent Hazard and Inspector Learoyd are taken back to the police station. Oakford Road, London NW5 with now demolished buildings on Burghley Road in the distance.