Traitors, The (1962)

Date: 1962
Director: Robert Tronson
Production Company: Ello Production, James O"Connolly Productions

Stars: Patrick Allen, Jacqueline Ellis, James Maxwell, Zena Walker, Ewan Roberts, Harold Goodwin
Location(s): London



Espionage story telling how British and American security agents outwit ruthless and cunning traitors trying to steal secret project plans.

Additional Information:

Film provided by William Salter, screen captures and uncredited “now” shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy.,


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An overview of a city with a distinctive building in the foreground.

image no 1

Ray Glenister provides the answer, The Wilkins Building, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1 supported by a capture from Google Earth. We are not likely to do better than that!

  • 'Now' required

The camera pans the skyline and settles on a road…… North Gower Street, London NW1 says Ray looking north.

  • 'Now' required

…before focusing on a car travelling towards the camera. Ray places the car as in North Gower Street, London NW1 opposite the junction with Euston Street.

From inside the Reception of an office building we see the car approaching. That has to be an identifiable underground station in the center background.

image no 4

Yes, identified by Ray Glenister as that of Euston Square on the corner of Euston Road and North Gower Street.

  • 'Now' required

It pulls up outside and John Lane (Patrick Allen) and Col. Burlinson (Ewan Roberts) get out to visit General Waring of the American Secret Services. The building and approach has been totally re-developed and absorbed into the expanded University College Hospital.

  • 'Now' required

Burton (Jack May) a suspect worker on the “Tiger Project” leaves for a break, “out on the town”.

  • 'Now' required

As he drives off down the road a “telephone engineer” up the ladder reports his departure….

  • 'Now' required

….to an agent waiting at a roundabout.….

  • 'Now' required

…….who has him in his sights.

Establishing that Burton spends a short period at a cinema, arrangements are made to be there the next time he “goes out on the town”. The former Grange Cinema, Messina Avenue and Kilburn High Road.

image no 10

The "cinema" frontage has changed with its usage, now the "UCKG 24hr Help Centre".

Lane patiently waits for Burton to arrive and sees a taxi drawing up outside the cinema.

image no 11

You would severely restrict traffic flow if you parked there now.

Burton pays off the driver.

image no 12

Equally, it would be very difficult to be dropped off there now.

Inside the cinema he meets with Dr Lindt (Jeffrey Segal) who shoots him dead.

image no 13

Substantial changes have been made to the frontage.

As he walks away he is “tailed”.

image no 14

Now once again.

Lane returns to the cinema. Messina Avenue, London NW6

image no 15

Not so easy to take the same angle shot these days.

Dr Lindt, leaves his surgery and Lane decides to “take a look at his surgery” now he has full information on him. The junction of Elgin Crescent and Kensington Park Road, London W11

image no 16

Nobody looking quite so desperate today.

Lane and NATO security man Ray Ellis (James Maxwell) discuss the fact that Dr Lindt is now being “tailed”. Portobello Road, London W11

image no 17

The market continues to flourish.

  • 'Now' required

“Just the one?” enquires Ellis, "No, that's our taxi" replies Lane. Unknown location but it doesn't appear to follow on from Portobello Road. It doesn't follow on because Ray Glenister has found that it is Kensal Road, with the remains of St Thomas' Church on the corner with East Row, since rebuilt in contemporary design. To the right was red brick Pharmaceutical Warehouse that survived the re-development and is now Canalot Studios offering office and studio space.

They walk towards their car to decide upon a place that they can set up to monitor events. Elgin Crescent looking towards Colville Terrace, London W11

image no 19

Very much a similar scene.

The perfect place where no one would notice “Comings and goings” a bookmakers, or "Turf Accountants" as they were then. 8 Elgin Crescent, London W11

image no 20

The number of motorcycles have grown now they have a place of their own.

Mrs Lindt (Anne Padwick) leaves the surgery, Ellis follows jumping on the bus as it pulls away. No 15 bus but I haven't worked out which stop.

image no 21

It would appear that the No 15 was off route and hired for the occasion as Ray provides the location as Harrow Road near to Amberley Road hidden behind Mrs Lindt that he supports with this Google Earth View. Denis Hoare adds that the building in the background, covered in scaffolding, was The Neeld Arms at 362 Harrow Road and the corner of Marylands Road, now being converted into flats.

  • 'Now' required

Followed by Mason (John Brown) who hails a taxi. See Capture 21

Mrs Lindt is next seen entering Horse Guards off Whitehall, London followed by Ellis.

image no 23

I wonder if Mrs Lindt would have been concerned about the armed policeman?

They enter Horse Guard’s Parade with Lane still observing.

image no 24

More information and advertising material to read while you wait now.

She appears unaware of Ellis blending with the passing horses and riders.

image no 25

They are still clearing up after Trooping the Colour.

Mason continues to watch from afar.

image no 26

The Palace of Whitehall on the corner of Horse Guards Avenue seen from Horse Guards, London SW1

They walk on into St James’s Park.

image no 27

The benches have gone.

There she takes a seat as Ellis walks on past.

image no 28

Difficult to be exact without the benches to count.

Mason unobtrusively joins Ellis as a “suspect” approaches the scene.

image no 29

The trees on the right have certainly grown.

The said suspect, Venner (Mark Singleton) sits on the seat adjoining Mrs Lindt where he leaves a newspaper for her to pick up.

image no 30

I knew Venner and Mrs Lindt were plants!

He walks off followed by Mason. St. James's Park with Pall Mall and Carlton House Terrace in the background.

image no 31

The gates etc are in alignment so Pall Mall and Carlton House Terrace must be behind those trees.

Venner hesitates at the Guard's Memorial.

image no 32

A more legible shot.

A poignant reminder of warfare and the military action and its cost.

image no 33

Notwithstanding, strife continues in our World.

Lane makes his way to the bookmakers. Elgin Crescent looking towards Colville Terrace.

image no 34

Surprising how little has changed with regard to parking.

The team track Dr. Lindt going on a bus to the Harrow Road.

image no 35

I didn't have long to wait for a bus to enter the scene.

And over Ha’penny Bridge

image no 36

It is difficult to know what angle to take with the Bridge having been moved.

Meanwhile his “tail”, Mason, prepares to follow.

image no 37

I caught a quiet moment.

By the time he reached the other side of the bridge there is no sign of Lindt. The steps also appear in "Pressure".

image no 38

The steps have been replaced by a user friendly slope.

Not at the street corner so he must have entered the Bath House and Mason misses the person Lindt was meeting. Wedlake Street to Kensal Road, London W10.

image no 39

At least the GPO box and the pedestrian crossing remain.

Dr Lindt (Jeffrey Segal) leaves his surgery to meet Venner (Mark Singleton) outside “The Ministry” as secret information has been "fed" into their system. Elgin Crescent, London W11

image no 40

Fitting that the premises should now be "Neal's Yard Remedies".

He walks past neighbouring shops.

image no 41

Thankfully, the green tiles remain.

The scene moves to Parliament Square and the telephone box, the agreed "meeting place".

image no 42

We will have to accept the scaffolding for some time to come.

Venner comes down the Clive Steps, London SW1……..

image no 43

Dress is more casual these days.

...and walks to the telephone box in Parliament Square.

image no 44

The telephone box has been moved.

Meanwhile Burton (Jack May) walks past unobtrusively….

image no 45

This box appears to be the favourite for tourists to have their photo taken......I found a very brief moment.

…and momentarily stops to watch Dr Lindt on the other side of the road….

image no 46

A more colourful but unchanged scene.

… Dr Lindt crosses to collect the instructions left for him in a telephone book.

image no 47

It was not easy to capture the angle with the telephone situated where it is now.

He exits to hail a waiting cab. Great George Street off Parliament Square.

image no 48

An ideal place for a wedding photo.

Another cab gets to him first and Burton enters the cab behind and they set off together. Parliament Square looking into Great George Street.

image no 49

With the street shut off to traffic the chance of hailing a cab was nil.

A message is sent to an undercover car to continue to follow. Cockspur Street with Nelson's Column left centre background.

image no 50

If one is patient a gap eventually appears in the traffic.

The Renault Dauphine takes over from the taxi that pulls in to the kerb side. Cockspur Street, London SW1.

image no 51

Yes, the bus to my right would have soon filled the scene.

Instructions are given for car 4 to drop back and car 3 to take over. Regent Street, London W1 with Vigo Street right of centre.

image no 52

I am sure the flags were not out because it was the last shot of the day.

In an effort to give his pursuers “the slip” Lindt leaves the taxi and stands at a bus stop but they catch sight of him as they pass. Harrow Road with Lord Hills Bridge off to the right and Lord Hills Road to the left now lost below the Westway. This section of road also features in 'Secret People' while Lord Hills Bridge can be seen in 'This Happy Breed'.

image no 53

The junction as it is now.

Pulling over shortly after Mary (Jacqueline Ellis) gets out of the car to tail him. Harrow Road with Torquay Road off to the left after the petrol station.

image no 54

The petrol station remains and is still dispensing "Shell" fuel.

John Lane (Patrick Allen) follows in his car…… Harrow Road, London W2 just passing Chichester Place. The Stafford Hotel/Public House is just right of center background.

image no 55

A little further forward than I would have wished but the alternative was a blank wall.

…and turns right. Ranelagh Bridge, London W2

image no 56

Despite the significant road changes it is still possible to obtain a reasonable shot.

Lindt alights from the bus to walk over Ha’penny Steps Bridge also featured in Quadrophenia and Pressure.

image no 57

The old bridge, that was to the left has clearly been replaced but the wider shot sets the scene.

He looks back to see if he is being followed

image no 58

Best possible shot given the changes.

Re-assured that he is not, he carries on. Wedlake Street, London W10

image no 59

The staircase has been replaced by a user friendly slope.

And enters the Baths and Wash Houses in Wedlake Street to hand over the report he had collected.

image no 60

The wash house has long gone.

Lane tells his driver to ask all cars to get there right away and enters the baths to make an arrest, a shooting and a fight ensues until arrests are made.

image no 61

Not only have we lost the wash houses but Patrick Allen as well.