Tread Softly Stranger

Date: 1958
Director: Gordon Parry
Production Company: George Minter Productions

Stars: Diana Dors, George Baker, Patrick Allen, Terrance Morgan
Location(s): London, South Yorkshire

Region(s): ,


An irresistible temptress causes trouble between two brothers which leads to robbery and death.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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A taxi draws up outside the London apartment block where Johnny Mansell lives. Peter identifies the Melia White House Hotel, formerly 'The White House', at No. 1 Albany Street, London NW1.

image no 1

Peter found a new devolopment replacing the flats in the background.

Linda (Sandra Francis) steps from the taxi and enters the building where she is about to find that Johnny is fleeing London after running up large gambling debts. 'The White House' on Albany Street located by Peter.

image no 2

The redesigned entrance of the former White House by Peter.

The camera tilts up as Linda passes through the entrance door. The Melia White House Hotel in NW1 found by Peter, which also makes an appearance in 'Gideon's Day' and 'Escapement'.

image no 3

Peter spotted the old portal above the new entrance.

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The train bringing Johnny from London pulls into Rawborough station. Parkgate and Rawmarsh railway station on Aldwarke Road in the north of Rotherham, Yorkshire. The station closed in January 1968 although the railway line is still in use.

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Johnny Mansell (George Baker) leaves the station. The station approach road of Parkgate and Rawmarsh railway station with Aldwarke Terrace in the background. Confirmed by Phyllis Elias.

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Walking away from the station, Johnny sets out to find his brother Dave, a wages clerk at Mallaby's steel mill. The Station Hotel on Aldwarke Road, Parkgate, Rotherham.

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A train of wagons crosses the road. This is Aldwarke Road, also seen in image trsost013. An old OS map of the area shows the level crossing just west of the Station Hotel.

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Johnny makes his way to the Working Mens Club. Lloyd Street in Parkgate, about halfway between Broad Street and Cross Street on the north side of the road. The building is number 34 but the whole street has been demolished and replaced with industrial premises.

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Children playing in the street kick a football towards Johnny. JT adds "The crowd scenes using local kids earned them all a shilling and a Mars Bar."

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After kicking the ball back to the boys, Johnny carries on to the Working Mens Club. The skyline is dominated by the Park Gate Iron and Steel Company's works. John Tunstill advises that filming took place in Lloyd Street, Parkgate - is this the place? JT spot on again, Phyllis Elias confirms that it is indeed Lloyd Street, Parkgate.

When he finds that his Brother is lodging at Widow Finnegan's on Scunthorpe Road, Johnny heads to the house and takes a room. Christopher Matheson identifies this as Uverdale Road, London SW10, north of Burnaby Street. There are only two sets of terrace houses with the distinctive plain feature over the doorways. (RL)

image no 11

Peter visited but, although the chimney of the distant Lots Road Power Station is the same amidst the greenery, the rest of the street is hidden from view by building worker's hording.

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Steelworker Paddy Ryan (Patrick Allen) speaks with his girlfriend Sylvia (Jane Griffiths). Likely to be inside the Park Gate Iron & Steel Company's mill.

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An establishing shot of Mallaby's steel mill is seen after Johnny, Dave and girlfriend Calico decide to rob the wages office to cover up Dave's embezzlement of £300. Parkgate Iron & Steel Mill on Aldwarke Road, Parkgate in South Yorkshire. Phyllis confirms the location adding that it was almost the view from her bedroom window in the house that is sadly, long demolished. (RL)

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Potter (Russell Napier), the head of accounts, catches up with Dave Mansell (Terence Morgan) as he leaves work and advises that an audit is about to take place.

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Early one morning, Johnny takes one of Calico's watches to a Pawnbrokers.

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Johnny gets £50 for the watch to invest on a day at the races and bumps into Paddy as he leaves the shop. The cooling tower may belong to the Prince of Wales power station but the location is unconfirmed.

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Whilst at the races, Johnny is beaten up by a past Creditor (Tom Clegg). Likely to be the stands at Doncaster Racecourse in South Yorkshire.

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That evening, Dave sets off to carry out the robbery as planned. Unknown location.

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Through alleyways and back gardens, Dave makes his way to the steel mill. Unidentified location.

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Panning with Dave from image trsost019, the boundary wall is reached.

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The wall is scaled and Dave makes his way into the mill's wages office.

After being treated for cuts and bruises, Johnny gets a lift back from the races. This is Bridge Street in Rotherham at the junction with Greaseborough Road, identified by Martin Green.

image no 22

Martin Green has provided this picture of the location now. Image copyright Google.

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Johnny thanks the driver and heads to catch up with Dave. Martin Green locates this as Bridge Street, at the corner of Greaseborough Road.

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The Brothers flee from the scene after Paddy Ryan's father is killed during the robbery. Unidentified location.

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Dave sees Danny (Norman Macowan), an old man who witnessed the robbery and the shooting of Joe Ryan. Unknown location.

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Dave starts to panic and hurries home to tell Johnny and Calico. Craven Street, Parkgate.

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Johnny goes to a pub after close call with Ryan. Outside the Wagon & Horses public house in Greasborough Road. Rotherham's now demolished Prince of Wales power station stands to the right. Information from John Tunstill.

When Dave enquires what's happening down on the canal, a Police Officer advises that they are looking for the gun used in the robbery at the mill.

image no 28

Des Green provides us with the exact location, A633 St Ann';s Road between Rotherham and Parkgate crossing the River Don with Rawmarsh Road running down the right hand side. Des sends a similar shot from Google Earth witnessing the changes. (RL)

Dave panics and heads home to Johnny and Calico.

image no 29

Des also provides this Google satellite shot identifying the location and its surroundings. (RL)

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After Ryan becomes suspicious, the police call and take Johnny away. Christopher Matheson places this as Uverdale Road, London SW10 looking towards the crossroads with Burnaby Street. The "lit up" building just above the right corner of the police car roof is now the Westminster Wine Company at 43 Burnaby Street. (RL)

After questioning, Johnny Mansell is taken home from the Police Station by Inspector Harris (Andrew Keir) and Sergeant Lamb (Thomas Heathcote). JT locates this as the old Rawmarsh Police Station, but where was it?

image no 31

Teresa Illingworth confirms that it was indeed Rawmarsh Police Station that was on Rawmarsh Hill, just above Parkgate in Rotherham, she lived almost opposite. It was demolished for a re-development named after Prospect House which was also gave way for the development. Teresa provides this shot of the same scene now. (RL)

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A Constable (Jerrold Wells) accompanies the group.

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Finally, a shot of Calico (Diana Dors) who appears never to have left the studio in Walton on Thames. Not so, the film was shot within view of Phyllis Elias' home and she says Diana was frequently on set and was regularly seen for at least half a dozen of the filming days. (RL)