Date: 1989
Director: David Hare
Production Company: Channel Four Films, Film Four International, Granada Film

Stars: Blair Brown, Bruno Ganz, Bridget Fonda, Michael Gough, Hugh Laurie, Alan Howard
Location(s): Lisbon (Portugal), London, West Sussex

Region(s): , ,


An expatriate American doctor in London allows herself to lighten up when her freewheeling younger sister and a mysterious man enter her life. Her inhibitions released, the beautiful doctor learns that freedom has its own price.

Additional Information:

Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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Haven't a clue! Don't know what's going on as the working copy of this film was dubbed into Italian. Fronteria Palace (Palácio dos Marqueses de Fronteira), Lisbon, Portugal.

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Whilst on holiday, Dr. Lillian Hempel (Blair Brown) meets a stranger, Raymond Forbes (Bruno Ganz). The gardens of the Palace of Fronteira, Lisbon.

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The expatriate American Doctor and Raymond get to know each other.

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A longer shot of the gardens of the Palace of Fronteira in Lisbon.

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Unidentified location.

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Raymond and Dr Hempel continue their conversation.

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Fronteria Palace in the suburb of Benfica, Lisbon.

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The Doctor thinks about Raymond as she wanders around Fronteria Palace, Lisbon, Portugal.

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Dr Hempel sees Raymond leave his hotel. Still in foreign climes (unless you live near and can identify the place), as the car registration shows.

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Back in London - At this point, the man looking into the restaurant for someone, goes in and takes their picture. I get the impression that he's a private detective.

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Lillian Hempel arrives at work. Robbie Higgins says that her place of work was St. Mary's Hospital, South Wharf Road, London W2 (RL)

image no 11

An amazingly quiet moment at a very busy hospital. (RL)

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A slightly different angle to image strap011 to show the street to the left. So St. Mary's Hospital, South Wharf Road, London W2 once again says Robbie. (RL)

image no 12

A change of colour but much the same. (RL)

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Doctor Hempel leaves a party when a horse is delivered. Don't ask - I didn't write the plot, but it appears to be a gift from Raymond who is also outside.

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Raymond Forbes arrives at the hospital by taxi, with flowers for Lillian. St. Mary's Hospital, Praed Street, London W2 (Main Entrance) identified by Robbie Higgins. (RL)

image no 14

A map is helpful now with the hospital expanding since 1989. (RL)

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There's not too much information around about this film. See strap014 (RL)

image no 15

The pedestrian gateway seems to have changed a bit. (RL)

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Raymond enters the hospital. See strap014 (RL)

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A bit dark and blurry but this shot gives a little of the mews detail in image strap019.

image no 17

They clearly still have 'green fingers" at that house. (RL)

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More detail as Raymond's car enters the mews resolved in strap019. (RL)

image no 18

Fortunately only a token touch of scaffolding today. (RL)

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After visiting the good Doctor, Raymond leaves. But the definitive detail in the background enabled Robbie Higgins to identify Horbury Mews off Ladbroke Road, London W2. (RL)

image no 19

A quiet corner of London, (RL)

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Doctor Hempel visits Douglas Brodie (Michael Gough). The Cloisters of Christ's Hospital School, Horsham, West Sussex identified by Tonyk.

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Christ's Hospital School, Horsham.

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Christ's Hospital School.

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More of Christ's Hospital School in West Sussex. Located by Tonyk.

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Christ's Hospital School.

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The quad at Christ's Hospital School.

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Christ's Hospital School, Horsham, West Sussex found by Tonyk.

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Unidentified location.

At the end of the film, Raymond is at a Portuguese railway station (the train gives it away) and starts laughing when he sees a Girl (Melanie Roe) drop her handkerchief.

image no 28

Steve Rees found this image of the palatial Lisbon Rossio station in the city centre. The glass roof has been extended to the tunnel mouths obscuring the view up to the overhanging Bairro Alto district. Picture copyright Google.