FILM : Gun of the Black Sun
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Gun of the Black Sun 2011 Ian Wright, Gary Douglas, Richard Lynch Putney, North London & Romania
Director : Jeff Burr   Production Company :   Region : LONDON E-G,REST OF THE WORLD

LPA movingPictures Clinches Marketing Deal For DVD Fantasy Thriller Gun Of The Black Sun New promotional viewing platform promotes movie sponsored by iconic motorbike brand Harley-Davidson Co-stars soccer legend Ian Wright MBE LPA movingPictures, the London-based promotional viewing platform, has snapped up the deal to promote Gun Of The Black Sun. Scheduled for release on 3 February 2011 and exclusively on DVD, the €1 million 90-minute fantasy adventure co-stars Ian Wright MBE, ex-England international footballer and Harley-Davidson fan, in his first major film-acting role. This film is co-produced by its lead actor (and former Playgirl pin-up) Gary Douglas, who has appeared in several Australian TV series and movies. Hollywood veteran Richard Lynch is another co-star. It is directed by Jeff Burr (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, The Stepfather II and Puppet Master 4 and 5). The plot centres on a ruthless media mogul’s obsession with resurrecting the Third Reich empire and building a new Nazi-indoctrinated Aryan race. Harley-Davidson is supporting the movie by supplying motorcycle gear and bikes to Douglas and Wright. The company is also endorsing the DVD distribution via marketers of Harley-Davidson goods, services, events and dealers. LPA movingPictures is using social-media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and its own film-and-video showcasing website ( to promote the film.Thereby raising the movie’s profile and creating more distribution opportunities among the international film community. A consumer campaign on social-media networks will follow to drive sales of the DVD among movie fans. More details about Gun Of The Black Sun, its distribution strategy, Ian Wright, Gary Douglas, Richard Lynch and the cast and crew are available on an d About LPA movingPictures LPA movingPictures is a new promotional viewing platform set up by the London Photographic Association (LPA), the highly respected still-photography organisation behind the much coveted London Photographic Awards. LPA movingPictures' mission is to gain exposure and boost sales for commercial movies and art films by independent producers and the independent divisions of major studios. Additionally, LPA movingPictures manages a pool of high-quality and highly respected filmmakers, video producers, still photographers and other image creatives. Its members’ works, whether traditional analogue and digital film, CGI animation, 3D movies, lenticular prints or art photography, are available to existing and potential clients who require original film and images for personal and commercial use. In addition to supplying imagery content created by filmmakers and photographers, LPA movingPictures has the facilities to project manage the pre and post-production stages of films or photographs being created for promotional campaigns. For more information, contact Kevin O’Connor at LPA movingPictures:- Phone: +44 (0)20 8392 8557 Email:

Premiere next week  over 200 VIP guests flying in from U.S.A, Monaco, Italy, to name a few countries, and stars from the sports ,T.V and film world will be in attendance there will press release photo's of events on Sunday 6th March in the papers.




The Film's Reviews

Gary Douglas Thompson embodies the spirit of Roger Corman  with Gun of the Black Sun. Tarantino reveres this kind of high energy film making but has completely lost the ability to deliver it on the kind of lower budgets Corman and Gary so obviously relish. Howard Martin

'Bikes, girls, and a gun with mystical powers - what's not to like?'‘

Jeremy Pick, Harley-Davidson Europe

“Darkly unpredictable with a cool edge, a must see for all bikers"

Scott Johnston Film and Fashion Critic.

Gary Douglas has shot a winner with the movie Gun Of The Black Sun

The €1 million 90-minute fantasy adventure, which he co-financed, co-wrote, co-produced and plays the lead character in, ticks several boxes.
The thriller centres on a ruthless megalomaniac's ambition to use crime, violence, neo-Nazism, plus the abuse of music and digital technology to resurrect and rule an Aryan race. It has furious car chases and fast motorbikes - and a Luger pistol linked to the Third Reich. It's plot conveys the menacing conspiracy that made The Da Vinci Code a box-office hit.

LPA Moving Pictures


“We took a close look at it and consider it to be a very interesting work.” Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film festival 




Gun of the Black Sun Ltd Edition Metal case DVD+CD

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Gun of the Black Sun - Premiering in March.
Putney Churchyard, remember the Omen?
Gun of the Black Sun

gbs001. Premiering in March. Putney Churchyard, remember the Omen?

gbs001x. Can't do a then and now for new films, but a shot of the crew may be of use oneday in the future. It was the occasional shots of Dogsbody's car that started to unravel the plot of Cinema of Darkness.
(Modern Photo Added: 25-02-2011)

Gun of the Black Sun - Ace Cafe, or caff if you prefer, North Circular road, North London. Shown in Leather Boys.
Gun of the Black Sun

gbsoo2. Ace Cafe, or caff if you prefer, North Circular road, North London. Shown in Leather Boys.

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