Seance on a Wet Afternoon

Date: 1964
Director: Bryan Forbes
Production Company: Beaver Films, Allied Film Makers

Stars: Richard Attenborough, Nanette Newman, Patrick Magee
Location(s): London, Surrey



A psychic convinces her weak-willed husband to kidnap the child of a wealthy couple so she can use her ‘abilities’ to locate the child and thus achieve fame.

Additional Information:

Hedley England’s findings can be read by clicking here.


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The house.

image no 1

Corner of Marryat Rd and Burghley Rd in Merton/Wimbledon. Thanks to Streetview and Nick Cox

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.........said by imdb to be located in......

...south west London....

image no 3

Stark poster for this classic creepy movie, British production, size 28" x 40" approx 72cm x 100cm. Good condition, minor wear and tear. € 55.00 + p&p. Seance on a Wet Afternoon.

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.....the leafy suburbs of........

image no 5

Looking from the garden of the house across to the junction of Marryat Rd and Burghley Rd. swa001e is the same view a few frames later.Thanks to Streetview and Nick Cox.

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......Wimbledon Marryatt Road...

image no 7

General view to the house. Thanks to Streetview / Nick Cox.

.....number 41.....

image no 8

Unfortunately greenery obscures the complete view. Thanks to Streetview / Nick Cox. get yer Googles out, dust off your lenses and get down there.

image no 9

The Marryat Rd entrance to the house and garage. Thanks to Streetview / Nick Cox. Inspection chambers still in same place.

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Leading.......... Hedley England was curious about where the motorcycle and sidecar actually turned off the main road and so did some research that he shares with us. You can read his findings via the link in the Header Section of this film. (RL)

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...Staines Stadium...., was or used to be,

image no 14

The stadium is now under the M25, which crosses just beyond the picture, while the road itself extends underneath the motorway. Image is from Google Streetview - 26 Wraysbury Road, found by Duncan Stacey. Vans then, and vans now.

  • 'Now' required Hythe End, imdb.

A No 65 bus, and a park.

image no 16

Nigel Coupe has resolved this one for us, advising that at the time of filming the bus terminal point was known as Ealing, Argyle Road but in reality it is Cleveland Road, Ealing. The stop is opposite Hoolingbourne Gardens, which is the direction that Richard Attenborough is heading. Either the bus stop or the tree have been relocated slightly over the years but the park and the roads remain very much the same. Indeed those distinctive railings remain. Nigel sends this shot of the stand today but had to be content with a 297 instead of a 65. (RL)

St Georges College..........

image no 17

A shot from John Hicks showing the amount of development in the intervening years, more pupils more money. (RL)


image no 18

John Hicks preferred not to take his Roller that day. (RL)


image no 19

John Hicks provides a shot for those going up in the world. (RL)

image no 20

John Hicks really did not want his Roller in todays shots. (RL)

Outside the other house..........

image no 21

This is the entrance to the fine house on Peek Crescent Wimbledon. Nick Cox and Streetview.

.....said to also be......

image no 22

The same entrance but looking in the opposite direction. Note the now much enlarged golden privet 'ball' shrub.Thanks to Streetview & Nick Cox.

  • 'Now' required leafy Wimbledon..... Peek Crescent.......

image no 24

The fine house in Peek Cresent. Thanks to Streetview & Nick Cox.

  • 'Now' required No 5, imdb. Can you confirm?

Another shot of the house in 001.

image no 26

The view of "the house" from the back garden. Best I could get from, and thanks to, Bing maps. Nick Cox. Clearlly showing the colour banding and attic windows.


image no 27

No not Paddingtonish. Chris Matheson has provided us with a shot that he took a few years back of 19 Morgan Street, London E3. He has also sent a photo from the outside of No 19 of the gates through which "Dickie Darling" rode his bike, he says that no one has ever seen the gates open! (RL)

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Harrow Roadish?

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A cinema behind a number 25 bus. Peter identifies this as the Odeon Cinema at 401 Mile End Road, closed in 1972 but also seen in 'A Place to Go'.

The Odeon on Mile End Road in E3.

image no 31

Peter found this image on the Cinema Treasures website. Copyright unknown.

Various sources state Berwick Market. Hmmm. A theatre in Berwick Street, I don't think so. Much more likely a costermonger's stand, or three, off Shaftesbury Avenue. How about the back of the Palace Theatre, Charing Cross Road and Romillys St, W1?

image no 32

The theatre was the Globe (now the Gielgud) showing Peter Shaffer's double bill Private Ear/Public Eye. This shot was taken at the side in Rupert Street off Shaftesbury Avenue. The doors look much the same. Sender Name: Richard Lovejoy

Traffic lights suggest a junction of some importance.

image no 33

Indeed, once the Globe, now the Gielgud at the junction of Rupert Street and Shaftesbury Avenue. Richard Lovejoy.

.......with a theatre on the corner.....

image no 34

Following continuity, Peter took this.

......with exterior hoardings.....

image no 35

A little further on. Picture from Peter.

The Globe Theatre at the corner of Wardour Street and Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1.

image no 36

Peter completes the scene with this last image of the theatre.

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And now the runaround.

Allkit used to be on the corner of Shaftesbury Ave and Charing X Road, London, W1. I believe.

image no 38

Cambridge Circus. Note the triangular pediment over the Alkit shop entrance. Photo by Nick Cox

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Another theatre.

The north side of Leicester Square with the Jacey Cinema in the background. The cinema, formerly a Monseigneur news theatre, closed in 1978 and became a casino in 1983. Information from Peter.

image no 40

Peter found a redesigned Leicester Square in front of the Casino replacing the Jacey cinema.

Difficult, if not &^%$£"£%^& impossible. Could the background be where they put the Swiss Centre?

image no 41

Yes says Peter, and here's the proof with the Swiss Centre's replacement to the north west of Leicester Square.

Post Office, Trafalgar Sq. Ms B. Lake went missing, remember?

image no 42

Ruth Patterson's sleuthing and photo. Junction of St. Martin's Lane and William IV Street South corner. No more stamps or all night posting.

Frenzy corner, Leicester Square? The sign says Gentlemen, so not much help.

image no 43

The north east corner of Leicester Square taken from the north side with the soon to be demolished Odeon cinema in the right background.

Is that a large pub? Important junction with traffic lights, and on the left of the pub is that a J Lyons tea shop? They used to have a beautiful curved facia with gilded lettering.

image no 44

Opposite point of view, well spotted by Ruth, Junction of St.Martin's Lane and William IV Street North Corner.


image no 45

Peter found a very rebuilt location. The shop with the awning is where the pub once was was.

Ah ha! A clue. But there are/were about a dozen entrances. Which one is/was this?

image no 46

Yes, this is the same location as the screen capture! Peter advises that the property has been rebuilt and the station entrance replaced but this is what it looks like now from ground level.

Same place, different viewpoint. Piccadilly on the left, Regent Street on the right. Darling and Brannigan were here also.

image no 47


Reverse pov towards Leicester Square.

image no 48

...yes, again.

Leicester Square tube & Wyndam's Theatre, Charing Cross Road, central London.

image no 49

Peter took this comparison from ground level.

Same station, different entrance. Also seen in 'Turn the Key Softly'.

image no 50

Leicester Square station entrance on Charing Cross Road WC2 taken by Peter.

The garage again.

image no 51

Now a substantial hedge between the properties. Streetview and Nick Cox.

The house, again.

image no 52

Streetview and Nick Cox.

......and again. Send in your own real photograph and be recognised on our Home Page. But be quick, before someone else gets down there.

image no 53

Nick Cox and Streetview.