Date: 1976
Director: Pete Walker
Production Company: Peter Walker (Heritage) Ltd.

Stars: Lynne Frederick, John Leyton, Stephanie Beacham, John Fraser, Jack Watson
Location(s): Cleveland, London, Tyne and Wear, West Sussex

Region(s): ,


A series of murders begin when a sinister man from the past starts to stalk a skater after her marriage.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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The north-east of England, 18th June. Also featuring in 'Billy Elliot', this is the Tees Transporter Bridge that runs from Ferry Road, Middlesbrough to Port Clarence. The location resided in the county of Cleveland for 22 years from1974 but has been since settled nicely into the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire.

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A whistle sounds signalling the end of William Haskin’s night shift.

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A bell chimes above the roar of traffic as a swing bridge revolves. The Swing Bridge over the River Tyne connecting Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead which also appears in ‘On the Night of the Fire’, ‘Get Carter’ and ‘Payroll’.

image no 3

David Pike provides this picture of Swing Bridge Newcastle taken by him in 2012 from the High Level Bridge (as used in Get Carter), looking South East towards Gateshead. (RL)

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The shot pans to bring the skyline into view. Right of top centre stands Newcastle's church of Saint Willibrord with All Saints on Akenside Hill while to the top left Cale Cross House is still under construction. David Pike points out that the building bottom right is the Guild Hall. This is the building used in 'The Likely Lads' film, Captures 67 and 68. It is also the right hand side building in Captures 61 and 62 of 'Get Carter' but that is taken from the Tyne Bridge side. (RL)

image no 4

Besides all the information David provides this shot of his from 2012. (RL)

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The town begins to wake up. Brunswick Court in London SE1 with one of the blocks of St. Olave’s Estate off Druid Street visible through the bridge on the extreme right.

image no 5

The same, redeveloped location. (PW)

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Picking up a newspaper on his way home, William Haskin (Jack Watson) is angered when he reads that ice skater Samantha Grey is to marry Alan Falconer. Brunswick Court in Southwark with the railway out of London Bridge passing overhead to the top right.

image no 6

From a similar position, forty two years later. (PW)

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Beth watches her friend Samantha finish practicing on the ice. Richmond Ice Rink on Clevedon Road, Twickenham. The venue closed down in 1992 after being bought by property developers and was replaced with the Richmond Bridge Estate.

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Packing a few items of clothing, a picture of his dead lover, a knife and a broken bottle, Haskin catches a train and arrives in London. Euston station in NW1 with the high rise blocks of the Ampthill Square Estate to the top left.

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The troubled Northerner walks from the station into the bustle of the Capital. Kings Cross station on Euston Road N1 with Pancras Road to the bottom.

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Haskin searches for somewhere to stay. The MacDonald’s Hotel at 44-46 Argyle Square WC1 as noted in the London Movie Guide by Simon James.

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A suitable place is found. The street sign may indicate that this is at the corner of Elizabeth Court in the City of Westminster.

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The disturbed man enters the hostel and checks into a private room.

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Beth (Stephanie Beacham) takes pictures as Leonard Hawthorne (John Fraser) and the rest of the groom's friends spill onto the street after the wedding between Samantha Gray (Lynne Frederick) and businessman Alan Falconer (John Leyton). Outside the Old Town Hall on Haverstock Hill Hampstead NW3.

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Cheered on by the guests, the happy couple get into the wedding car outside the film’s Hampstead Registry Office. In reality, the former Hampstead Town Hall on Haverstock Hill.

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As the newly weds are driven away, Samantha is unsettled when she sees Haskin standing half hidden beside a tree. Belsize Avenue in Hampstead with the, since altered, Old Town Hall in the background.

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Carrying their wedding gifts, Mr. and Mrs. Falconer arrive home after the reception. Loudoun Road at the corner of Carlton Hill in NW8.

image no 16

The property is presently undergoing substantial works. (RL)

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The sign proves the location.

image no 17

And to prove that I was in the right location. (RL)

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Running from a Wallis supermarket after becoming mesmerized by a Butcher cleaving meat and believing that her name was being called over the public address system, Samantha bumps into psychiatrist Leonard outside. The Wallis chain was sold in 1977 and stores rebranded as International.

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Samantha leaves Leonard’s consulting room later that afternoon. Facing south on Wimpole Street, London W1.

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That evening, Samantha says goodnight to Leonard having returned to his office and revealing that her real name is Jean Longworth. Wimpole Street in Marylebone. Wimpole Street in Marylebone.

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Watched by Haskin, Samantha gets into her car. Wimpole Street with the entrance to Welbeck Way in the background.

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Finding her old school friend unavailable, Beth takes Alan to a pub which the two stagger out of after spending the evening drinking. The Blenheim public house at the corner of Carlton Hill and Loudoun Road NW8.

image no 22

With changes to the frontage comes a change of name as well. (RL)

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Leaving his office after a visit from a drunken Alan, Leonard drives home.

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The sequence is dark but certain features can just be made out. That looks like a pub to the right.

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Leonard brings the Ford Consul to a stand at a red traffic light.

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A Motorist gets out to investigate when the Leonard’s car remains stationary as the lights change and discovers that the driver’s throat has been cut.

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Samantha and her cleaner Mrs. Wallace drive to a meeting of the Psychic Brotherhood.

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Getting out of the Fiat, Mrs. Wallace (Queenie Watts) and Samantha enter the church hall where the cleaner's daughter Joy is to preside over a séance.

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When it begins to rain after the meeting, Samantha offers Joy Wallace (Trisha Mortimer) her raincoat.

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The evening darkness deepens as Joy walks across a green and through a fairground before reaching the stop for her bus home.

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An approaching bus comes to an abrupt halt as Joy’s lifeless body is thrown under the front wheels by an unseen person.

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Discovering where Haskin is staying, Samantha drives Beth to the hostel. Looking south on Loudoun Road in St. John’s Wood.

image no 32

Now an even greener scene. (RL)

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Beth looks up to make sure it’s the right place before going inside where she find knives and cleavers in Haskin’s second floor room.

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Escaping from the hostel after being confronted by Haskin, Beth is driven to the police station by Samantha.

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Beth enters the building to report Haskin.

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Leaving her friend at the police station, Samantha continues on to her husband’s carpet factory.

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Entering the building looking for Alan, Samantha is confronted by Haskin, her Mother’s former lover.

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The Postman brings a postcard, purportedly from the missing Mrs. Wallace. The property stands at the corner of Loudoun Road and Carlton Hill in St. John’s Wood NW8.

image no 38

There is the work underway. (RL)

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With a knife in her suitcase, Samantha boards a plane with Alan before being flown to Barbados for their delayed honeymoon. Gatwick Airport with a train standing in the airport's station in the distance.

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Beth waves at the couple from the observation deck of the terminal. Gatwick Airport near Crawley in West Sussex.