Saturday Night Out

Date: 1964
Director: Robert Hartford-Davis
Production Company: Compton Films, Tekli British Productions

Stars: Heather Sears, Bernard Lee, Erika Remberg, John Bonney, Colin Campbell, Francesca Annis
Location(s): London



Intent on making the most of their Saturday night, the crew of a merchant ship and one of the passengers disembark for fifteen hours of shore leave.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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The feature opens with a jive version of the title track and an ariel view of London’s busy West India Docks in Poplar where the freighter Riebeek Castle has just arrived. Canary Wharf now occupies much of the site in E14.

The crew arrive outside a docklands pub after being given a lift by ship's passenger George Hudson who's en route to the West End. The White Hart at the corner of Poplar High Street E14 to the left and Robin Hood Lane in the foreground. (PW)

image no 2

Slightly off angle but, yes, it's the same lamp post. (PW)

On his way to see his girlfriend Julie, Arthur (David Lodge) calls into a bakery to pick up a loaf of bread. Facing south on Westferry Road at the junction with Mellish Street identified by Mick Lemmerman.

image no 3

The two jibs in the left distance are the only point of reference. (PW)

George’s cab continues into town. Trafalgar Square looking towards Pall Mall East with the corner of Whitcomb Street to the centre. (PW)

image no 4

Peter provides this view showing the building to the right that now occupies the space of a car park at the time of filming.

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The taxi drops the successful businessman at the Washington Hotel where, inside, he is approached by Wanda. The Washington Hotel on Curzon Street in Mayfair W1 located by RL.

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Lee (John Bonney) walks dejectedly from the Royal Festival Hall having found it closed. River Walk, now Queen's Walk, running along the south bank of the Thames in SE1.

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Realising that he should have gone to the Royal Albert Hall for a concert, the Australian angrily tears up his ticket and throws it into the river. River Walk with the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben to most of us, visible in the top right distance.

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Penny (Heather Sears) calls down to Lee, asking for help in climbing from her perch. This Observation Platform stood on River Walk by the entrance to the former Nelson Pier. The London Eye now stands at the location.

Lee is shocked to learn that the young beatnik is intent on suicide. Outside the old Greater London Council building on the South Bank in SE1 identified by SJ.

image no 9

Right in front of the London Eye. SJ

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Penny invites Lee home on the understanding that he has a shilling for the gas meter. This is the site of the former Power and Production Pavilion of the Festival of Britain's South Bank Exhibition alongside County Hall.

Jamey (Colin Campbell) runs from the pub when the girl he has been getting to know leaves at closing time. The long demolished White Hart at the corner of Poplar High Street and Robin Hood Lane. The pub is also seen in 'The Bells Go Down'. (PW)

image no 11

What an indignity . . . the course of this concrete wall follows the former building line of the pub. (PW)

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Jean (Francesca Annis) hurries along a busy main road as Jamey catches up.

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When speaking with her, Jamey discovers that Jean is homeless before the two come across an drunken woman in the street.

Jamey and Jean help the inebriated Sarah (Patricia Hayes) back to her feet. Outside Woolworths on Chrisp Street in Poplar E14. The location has been redeveloped. (PW)

image no 14

Looking up to where the façade of Woolworths would have been. The left background building is Ennis House while to the right are the backs of properties on Market Square. (PW)

Having left Jamey in the pub earlier, Harry (Inigo Jackson) wanders around the West End. The Cinerama Cinema on Old Compton Street W1, since 1978 resuming its original name as the Prince Edward Theatre. The building and immediate area is seen in 'The Boys', 'The Small World of Sammy Lee', 'Go for a Take', 'Up Jumped a Swagman', 'Nowhere to Go', 'Street of Shadows' and 'Melody'.

image no 15

Peter took this shot adding that the venue was also known as the Queensberry All Services Club, the London Casino and the Casino Cinerama.

The loud, flashy Brummie gets increasingly drunk as he moves from club to club. The Mandrake Club was at number 4 on Meard Street, the same street that features in ‘The Six Men’, ‘Something in the City’ and 'Teckman Mystery'.

image no 16

A wider view of the same Soho location taken by Peter.

Harry makes his way to Piccadilly Circus. Looking towards The London Pavilion on Coventry Street identified by Peter.

image no 17

And Peter made his way there too.

With his head spinning, Harry looks up at the bright lights before heading for a sleazy Soho bar where he is beaten up and robbed. Piccadilly Circus W1.

image no 18

The 2013 look. SJ

Jamey and Jean lead the singing Sarah to the lodging house where she lives with her daughter before spending the night together in the last available room. Outside the Silver Lion public house on Pennyfields facing the junction with Ming Street and Poplar High Street. Location found by David Neicho.

image no 19

Unfortunately, spring growth covers the distant detail. (PW)

A repeat view to allow for a further comparison shot which shows . . . .

image no 20

. . . . through the trees, the flats to the right on Ming Street and those in the background at the start of Poplar High Street. Captured by David Neicho.

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After an evening with Wanda, George is driven back to her house after dinner at her favourite restaurant.

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Wanda (Erika Remberg) leads George into the house where he learns that she is part of a plot to extort a thousand pounds from him.

Sunday morning dawns and Arthur looks out of his girlfriend’s bedroom window. Looking out onto the junction of Pennyfields, West India Dock Road and West Ferry Road in E14. Greg advises that the view is from Thornfield House looking west-southwest over the still surviving Grenada House and Trinidad House beyond the railway line.

image no 23

Not the best comparison, this is the view of the junction now from ground level. (PW)

Jamie bumps into Arthur as he rushes back to the ship to collect his belongings after deciding to stay with Jean. Looking East on Mellish Street towards the corner of Cheval Street with St. Hubert’s House on the extreme left. (PW)

image no 24

St. Hubert's House still stands on Janet street to the top left. (PW)

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Having gotten the better of his blackmailers, George arrives back at the docks.

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When his pals learn from Lee that Jamey is jumping ship, they chase after him as he runs from the freighter.

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Jamey passes warehouses as he hurries back to Jean at the lodging house.

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The camera follows Jamie around the corner.

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Lee, Harry, Arthur and Paddy (Nigel Green) begin to catch up with Jamey.

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Following a fight, Paddy carries the unconscious Jamie back to the Riebeeck Castle.

When she realises that Jamey isn't coming back to collect her, Jean leaves the guest house. This is the southern end of Oriental Street in E14. (PW)

image no 31

Now redesigned as Pennyfields Park. (PW)

The camera looks through ruined houses on Oriental Street towards the razed Turner's Buildings and Pennyfields. The bell tower of Grieg House and the roof of the Cannon Workshops can be seen in the distance. (PW)

image no 32

From about the same viewpoint. (PW)

Alone with her thoughts and with nowhere to go, Jean continues to walk. Oriental Street with Thornfield House visible along the former Church Path running between the buildings. (PW)

image no 33

A clearer view of Thornfield House. (PW)

Facing south on Turner’s Buildings that once ran between Oriental Street and Pennyfields in E14. The small spire to the left of centre is that of St. Peter’s Lutherean church, which is also seen in 'Gideon's Day'. (PW)

image no 34

What a survivor! The old narrow road still exists as a footpath. (PW)

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Shouting across the derelict landscape, Jamie catches up with Jean as she walks across waste ground.

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Jamie tells Jean that the Skipper put him in a pilot boat after his shipmates tried to stop him coming ashore.

The couple walk arm in arm as the shot pulls back to reveal Glengall Wharf in Millwall E14. The location is now the site of the Sir John McDougall Gardens and this is looking towards Glengall Grove at the top centre, since renamed as Tiller Road. (PW)

image no 37

This is taken just inland and to the right of the couple in the screen capture. (PW)