Sweeney 2

Date: 1978
Director: Tom Clegg
Production Company: Euston Films

Stars: John Thaw, Dennis Waterman, Denholm Elliott, Anna Gael, Ken Hutchinson, Barry Stanton, John Flanagan, David Casey, Derrick O'Connor, Anna Nygh, Michael J. Jackson, John Alkin, Brian Hall
Location(s): London, Middlesex, Berkshire, Gozo (Malta)

Region(s): , ,


John Thaw as Inspector Jack Regan aided by Dennis Waterman’s George Carter investigate a series of clever bank raids staged by a gang terrorising London: their investigation leads to an elite gang of crooks based in Malta. JT & SJ

Additional Information:

The murder/ suicide ending was filmed in a house where I had a bedsit (just after I moved out), at 44 Longridge Road, Earls Court. Jay

Originally loaded, in then stills, with Bryn Willets’ contribution. Now more complete.


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Filmed in Roehampton, London SW15. Just off Danebury Avenue.

image no 1

Now. Thanks to Bryn Willetts.

Filmed in Roehampton, London. Just off Danebury Avenue.

image no 2

Now. Not sure how this corresponds, but I'm sure Bryn will tell us.

Putney Embankment in SW15. The location also appears in '10 Rillington Place' and 'The Sandwich Man'.

image no 3

More bollards, but minus one phone box. SJ

From the Embankment by Putney Bridge looking over to Lower Richmond Road, SW15.

image no 4

From the Embankment by Putney Bridge looking over to Lower Richmond Road. Bryn.

Waterman on the case for the "lime green Merc." SW15.

image no 5

Riverside Snacks has been upgraded, but Kenilworth Court is intact. SJ

Elliott and Thaw confer outside the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, known as the Old Bailey EC4.

image no 6

Exactly the same. SJ

Thaw decides not to perjure himself for Elliott. Opposite the Old Bailey.

image no 7

The famous pub the Magpie and Stump which is still going inside this rebuilt block. SJ

Elliott knows he is going down.

image no 8

Now. SJ

Thaw on his way to rejoin his squad after a bit of bother.

image no 9

Looking back down Thornton Road, SW14. Bryn

And this is the bother as the Flying squad intercept some bad guys. Junction of Thornton Road & Church Avenue, SW14.

image no 10

Now. Bryn.

Alkin escorts Thaw through the scenario.

image no 11

Chestnut Avenue. Bryn

Alkin guides Thaw through the house the blaggers fled in Chestnut Avenue.

image no 12

"Now" has two brick gate posts, but "then" has three? Is the street a cul-de-sac: is there really a gate at right angles, or has Bryn been tweaking the photos with Photoshop? JT

Thaw is joined by Waterman and they take the railway bridge from South Worple Way, SW14, over the line between Barnes & Mortlake.

image no 13

Now. Bryn.

The same railway bridge looking back over the Sth Worple Way down Queens Rd, SW14.

image no 14

Bryn again.

"The Lollipop man got in the way." Helpful sign.

image no 15

From the same bridge over to Ripley Gardens. Bryn.

Looking towards Mortlake, as Thaw and Waterman return over the bridge.

image no 16

Now. Bryn.

Perham Road, West Kensington W14.

image no 17

Looking east towards North End Road. SJ

Thaw visits 20 Perham Road.

image no 18

Now. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Hutchinson with his beloved sawn off golden shotgun heads home from the beach in Gozo.

Thaw at possibly the Hendon Police Training College, Aerodrome Road, Colindale, NW9.

image no 20

Alan Draghi captures the changing scene that looks as though it has more change on the way. (RL)

A skateboarder (Sebastian Witkin) observes Hall, the waiting getaway driver (out of shot) at Arndale Centre, Wandsworth High Street, SW18. Arndale is now called Southside.

image no 21

A "shocked" Alan Draghi provides this best possible view of the location now in an area "that has changed beyond recognition. (RL)

On Neville Gill Close. The buildings behind were demolished in about 2010.

image no 22

Alan Draghi captures the scene today showing the replacement buildings and relieved that at least the window remains to establish the camera position. (RL)

Just a little further down Neville Gill Close on the west side of Southside.

image no 23

This time Alan was pleased to see that the trees are still there. (RL)

The bank robbers swap Ford cars from Cortina to Granada.

image no 24

The entrance to the car park as it is now from Alan Draghi. (RL)

Quoted by imdb as Trinity Road, Wandsworth.

image no 25

But revealed by Alan Draghi to be 48 High Street, Slough SL1 (RL)

More changing of cars. White Hart Road, Chalvey, Slough, Berkshire, according to imdb.

image no 26

Greg Paulett agrees and sends this Google Image to support until he can get their himself. (RL)

A surprise visit, intended pleasant, for Thaw who's crashed out on his chair upstairs.

image no 27

Alan Draghi provides a close up of 44 Lansdowne Crescent, London W11 (RL)

The villains live up life in the sun with their ill-gotten gains.

image no 28

Hotel Ta' Cenc & Spa, Sannat, Gozo, Malta. RJ

Panning right.

image no 29

Now. RJ

  • 'Now' required

Thaw and Waterman pay a visit.

Knocking on the front door. Nice pool.

image no 31


Gael, with Hutchinson's child, observes them.

image no 32

Not quite in the right place but pointing in roughly the correct direction. RJ

Leon Lissek greets them.

image no 33

The entrance now. RJ

  • 'Now' required

The wives watch the detectives' departure.

  • 'Now' required

And off they go.

Waterman visits Berkeley Infant School, Cranford Lane, Heston, Middlesex to inquire about an old group of ex-pupils.

image no 36

A current view from Alan Draghi, so many changes that we have to accept his word....we believe you! (RL)

A suspicious Transit is spotted on Great Church Road, W6.

image no 37

A substantially redeveloped backdrop captured by Alan Draghi (RL)

Alan Draghi identifies this as Effie Road junction of Erin Close, London SW6 (RL)

image no 38

To support his identification Alan provides an up to date shot. (RL)

Alan also placed this one, Walham Grove junction with North End Road, London SW6 (RL)

image no 39

Once again Alan supports his identification. (RL)

Investigating another suspicious vehicle on Putney Embankment, SW15.

image no 40

A rather less suspicious vehicle.....maybe it's Alan's!

The villains roll up to their robbery venue at Landor Walk, W12.

image no 41

No villains for Alan to capture during his visit to Landor Walk, London W12

Just in shot, another helpful sign.

image no 42

Alan Draghi sends this shot of Landor Walk, London W12 showing the same location but now with re-development. (RL)

Making a getaway. New housing has replaced the building.

image no 43

A capture from Alan Draghi showing slightly less activity. Landor Walk, London W12 at its junction with Curwen Road. (RL)

Turning the corner into Curwen Road, W12.

image no 44

Alan finds that it is now more formal residents parking.

A nice shot of the Empress State building (1961), occupied by the Met, and overlooking the threatened Earl's Court Exhibition Centre.

image no 45

This shot from Alan shows that parking is now more formalised. (RL)

According to imdb, this waste ground was on Seagrave Road, West Brompton, SW6.

image no 46

As Alana Draghi points out the original background building can just be seen squeezed into the back here. (RL)

Nygh takes a taxi at Leicester Square, WC2.

image no 47

On the east side. SJ

And then ducks down into Oxford Circus tube to shake any possible tail.

image no 48

Of all the entrances, this seems the best bet. SJ

The Sweeney gather at Longridge Road, SW5. Should be familiar to Waterman as that's the location of his flat in Sweeney!

image no 49

On the south side of the street. SJ

Shooting it out at no44, Longridge Road.

image no 50

Aargh, more scaffolding. The north side of the street. SJ

The widows vote to sell their husbands' dream.

image no 51

Back in Gozo. RJ