Another 93 year old bites the dust.

1st July 2015

Patrick Macnee, another of our well known, well loved, British actors is no more. Best remembered in the character of John Steed in the classic TV series of the Avengers. We have several films on site with Macnee in the cast,  “Life and Death of Colonel Blimp” and “Scrooge” amongst them, and dating back some sixty-five years. Time certainly flies when one is having fun.

The film “13 East Street” with Dora Bryan and Harry Fowler is on our list, and shows Macnee in the cast. However no confirmation of his inclusion can be confirmed, maybe he was uncredited. As yet we haven’t obtained a copy of the film. Do you have one, can you pull the scenes for us and earn our undying thanks? Or even send in a copy and we’ll do the work and credit you. offer a free copy however my steam-driven computer is far too slow to take advantage of their kind offer.

Macnee appeared in hundreds of TV shows, series and films as well as mainstream movies and is always thought of as suave and flirtatious when sporting his smart suits, umbrellas and bowler hats, and, of course, sorting out the villains.

A loss to the profession, and to us..

John Tunstill