Take My Life

Date: 1947
Director: Ronald Neame
Production Company: Cineguild

Stars: Hugh Williams, Greta Gynt, Marius Goring, Francis L. Sullivan
Location(s): London



When her husband is wrongly accused of murder, an opera singer sets out to find the real culprit.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson


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Nicholas Talbot attends the London debut of his wife, opera singer Philippa Shelley. Outside the Royal Opera House on Bow Street, London WC2.

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Accused of murdering his former girlfriend Elizabeth Rusman, Nicholas Talbot is taken to prison. Simon James recognised Jebb Avenue in Braxton.

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The gates close behind the van. HM Prison Brixton on Jebb Avenue, London SW2 identified by Simon James.

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Following a train of clues including a piece of music from the dead woman's possessions, Philippa reaches Edinburgh.

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Philippa Shelley (Greta Gynt) arrives at the home of composer Sidney Flemming.

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Recognising her from a photograph in the newspaper, Flemming joins the same train that Philippa takes from Edinburgh to York.