Date: 1968
Director: Peter Graham Scott
Production Company: Commonwealth United Entertainment, Intertel

Stars: Gene Barry, Joan Collins, Richard Todd, Tom Adams, Suzanna Leigh, Michael Rennie, Marius Goring
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, London, Surrey, Sussex

Region(s): ,


An American agent comes to England and helps undercover a spy ring before becoming involved with a British spy’s wife.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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Establishing shot of Trafalgar Square, London WC2 with St Martin-in-the-Fields Church in the background.

image no 1

Richard Lovejoy (RL) took this now picture and comments that 'Clearly London's water pressure was stronger in those days'.

Michael A. Donovan (Gene Barry) walks through Trafalgar Square in WC2 with the National Gallery providing the backdrop.

image no 2

Another shot from Richard. Some things do not change.

A Photographer (Ron Pember) hands Donovan a message. Trafalgar Square again.

image no 3

The changing face of London. Image by Richard Lovejoy.

Donovan hails a taxi to take him to meet Heiner. Trafalgar Square facing Whitehall.

image no 4

You can't drive that way now! (RL)

The taxi heads for the Royal Festival Hall.

image no 5

Richard Lovejoy on Whitehall, London WC2. This time the taxi takes a different route.

Establishing shot of the Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Centre, in Lambeth, London.

image no 6

Interesting to see how much more colour and vibrance there has been even since the "swinging sixties". (RL)

The taxi arrives. The Royal Festival Hall in SE1 with Waterloo Bridge in the left background.

image no 7

Richard took this image and comment 'Just a few changes over the years'.

Donovan meets with Heiner (John Welsh). The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre off Belvedere Road SE1.

image no 8

The best that Richard could do without booking lunch.

A dark haired Woman 'accidentally' hits Heiner with her handbag and makes her way from the building. The South Bank Centre looking towards Hungerford Bridge in SE1.

image no 9

Richard ponders . . . 'Who knows what has happened down there now?'

When Heiner dies in the restaurant after being poisoned, Donovan sets of in pursuit of the Woman. The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre in SE1.

image no 10

WOW! Certainly busier now! Picture by Richard Lovejoy.

Donovan is stopped by henchmen on Hungerford Bridge. The other end of the bridge was seen in 'The Breaking of Bumbo'.

image no 11

Richard Lovejoy on the case. The Golden Jubilee Bridge dominates now.

A fight breaks out as the henchmen attack Donovan. Hungerford Bridge over the River Thames in London.

image no 12

They say that London is a safer place these days. A clearer picture from Richard.

Shevik's car pulls up as the fight continues. Looking down from Hungerford Bridge onto Victoria Embankment in WC2 with the entrance to Embankment Underground station to the extreme left.

image no 13

Zig Zag lines there now. A lovely comparison shot by Richard.

Shevik (Marius Goring) watches his henchmen as they attempt to take Donovan captive. Victoria Embankment, London WC2.

image no 14

Richard took this too. So where do I park now?

More heavies run onto the bridge to help restrain Donovan. Hungerford Bridge off Victoria Embankment.

image no 15

Yes, London is definitely safer now. (RL)

Donovan throws one of his attackers from the bridge. The pedestrian link was replaced in 2002 by the Golden Jubilee Bridges that flank Hungerford Bridge.

image no 16

Perhaps he didn't succeed the first time. (RL)

The dark haired Woman is revealed to be Donetta (Suzanna Leigh) as she removes her black wig and joins Shevik. Victoria Embankment, London.

image no 17

Do you remember when we were in that film together? About here wasn't it? Now shot by Richard Lovejoy.

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After Donovan is overpowered during the fight, Donetta watches as he is manhandled into Shevik's house.

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Shevik greets Peter Langley (Tom Adams), masquerading as Dr. Lundgren.

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A dustcart arrives at Shevik's house. Geoff Dodds identifies this as Rosary Priory on Elstree Road in Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, opposite the junction with Montacute Road adding that Several episodes of television programmes 'The Avengers', 'The Saint' and 'The Baron' episodes were shot here.

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The dustcart makes its way towards the rear of the house. Rosary Priory on Elstree Road, Bushey Heath in Bushey located by Geoff Dodds.

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A removal van makes its way towards Shevik's house. On Elstree Road with the wall of Rosary Priory to the left. Identification by Geoff Dodds.

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The real Dr. Lundgren (Guy Deghy) arrives at the gates and is questioned by Shevik. Rosary Priory in Bushey, located by Geoff Dodds. The building was previously named Caldecote Towers and is also seen in 'So Evil, So Young', 'High Road to China' and 'The Abominable Dr. Phibes'

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The dustcart waits to leave the premises as the Doctor maneuvers his car. The gateway to Rosary Priory on Elstree Road in Bushey Heath advises Geoff Dodds.

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Heavies are sent in pursuit when Shevik realises that Donovan and Langley have escaped in the dustcart. Elstree Road, Bushey in Hertfordshire.

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The chase continues. Unidentified location.

The henchmen catch up with the dustcart but Donovan and Langley are not found. Located by Geoff Dodds as what was The Stag public house, Hawthorn Lane, Burnham Beeches in Buckinghamshire until it was closed, redeveloped and became the site of two "Luxury 4 Bedroom Family Homes". in the early 2010s. (RL)

image no 27

And Geoff provides this Google Earth shot to support. (RL)

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Kitteridge (Colin Gordon) and Donovan enjoy clay pigeon shooting at Colonel Redmayne's house. Churchgate House on Balchins Lane in Westcott, Surrey identified by Manuel Gurtner from the German website Rail Movies

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Colonel Victor Redmayne (Richard Todd) calls to Kitteridge and Donovan. Churchgate House, previously Churtgate House, at the junction of Coast Hill, Guildford Road and Balchins Lane in Westcott located by Manuel Gurtner.

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Anne Langley drives Peter to the Colonel's house. Churchgate House in Wescott near Dorking was the home of the film's Executive Producer Trevor Wallace.

Donovan is sent to West London Air Terminal in an effort to mislead Shevik and his men. Cromwell Road, London SW7.

image no 31

Hmm is this correct? Just to the west of where the terminal once was. The Cromwell Hospital in the background. SJ

The car turns into the West London Air Terminal in Cromwell Road, Kensington SW7. Also seen in 'Billion Dollar Brain', 'Her Private Hell', 'Three Hats for Lisa' and 'Nowhere to Go'.

image no 32

As it looks now with Sainsbury's dominating the entrance area. SJ

Pannell is already in the terminal as Donovan arrives. The West London Air Terminal in SW7.

image no 33

Roughly where the turn in the road would've been. SJ

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Donovan is called to a meeting with Goldsmith. Wembley Stadium, also called the Empire Stadium, which closed in 2000 and was demolished in 2003. Wembley Park, Brent, Middlesex.

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Goldsmith (Michael Rennie) briefs Donovan. Wembley Stadium, Wembley.

Donovan walks towards Mrs Langley and her Son. Regent's Park in NW1.

image no 36

Two out of three trees ain't bad. SJ

Michael Langley (Gary Clifford) gets into trouble in the lake. The Children's Boating Pond in Regent's Park, London NW1 with Hanover Terrace beyond Outer Circle in the background.

image no 37

Any Bedford College student who lived in Hanover Lodge in days gone by will have walked this route to the now Regent's College on the Inner Circle, as indeed I did. SJ

Anne Langley (Joan Collins) is grateful to Donovan for rescuing her Son. The Children's Boating Lake, Regent's Park, London.

image no 38

A bit of land reclamation and different boathouse now. SJ

Donovan takes Anne and Michael on a trip to the zoo. London Zoo, Regents Park, London NW1.

image no 39

Peter took this hazy shot of the background building after his camera suffered condensation on the lens.

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The three enjoy their day out together. Somewhere in London Zoo, NW1.

Anne and Donovan become closer. Facing west on Piccadilly in W1 with Green Park to the left.

image no 41

Richard Lovejoy took this now image but remarks that the shot was totally controlled by constantly parked tourist buses.

Looking down Half Moon Street from Piccadilly with the Third Church Of Christ, Scientist in the background. London W1.

image no 42

Another now by Richard. At least the Church remains the same.

Anne and Donovan spend more time together. Albert Embankment in London SE1 with the Houses of Parliament seen across the Thames.

image no 43

How about that, matching solar reflection! SJ

Establishing shot of London Paddington station in W2.

image no 44

It's Platform 8 but there have been a few changes. Now shot sent in by Richard Lovejoy.

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Anne says goodbye to her husband, Peter. Paddington station, London W2.

The train departs and takes Peter Langley towards the west of England. Paddington station in W2.

image no 46

By the time Richard Lovejoy got there it has left.

Michael Donovan arrives at the American Embassy. Grosvenor Square, London W1. Also seen in seen in 'The Statue', 'The Sicilians', 'The Omen' and 'The Final Conflict'.

image no 47

The same location now by SJ.

Donovan enters the Embassy. Grosvenor Square in W1.

image no 48

More security nowadays. SJ

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Michael Donovan arrives at the school where Anne teaches. Unknown location.

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Donovan asks where he can find Anne Langley. Holland Park School in Airlie Gardens off Campden Hill Road, London W8. Identified by Simon James in his London Movie Guide.

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Pannell (Scott Forbes) leaves the school after handing over a note for Anne advising that her Son has been kidnapped. Holland Park School, Airlie Gardens in W8. Also used as a location in 'The Knack'.

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Donetta waits in the car with Michael Langley as Pannell returns. Holland Park School, London W8 located by Simon James.

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After Peter disappears on his journey, Donovan and Anne go to investigate an area where the train was reported to have stopped. Manuel Gurtner advises that this is around three miles west of Dorking in Surrey.

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Reverse shot from image subt053. Jonathan Horswell believes that could be somewhere along the non electrified North Downs route between Guildford and Redhill,which is confirmed by Manuel Gurtner.

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Kitteridge follows Peter Langley after seeing him on the Underground. Unknown location.

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Outside Anne's apartment block. Unidentified location.

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Pannell collects Anne from her apartment. Unidentified location.

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Donovan waits to follow Pannell and Anne. Unknown location.

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Anne finds her Husband's watch on a beach after his escape with their son. Located by Manuel Gurtner who tells us that this is Pett Level Beach east of Hastings, Sussex.

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Anne walks away from the beach during the end titles. Manuel Gurtner identifies this as inland from Pett Level Beach to the east of Hastings, now in East Sussex.