Calling All Local RS Historians

28th September 2016

Many of you have done such splendid job of putting your towns on the map that, if it appeals to you, you could do a super job of putting your work on the map, the Google Map, by becoming one of their local guides and receiving Google recognition and benefits. You can use your name, and ours, ReelStreets, with an explanation that you/we are promoting the film by usage of the original stills from the film as well as our images, so we are not infringing any original copyrights, and that our site has now been going since 2004 and now contains some 1650 films and 61,000 comparative photographs that have occurred since the film was made.

The local papers, as well as the county ones, will also be interested in your achievement in recording a slice of local history. There are also loads of occasional publications always wanting good copy to fill their pages and attract more advertisers, and there are a considerable number of films on our site and made in your area that can be mined. The papers will also be interested in who you are and why you have an interest in film locations and local history, and how, for us, and you, it is important that from the huge cinematographic archive that is available to us all that we actually record human social details that are relevant to future generations.

The papers love headlines, so how about……………..

“Famous Actors in (XX Street, Beach-Side, XX Estate) Shooting”?                                                      

Followed by…..”Happily no one was injured when the film” (XXXXXX) was shot in (your town) half a century (more? less?) ago, starring (+++). Scenes were captured in (XXX Street, and and, and), some properties have now been replaced, the way of life, social changes, food we eat, work, transport, fashions and mores shown in the film are all good local history fodder and relevant to at least 50% of the local population.

If the papers are interested then they should be willing to pay you a fee, which you keep, they might also want to pay in “kind”, free meals, free entries, free drinks, invites to “events” copies of local history books/guides etc., etc., etc. ReelStreets of course gets more interest, more publicity and more submissions. The papers, from a “human interest” angle, may well want contact with local residents who were in the film, remember the film, met the actors and have a story to tell,  which all adds to their, and our, interest.

An ordinary and rather mundane entry that I put on Google Maps has been viewed more than 8000 times since August 2016.Yelp, ApplyMaps and TripAdvisor seem to have similar systems which need to be investigated. Film-induced-tourism is now officially recognised as a major contributor to the reasons that tourists visit the UK. You might have read the article below that I put up half a dozen years ago on FIT

Give it a go, I’m sure you’ll like it. And, if I can help, let me know.

Social media can also be used to promote and enlarge our interests in film/movie locations and many of you already have mobile thumbs which could be used; with a selfie, if you must; to promote you, the location and also ReelStreets.

And, if you are seriously shy, how about a poster in your local library, film/photo, history club describing your, and our, achievement?

Thanks again

John Tunstill