Created on 16 November 2017

Talking Pictures TV

It has recently come to our attention that from the afternoon of Thursday 30th November Talking Pictures TV will be available on Freeview NATIONWIDE to 90% of the Country. If you can currently watch Yesterday Channel on number 19 or Home on number 25 you will be able to receive it (well, virtually everyone!). No need for any special TV or HD box equipment, the signal is being boosted so even more people will be able to watch on channel 81 Nationwide. 

We, and we know that many of our contributors currently enjoy this channel and as a result a number of locations have been resolved, indeed two very recently, as a result of viewing a film. Please help us and Talking Pictures by supporting their extended coverage.

Talking Pictures TV can currently be viewed on Virgin 445, Freesat 306, Freeview 81, Youview 81 and Sky Channel 343. It is also available on free-to-air satellite service.



Created on 10 November 2017

Further Locations Identified 

Dance Hall 009 to 011 – Ray and Ron Glenister

Dilemma 005 – Richard Savage

Interlude 003 to 005 – Steve Cook

Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter 051 and 052 – Steve Cook

Circle of Danger 015 and 020 – Ron and Ray Glenister

Sapphire 047 and 050 – Christopher Matheson

Thank you all again, the high level of information and involvement this year has been magnificent. 

Created on 01 November 2017

Location Updates

Naked Runner, The 014 and 015 – Geoff Dodd

Dublin Nightmare 005 – N. Mason

What’s Good for the Goose 004 to 006 – Neil Rigby

Interlude 013 – John Cobbett Maddy

Yellow Balloon 018 to 020 – John Cobbett Maddy

Obsession 002a to 002d – Ray and Ron Glenister

Face of Fu Manchu, The 026, 028a and 028b – Alan Bourke

Prick Up Your Ears 006 to 009 – Jules Ballantyne

Neither The Sea Nor The Sand 010 and 011 – K.

Thank you all once more for your contributions, they are greatly appreciated.


Created on 16 October 2017

And Another Batch of Locations

Beauty Jungle, The 054 and 055 – Hugo Mitchell

Hypnotist, The 018 to 020, 029 and 030 – Ray and Ron Glenister

Sliding Doors 006 – Jonathan Horswell

Prostitute 030 – Jonathan Horswell

Friday the Thirteenth (1933) 011 – Peter Brown

That’ll Be The Day 005 and 005a – Michael Green information

Cool it Carol 006 – Dave Sullivan

Whistle Down the Wind 021 and 026 – Michael Heyslop

Escape (1948) 106 and 107 – Peter Brown

Flame in the Streets 004 to 007 – Ray and Ron Glenister

On the Beat 001 and 002 – Ron and Ray Glenister

Thank you all once again for your interest and keeping our location base ever improving.

Created on 07 October 2017

More Locations Resolved

The volume of information, interest and indeed compliments that we are receiving is truly rewarding. Thank you all and welcome to all those names that are new to us. 

Yes, it is another long list!

Blue Lamp, The 034 – Martin Green

Flight of the Doves 030, 033, 034 and 056 – Ian Wallace

Nearest and Dearest 009 – Aaron Gray

Genevieve 049 – Russell Williamson

One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing 005 and 012 – Dave Buckley

Man in the Moon 005 to 007, 017 and 018 – Don Wright

Three Hats for Lisa 015 to 018 – Tony Duster

Crooked Sky, The 025 – Ray and Ron Glenister

Black Orchid 003 – Ron and Ray Glenister

Murder By Proxy 016 to 020 – Ray and Ron Glensiter

True as a Turtle 015 – A recollection from TonyW

Circle of Danger 006 to 008 Peter Robinson

Blue Lamp, The 081 – Martin Green

School for Randle 010 – Peter Brown

Breakaway 041 – Michael Markson

Created on 02 October 2017

Autumn Reel Streets Meeting

Apologies for the short notice, plenty of reasons but no excuses. The autumn get together has been arranged for this Wednesday the 4th October starting at The Holly Bush, 22 Holly Mount, Hampstead London NW3 at 4.30pm, this "watering hole" features in The Killing of Sister George. Suitably refreshed we propose moving back down on to Heath Street, passing settings for other productions as we make our way to The Flask on the corner of Back Lane and Flask Walk. Hampstead features in a host of other films, many of the locations will be close to hand. Search our Website with "Hampstead".

We hope to see you at one or both "watering holes". 


Just as we are leaving The Holly Bush and moving on to the next.


Adrian Grepnold, Phil W, John T, Richard L, Peter and Simon J


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