Wanted for Murder

Date: 1946
Director: Lawrence Huntington
Production Company: Marcel Hellman Productions

Stars: Eric Portman, Dulcie Gray, Derek Farr, Roland Culver, Stanley Holloway
Location(s): London



The son of a hangman is driven insane by thoughts of his father’s profession and becomes a serial strangler.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘A Voice in the Night’ (US Title)


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  • 'Now' required

Anne Fielding (Dulcie Gray) descends onto the Underground as she heads to meet Victor Colebrooke at the fair on Hampstead Heath.

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On the crowded train Anne meets Jack Williams, a bus conductor from her route to work, and the two travel to the fair together.

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A Station Attendant (Caven Watson) talks with Jack Williams (Derek Farr) when he returns to Hampstead station after Anne disappears at the fair. Looks like a studio set but included for completeness.

An establishing shot of the City, where Victor is a partner in an import business.

image no 4

The same location by Peter. "City of London planning know how to ruin a skyline!"

Victor James Colebrooke (Eric Portman) buys a newspaper and reads about a murder. Cornhill in EC2 with The Royal Exchange to the left. The location was also seen in 'The Mackintosh Man' and 'The Green Man'.

image no 5

Here's one I took for 'A Touch of Class' before I realised I had been beaten to it by the prolific Peter. Exactly the same angle. SJ

The businessman crosses to buy flowers. The Royal Exchange at the junction of Threadneedle Street and Cornhill in London EC3.

image no 6

No flowers on sale now. Picture from Peter.

Detectives at New Scotland Yard puzzle over a woman found murdered on Hampstead Heath on the night that Anne, Victor and Jack were there.

image no 7

Peter captured the location from the Embankment side of Scotland Yard.

The laundry man arrives outside the Colebrooke's house. Facing west on Chelsea Embankment SW3.

image no 8

Hooray: traffic-free. SJ

Freshly laundered linen is delivered. Star House on Chelsea Embankment.

image no 9

The same frontage now. This replaces a google image. SJ

Victor arrives home where he lives with his mother, to find Chief Inspector Conway waiting. Outside Star House on Chelsea Embankment SW3.

image no 10

Peter found the same railings still there 68 years later.

The curtains are pulled back and Victor watches the Chief Inspector depart. Looking out onto Chelsea Embankment with Albert Bridge visible in the distance.

image no 11

Taken from a doorway rather than inside. SJ

  • 'Now' required

When Jack finishes his shift he discovers Sergeant Sullivan waiting to question him.

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On another day, Jack jumps from the platform of his bus at the terminus.

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Sergeant Sullivan (Stanley Holloway) waits with Anne, who backs up his alibi for the night of the murder.

Jack takes Anne back to town on his number 24 bus. Peter identifies this as outside Horseguards Parade on Whitehall, looking towards Big Ben.

image no 15

The same place now in this picture from Peter.

On the way, the two arrange a trip to the cinema. Peter identifies this as The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square WC2.

image no 16

And Peter provides this proof of the location.

  • 'Now' required

At Anne's stop, traffic builds up behind the bus as Jack continues his wooing. Ray and Ron Glenister close 2017 with this identification of Trafalgar Square outside the National Gallery. (RL)

After being questioned again, Victor leaves New Scotland Yard. Another familiar location used in 'Kill Me Tomorrow' and 'The Blue Parrot' plus many more.

image no 18

From the Embankment side. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Victor crosses the road towards the river as a tram bound for Battersea approaches. Victoria Embankment in WC2.

The son of notorious hangman William Colebrooke climbs the steps up to Lambeth Bridge in SE1. The tower of St Thomas' Hospital can be seen across the river.

image no 20

St. Thomas's Hospital is behind the tree while the new instant church has the 'Shard' as a steeple. Picture from Peter.

Detective Ellis (Bill Shine) follows. Lambeth Bridge from the corner of Millbank SW1 with the London Fire Brigade Headquarters in the right distance.

image no 21

Peter took this of the same location now.

The troubled man walks beside the river. Chelsea Embankment SW3 with Battersea 'A' Power Station and Battersea Bridge in the distance. Also seen in 'Dracula AD 1972' and 'The Upturned Glass'.

image no 22

A modern comparison by Peter.

Chelsea Embankment with Battersea Park across the Thames.

image no 23

Using pure guesswork, Peter provides this image of the same location.

  • 'Now' required

After being given the cold shoulder by Anne, Victor sees Jack enter the record shop where she works.

Suspecting that Jack is meeting Anne, Victor slowly crosses the road. Looking north towards City Road from Finsbury Square in EC2.

image no 25

Peter found more refurbishment on the classic Triton House and adds that he used to work in the next building to the right before it was Scotia House.

Victor stands behind a traction pole and watches as Anne walks by arm in arm with Jack. The north west corner of Finsbury Square with the junction of City Road and Tabernacle Street in the right background.

image no 26

The Union Flag flutters above the Honorable Artillery Company headquarters on the left. Image by Peter.

  • 'Now' required

After sending an anonymous postcard to Conway threatening another murder, Victor leaves the post office.

  • 'Now' required

Detective Ellis picks up the trail.

Becoming increasingly insane, Victor leaves his home. Chelsea Embankment, London SW3.

image no 29

Replacing my earlier shot which focussed on the wrong pillar. There's dedication for you. SJ

The camera tilts up the building as Ellis comes out of the shadows. Chelsea Embankment.

image no 30

And another replacement, with improved weather as well as angle. SJ

Victor arrives at Marble Arch. London W1.

image no 31

Peter's picture of the same arch.

Detective Ellis follows Victor into the crowd. The corner of Oxford Street and Park Lane serves as the backdrop.

image no 32

A sunny scene on Cumberland Gate in W2, sent in by a grumpy Peter on a very rainy August Bank Holiday.

As the police deduce that Victor is the murderer, Anne waits for him one last time. In the background stands the statue of Achilles in Hyde Park W1.

image no 33

The same statue now by Peter.

Victor asks Anne that they spend the evening together after she tells him that she is in love with Jack. The bandstand in Hyde Park, also seen in 'The Alphabet Murders'.

image no 34

The bandstand is a temporary campsite/squat which didn't help Peter's photography.

Hoping to find her son before the police, Mrs Colebrooke (Barbara Everest) searches for Victor with her housekeeper Florrie (Kathleen Harrison).

image no 35

From a similar angle now. Image by Peter.

Chief Inspector Conway orders a search for Victor in Hyde Park.

image no 36

Peter captured The Cumberland Hotel to the left and the Marriott Park Lane to the right from Cumberland Gate, Marble Arch.

Police head into the park to search for the murderer. South Carriage Drive, London W2. Scenes for 'The Bitch' and 'The Magic Box' were filmed here too.

image no 37

The same location taken by Peter, with Apsley House on the left.

More officers appear on the scene. The Old Police House in Hyde Park W2.

image no 38

Peter notes that the 'police' lamp has been moved out of shot to the right.

The camera pans with the car. The Old Police House in Hyde Park, now offices of The Royal Parks.

image no 39

Peter found the same location, without the park regulations.

The Boat-keeper (George Carney) greets Victor as he hires a boat to take Anne across to the island in The Serpentine.

image no 40

Peter captured a new timber clad boathouse with lots of clutter.