Created on 25 September 2017

Battersea Society - Film Showing

It has been brought to our attention that the Society is presenting a public showing of The Happy Family (1952) on Thursday 5th October at the Battersea Power Station Village Hall. This delightful Ealing-style comedy tells the story of Mr and Mrs Lord who refuse to move out of their corner shop on the South Bank to make way for the building of the Festival Hall. If you are in London or are able to get there, this is a wonderful opportunity to see post war London and hopefully hear older residents reminisce. Full details can be found on the website:  The Village Hall is next to Battersea Power Station accessed by Chelsea Bridge. Buses 137, 452 and 44 and Battersea Park Station.  There are still some locations that need identifying!

Created on 21 September 2017

Another Batch of Locations

WOW! You really are keeping us busy, thank you all very much. Before the listing gets too long here is the latest information we have received.

Sing As We Go 000e – Graham Chivrall

Krays, The 016 – Rachelle DuFrans

Nothing Barred 024 – John Cobbett-Maddy

Wrong Arm Of The Law 007 and 008 – Michael Bonnefoy

Three Musketeers, The (1973) 017 – Peter Clarke

Danger by my Side 017 and 018 – Russell Williamson

Let’s Be Happy 027 and 028 – Jules Ballantyne

Emergency 020 – Russ Williamson

They Came From Beyond Space 006 – Martin Albertini

Hindle Wakes (1952) 102, 104 and 105 – David Hilton

Day to Remember, A 006 – Jonathan Horswell

Created on 17 September 2017

Location Updates

Breakaway 040 – Christopher Matheson

Escape (1948) 131 – Jonathan Horswell

Four in the Morning 022 – Ray and Ron Glenister

Beauty Jungle, The 027 to 030 - Ian Wegg

Angry Silence, The 041 to 045 - Graham Whelehan

I've Gotta Horse 011 – Russ Williamson

Naked Runner, The 011 and 012 – Steve Dowthwaite

Hudson Hawk 007 – Arthur Drysdale

Pit of Darkness 001, 002, 006 and 020 – John Cobbett-Maddy

Haunted House of Horror, The 018 and 020 – Neil Rigby

Nothing Barred 008 to 010, 018 to 023, 041 and 042 – John Cobbett-Maddy

Life and Crimes of William Palmer, The 001 and 002 – Andrew Gowlett

Ups and Downs of a Handyman, The 024 to 026 – Paul Osborne


Yes, you can see that you have been keeping us very busy! Thank you to the "regulars" and we are so pleased to have heard from those who have only recently found us and have contributed so quickly. 

Created on 03 September 2017

Location Update

Lady Godiva Rides Again 005 – Christopher Matheson

Von Ryan’s Express 010 – Henry

14, The 060 – Information from Tariq Ali

Bank Job, The 022 – Neil Rigby

Tommy 027 – Jim Mills

Burning an Illusion 012, 029 and 030 – Wade Bayliss

Time Bandits 010 to 012 – Nigel Gibbins

Thank you all for your interest during the busy holiday month of August.

Created on 18 August 2017

Gordon Ostlere Dies Aged 95

Gordon Ostlere, who has died aged 95, was a real-life doctor until 1952, when under the name 0f Richard Gordon, he wrote Doctor in the House, and a film adaptation followed two years later. Dirk Bogarde, Kenneth More, Donald Sinden and Donald Houston, all at the fictional St Swithin’s hospital devoted their time to girls, booze and sport, whilst James Robertson Justice growled. With many more books and many more films Richard Gordon has certainly earned his place in cinema history.

Created on 18 August 2017

Pool of London 

Would the Mike that contacted us regarding this film please get in touch again and confirm his email address as all communications using variants of the one given have failed.



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