Truth About Women, The

Date: 1957
Director: Muriel Box
Production Company: Beaconsfield Productions

Stars: Laurence Harvey, Julie Harris, Diane Cilento, Mai Zetterling, Eva Gabor
Location(s): Surrey



An elderly man recalls the relationships that he has had with women over his lifetime.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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Furious that his unhappy marriage has ended with his wife Diana leaving him, Anthony drives at speed towards the house of his in-laws. Not far from Polesden Lacey Steve Cook found St. Barnabas, Ranmore Common Road, Surrey. (RL)

image no 1

This view of the church would be almost totally obscured in the summer. SD

Arriving at the home of Sir Humphrey and Lady Tavistock, Anthony spots his wife’s car parked in front of the house. The location also appears in ‘The File of the Golden Goose’. Steve Cook identifies this as Polesden Lacey near Leatherhead, Surrey. (RL)

image no 2

Polesden Lacey has been owned by The National Trust since 1942. SD

Once inside the house, Anthony (Derek Farr) discovers that his wife has gone shopping and begins to explain his inability to understand women to his father-in-law.

image no 3

I waited until the end of the day when the house closed to the public to get this view of the doors. SD

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Sir Humphrey Tavistock tells his son-in-law about his own experiences with women over his lifetime, beginning with his brief affair with suffragette Ambrosine Viney. Steve also instantly recognises Binfield Manor, Binfield, Berks also seen in The Stud, Tales that Witness Madness and others. (RL)

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Ambrosine is happily courted by Humphrey until she makes her conditions of marriage clear.

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Working for the diplomatic corps Humphrey is posted to Yakut, next door to Turkey, and breaks off the relationship with Ms. Viney.

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In the middle eastern country, Humphrey meets and falls for Saida.

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A spell in the United States sees Sir Humphrey narrowly escape being wedded to an ambitious title chaser. A stock shot of the United States Capitol at the intersection of East Capitol Street NE and First Street SE in Washington, DC.

Returning to England, Sir Humphrey Tavistock (Laurence Harvey) gets to know Helen Cooper (Julie Harris) when the elevator they are travelling in breaks down but receives bad news when he takes her home to meet his family. The rear of Polesden Lacey, near Leatherhead, Surrey Steve Cook tells us. (RL)

image no 9

Now, without the garden furniture. SD

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Injured during the Great War, Sir Humphrey is taken to a military hospital at a converted country house on the banks of the Thames.

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Sir Humphrey falls for the married Nurse Julie Eaton (Mai Zetterling) who helps him convalesce.

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A court case is brought by Julie's estranged husband Trevor Eaton which causes a stir in the press.