House Across the Lake, The

Date: 1954
Director: Ken Hughes
Production Company: Hammer Films, Lippert Films

Stars: Alex Nicol, Hillary Brooke, Sidney James, Susan Stephen, Alan Wheatley
Location(s): Berkshire, Cumbria

Region(s): ,


Despite his worthy intentions, an American finds himself entangled in murder plans with a scheming femme fatale. SJ

Additional Information:

Also known as ‘Heat Wave’ (US Title)

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The Lake District is established with some second unit work in Cumbria as Wheatley seeks out Nicol.

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Flashing back Nicol tells his story which begins with a friendship with James. This is the back of James' house on the lake, actually Down Place at Bray Studios in Berkshire.

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And this is the front. An old friend, almost next door to Bray Studios. A shot seen before in many Hammer films.

image no 3

Yes Oakley Court and this is the car park which has replaced the greenhouses. SJ

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Nicol steps out. Oakley Court, Water Oakley near Windsor in Berkshire. The location is also seen in 'Half a Sixpence', 'What the Butler Saw', 'Nightmare', 'The House in Nightmare Park', 'The Mutations', 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' and others.

image no 4

The main entrance to Oakley Court. SJ

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Again the back of the house, now Down Place which is visible from the Thames. Nicol with Brooke and her step-daughter Stephen.

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James, or more than likely a double, enjoys some speed on Lake Windermere. This is the supposed view from the above shot.

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A railway station as Nicol attempts to leave before being cajoled back by James... And within 12 hours, identified by RL as Windsor and Eton Riverside. There is a shot of platform 2 in The Last Page/Manbait which matches.

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The house in now derelict. Down Place.

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Nicol tries the front.

image no 9

Nice detail of the griffins or gargoyles in the front porch. SJ

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He opens the car door to find Stephen sitting in the back seat, with Wheatley in the driver's seat.

image no 10

Again the greenhouses are long gone. SJ

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Nicol pays a visit to Brooke. I suspect this is near Bray Studios.

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Brook watches Nicol leave.

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And we're back in the lakes and in present time after the flashback. Probably Windermere Ferry.