Vicious Circle, The

Date: 1957
Director: Gerald Thomas
Production Company: Beaconsfield Productions, Romulus Films

Stars: John Mills, Derek Farr, Noelle Middleton, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Roland Culver, Mervyn Johns, Rene Ray, Lionel Jeffries, Lisa Daniely, David Williams, Diana Lambert Hal Osmond, Gillian Moran
Location(s): Knightsbridge, London Zoo, London Airport



When Dr Howard Latimer finds the German actress that he has just met at London Airport murdered in his flat, it leads him into the world of murder, blackmail and a fake passport scam. Stills and google proof by James Cochrane.

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The opening credits roll with the camera in advance of the car carrying Geoffrey Windsor to the Mayfair Clinic turning east onto Devonshire Street from Marylebone High Street London.

image no 1

What was Sketchley’s shop, dry cleaners, is now The Natural Kitchen. This, with the following, replaces James' streetview originally loaded on 12/6/2012.

Still travelling east on Devonshire Street with the distinctive buildings in the background.

image no 2

Very little of the background has changed. JC/SJ

Passing the junction with Harley Street.

image no 3


Car turning north into Portland Place.

image no 4

Devonshire Street/Portland Place, London. JC/SJ

Geoffrey Windsor arriving at the Mayfair Clinic.

image no 5

The Mayfair Clinic, is 73 Portland Place, London. JC/SJ

The Detective Inspector arrives by car and parks opposite the Mayfair Clinic.

image no 6

This is the view opposite 73 Portland Place. Shame about the scaffolding. JC/SJ

The Detective Inspector passes a statue on his way to the clinic.

image no 7

The statue is of Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister who was a famous British surgeon in the 1800/1900s. Did he invent mouthwash? JC/SJ

Doctor Latimer flees from his flat in his fiancée's car. The sign above Dr Latimer’s head “something Cottage”.

image no 8

Definitely 33 Ennismore Gardens Mews, SW7. Replacing an earlier streetview shot. SJ

The sign above Dr Latimer’s head in Capture 8 reads “something Cottage”.

image no 9

It's Grange Cottage etched in the glass, or I somehow imagined it was. James C. thought Oratory and that would make more sense, and a revisit confirms that he is right. SJ (still originally added 24/2/15)

It would appear that the interior of the actual house was used for filming since this and many other shots show the Brompton Oratory which is directly opposite the house.

image no 10

A shot taken from outside the property and best in the winter season. SJ

The telephone number has the area prefix SLOane ----- which I think was correct for this location. This is further proof of the above.

image no 11

Oratory Cottage it is. SJ

The police arrive to speak to Dr Latimer at his flat. Is that one of the towers of the Harrods store in the distance above the car?

image no 12

Now. SJ

Dr Latimer arrives by car to retrieve a book of matches from his flat for Robert Brady and parks at the top of his street which is the junctions of Ennismore Gardens and Ennismore Gardens Mews.

image no 13

Replacing a Google shot with an improved angle. SJ

  • 'Now' required

The police arrive to capture Dr Latimer but obviously they are not in Ennismore Gardens but in somewhere called Haley Court! I am unable to identify this location.

Dr Latimer approaching his flat with Kenneth Palmer and Laura James in Palmer’s car.

image no 15

Replacing streetview, Ennismore Gardens Mews, London SW7. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Dr Latimer entering the West Brompton Hospital to confront Dr Kimber. Identified by Kevin Barry as what was Slough Town Hall, 33 Bath Road, Slough and is now Claycots School. (RL)

Dr Latimer arriving at Victoria Embankment London to meet Geoffrey Windsor.

image no 17

Now. Streetview Ref, Victoria Embankment. This is Hungerford Bridge which has been altered greatly but the domed abutment in vc0017 in just visible between the foliage.

Dr Latimer and Windsor about to meet up on the Thames cruise ship.

image no 18

Now. Streetview Ref, Victoria Embankment, London.

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View of the street with the front of the taxi carrying Dr Latimer just coming into view at the right of the photo. He is visiting Detective Inspector Dane at his “Office”. The street lights are suspended across the road on a catenary wire. After all the years this is finally identified by John Tuthill as the Embankment near Scotland Yard looking towards Hungerford Bridge. (RL)

image no 19

And it is also time that John's identification had a support shot. What is now known as The Norman Shaw Buildings remain heavily protected by metalwork. (RL)

Dr Latimer going into D I Dane’s "Office". Scotland Yard from Embankment, which was the entrance to 'the Yard' until 1967.

image no 20

The same location now from Peter, who found builders at work in the area.

Police car approaching the camera is carrying Dr Latimer after him being supposedly arrested and taking him to the police station.

image no 21

This view is looking east on Ennismore Gardens road just round the corner from Dr Latimer’s flat! JC/SJ

Press await outside the police station entrance for Dr Latimer. Which, therefore, seems to be opposite the next shot. And now all gone............

image no 22

The existing buildings have been demolished and these new ones have been built in their place. A plate on the wall of the buildings in view says Moncorvo Close. JC/SJ

Dr Latimer having been "arrested" leaving the police car.

image no 23

The number 9 and sign underneath on the corner of the building match perfectly. JC/SJ

Geoffrey Windsor leaving London Zoo entrance after his meeting with Dr Latimer.

image no 24

Now. Streetview Ref, Outer Circle, London. The pillars are still very evident.

Kenneth Palmer entering the tunnel to London Airport.

image no 25

Now. Streetview Ref, Tunnel Road East, London. This road is Tunnel Road East which leads to Terminals 1, 2 and 3 at Heathrow Airport London.