“Dick Barton” prompts JT’s memories.

19th August 2015

All the recent blogs have been obituaries, but one of our latest films, “Dick Barton Strikes Back” hopefully, now that electronic storage, preservation and reworking are available will never die. “Dick Barton, Special Agent”, was a favourite wireless programme in the late 40’s which always interrupted us kids playing “out the back” in summertime. Dick, Jock and Snowy were characters which we emulated in our cops and robbers games. The War was over and most of our dads had returned home, sadder, but not much wiser, they were heroes to us, but rarely spoke about the horrors and difficulties that they had experienced. They all received a few medals, a train ticket home and a demob suit. Rich reward for five years of their youngish lives.
Any road up, back to Dick and his worthy pals, who were usurped, I believe by the Archers, that everyday story of country folk. Dan and Doris had no appeal to our gang; and the only Archers of note at that time was the film producing company invented by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger as a script-writing / producing / directing and editing team. Dick and Snowy, (what happened to Jock?), in the streets of Haslemere are time travellers, back some sixty-seven years and probably digitalized; something in the way that the Star Trek crew were “beamed up”; and having been thus transformed , appear on our screens without blips, pips and scratches in a far better condition now than when originally viewed at the Coronation cinema in New Southgate, or the ABC in Bounds Green or the Odeon and Gaumont at North Finchley.
I never did find South Finchley, perhaps I should have asked Dick.