A plea from the Guvnor

20th January 2017

In the last thirty days we have brought thirty new films to the site – one a day! We’ve identified a fair few previously unknown locations and added another 318 new comparison shots for your amusement, interest and education. That’s not too bad for a site run entirely by enthusiasts.
We’ve seen more visitors reaching the site too. In the last month our hits have totalled round 7000 a day with 17000 pages viewed every 24 hours. So we appear to be pretty popular.
But sadly, although our researchers and contributors cost nothing for their huge amount of time and effort, keeping Reel Streets on line does.
Unfortunately, the revenue earned from small amount of advertising that we carry does not add up to the fees for servers and technical support.
We are free of pop-ups; we’ve avoided the intrusive 5 seconds of adverts that play before you can access the site; we’ve protected visitors from diversions to unwanted, malicious and possibly dangerous sites and daily we prevent attacks from hackers, crooks, phishers and the rest of the criminal on-line community.
All of our researchers and contributors put in a huge amount of work to bring Reel Streets to the world so please consider making a donation to help us continue.
Thank you for reading and enjoy Reel Streets.
John Tunstill