They Flew Alone

Date: 1942
Director: Herbert Wilcox
Production Company: Herbert Wilcox Productions

Stars: Anna Neagle, Robert Newton, Edward Chapman
Location(s): London



The story of flyer Amy Johnson who won the hearts of the British public in the 1930s with her record-breaking solo flights around the world.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Ray Edwards

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The childhood home of Amy Johnson is one of the early scenes in the movie.

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Here's a young Amy Johnson (played by Anna Neagle despite being 38 years old at the time) outside her home.

The majority of the movie is takes place on studio sets but here's an establishing shot. Piccadilly Circus in London, long before the statue of Eros and the island were moved as part of traffic improvements.

image no 3

Peter captures the location from ground level.

Another establishing shot, Fleet Street EC4 with Ludgate Circus and St. Paul's Cathedral in the distance.

image no 4

Returning to Fleet Street, Peter provides this view.